How to accept payment on the site with Bitcoins? TOP-7 payment services

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    Today, BTC is the most popular cryptocurrency in the digital world. Thanks to bitcoin, it becomes possible to accept payments on trading floors around the clock, from anywhere in the world. Let’s consider the basic principles of the operation of payment services and seven platforms that allow you to accept payments with bitcoins.

    How payment services work

    The principle of operation of the services is the payment for services by the client in bitcoins. Services provide the ability to convert digital assets into dollars, euros or other necessary currency. Cryptocurrency is withdrawn directly to the wallet. Thanks to the SWIFT bank account, funds can be withdrawn in dollars or euros.

    Online platforms like WordPress and Spotify accept payment in BTC. The acceptance of bitcoins is carried out by sellers who run their own business on such sites. BTC can also act as a means of payment for any business. To pay for a product or service in bitcoin, merchants must be familiar with the BTC payment gateway.

    Top 7 payment services

    1. BitPay


    BitPay is the best among all services for paying for services or goods in bitcoin. The service has been based in the states since the appearance of BTC on the crypto market. The service application makes it possible to consolidate currencies and make bank deposits using bitcoins. This platform cooperates with 38 countries.

    1. B2BinPay


    B2BinPay is a good digital currency payment solution. Among the advantages of the service are: making transactions all over the world, storing and accepting online payments with low commissions, as well as a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. The service was created for a wide audience, among them: forex brokers, crypto exchanges, online stores, as well as sellers. The service accepts bitcoins, ethereum, carnado, monero, litecoin, ripple, bitcoin cash, dash, nem, neo, stellar, zikesh, eos, etc. for payment.

    1. CoinGate


    The CoinGate platform makes payments in bitcoins and altcoins. During the transaction, funds can be converted into dollars and euros. Among the lists of services provided by the site, the creation of plug-ins for e-commerce, a user-friendly interface are distinguished. The service also allows you to pay with altcoins thanks to integration with the ShapeShift cryptocurrency exchange.


    Blockchain info is considered to be a long-standing cryptocurrency service. Payment for goods or services is carried out using BTC. The platform is distinguished by the absence of plugins. Many sellers give their preference to this service, because. if you have computer science knowledge, the free integration of the payment processor will open access to accepting payments in BTC.

    1. SpectroCoin


    Another payment gateway for bitcoin is the SpectroCoin service. Basically, it is used by European sellers. The service features a large customer base and various options for BTC gateways for doing business. The service aims to create a variety of payment methods for customers and businesses around the world through plugins for online stores, BTC payment processing APIs, and other payment tools. When withdrawing funds from the service, a payment schedule is used.


    GoUrl io is an open source project. Payment on the platform is made in bitcoins. The advantages of the service are a ready-made plug-in for commerce and free customer support during payment integration.

    1. CoinsBank


    The CoinsBank website is the BTC payment gateway. It is also a provider of an exchange and a wallet outside of England. The service application allows you to instantly manage the account of sellers. Payment is made in BTC. An additional advantage of the service is the conversion and withdrawal of both fiat money and digital assets.

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