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    Today, the financial and technical sector in Ukraine is actively developing and there are new promising projects that deserve attention. Nikita Izmailov fund N1 is one of the most striking examples.

    Thanks to the extensive experience in this field, there is an opportunity to develop and help other startups scale. And there are some of the most striking examples.

    The idea of ​​creating a separate company came to Nikita while working at the Pari Match bookmaker. Thanks to his perseverance, and constant study of the relevant literature, over time it became clear that there are companies that need new solutions. And there are all the possibilities for a spin-off, especially since the partners are not against such a turn of events. With sufficient capital, this project was implemented.


    The first neobank in Ukraine, which uses a card and a mobile application as the main instrument. Now it is available to every user, everything is extremely simple and clear. As of 2019, Sportbank is in the TOP-20 in terms of customer growth, as well as in the TOP-5 in terms of cardholder growth dynamics. In 2021, it is the 2nd best digital bank in all of Ukraine.


    This is a modern painting ecosystem that uses Corezoid technology. So you can easily and very quickly manage processes through the API, regardless of companies and providers.

    The main task of N1 is to develop an ecosystem that will help fintech projects expand and occupy new markets. For this, some specialists and tools will be useful, relevant, and in demand.


    1. Debugging processes. Thanks to a team of specialists, goals are set that need to be achieved in the first place. This is how the project management, the personnel motivation system, and process monitoring are formed.

    2. Expert support. These are exclusively proven financial and legal solutions for launching young projects, as well as to strengthen the business. If the situation requires it, then you can register a legal entity and obtain the required documents.

    3. Search for business partners. Acquaintance with the right specialists, partners, and people who can strengthen the project in any possible way.

    You have your own financial and technical startup, but there is no understanding of what to do with it and how to act? It is worth sending a presentation to N1 specialists and getting a complete answer to your question. The client receives everything from A to Z, which ultimately allows scaling and capturing new markets.

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