How to find a professional web studio for your project

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    Как найти профессиональную веб-студию для вашего проекта

    Any business should have its own online presence. It helps to attract the attention of users, acquaint them with the range of goods (services), actively sell. In order for the activity to be carried out effectively, it is necessary to “declare yourself” using various tools to influence consumer demand. You can create an excellent design and consider that the job is done, but this is only a small part of the work done. According to Seok experts, competent website creation and its professional support are important.

    To transfer the launch of a business to the TOP to the first agency that comes across is to hit the “finger in the sky”. Business cooperation is based on two main factors: the need to understand the client’s task and be able to perform it efficiently. If the customer hurried with the choice, providing access to his electronic brainchild to a not quite qualified performer, then the scenario will develop in one of two directions:

    1. after a month or two, the funds allocated for promotion will not justify themselves, so the cooperation will be terminated;
    2. the SEO specialist will invent different reasons, make promises for the future in order to retain the client and continue to receive the agreed, personal income. Such actions will lead to the “draining” of the allocated budget, and there will be very little sense.

    Below we will tell you how to choose a contractor to create a website and further work on promotion.

    Where to find a studio

    The first step will be to find the right specialists who can build a system to bring the business to the forefront. It is carried out in different ways.

    Ratings and directories

    A web company planning to increase its visibility is interested in taking its rightful place in the line of the most successful ones. Priority industry ratings help you stand out from your competitors by getting into the “five”, “twenty”, “hundred” of the best in their field.

    This is expressed in personal expertise:

    • public conduct of activities, accompanied by the writing of articles;
    • detailed analysis of complex projects from personal practice (case studies);
    • participation as a speaker at industry conferences;
    • reviews of clients, specialists whose advice is heeded;
    • conducting useful seminars for those who are just discovering the secrets of web design and optimization.

    Registration in directories with a good TIC is beneficial in that it gives robots access to specific resources and increases their Google Page Rank.

    Websites of competitors

    Impressed by some resource with a similar theme to yours? So, a pro worked here. Finding out which web studio was involved in the process of creating a site and promoting it is quite simple. Scroll down the main page to the bottom and in the “footer” you will see the name of the artist. It remains to find contacts and call back.

    Сайты конкурентов

    Search engines

    If the web studio is on the first page of search results in search engines, it means that work on the company’s Internet representation is very busy. Through ranking, robots determine how effectively a site satisfies user requests. Commercial, domain, social, technical, behavioral and other ranking factors are taken into account. There are more than 40 of them.

    How to choose a good web company

    After rigorous monitoring, you have selected several potential performers. Use the algorithm of actions that will determine the most successful and responsible company. The tips presented in the article will save you from financial mistakes.

    View portfolio

    To advertise their skills and performance, the company posts a list of successfully completed work on its website. Professionals prepare cases, which indicate what problem the client had to face, what was proposed, what was achieved. The use of infographics with statistics indicators, the addition of screenshots is highly appreciated. You can also attach a brief TOR, important elements of correspondence with an emotional response from the customer.

    Rate the studio website

    The online resource “sells itself at a distance.” The person concerned evaluates:

    • ease of use of the site;
    • design;
    • clear interface (UI-positions in the form of buttons, scrolling, transitions, check-boxes);
    • presentation moments, which include user content (photos and descriptions of goods, services);
    • quick selection of items and ordering;
    • feedback, as an opportunity to get the necessary advice online (via chat correspondence, answering in instant messengers, social networks, when making a call).
    • availability of marketing chips: promotions, special offers.

    What services do

    Be serious about how to choose a web studio. After all, the end result of cooperation depends on it.

    One client is ready at the moment to pay only for the creation of the site, while the other immediately thinks over a further opportunity for promotion. Each visitor must clearly understand after visiting the resource what he will be offered specifically and at what price. For example, those who already use their resource, but cannot reach the desired sales figures, will need SEO optimization. It provides:

    • analysis of the current situation;
    • finding errors that slow down the promotion process;
    • suggestions for improving the situation in the project;
    • creating an action plan broken down into milestones;
    • a list of specific actions to be taken;
    • reporting within specified periods.

    Beginners want to quickly get their own resource and start developing with it. One piece of advice – don’t rush.

    Formulation of goals and objectives

    The contractor must understand the “pain” of the customer well and only after that develop an action plan. If he superficially considers the problem, then the method will offer insufficiently effective one.

    A good web-studio, when communicating with a client, clearly defines the final goal, coordinates its implementation with the interested party. Develops a plan with sequential steps. At each stage writes out points that should be successfully solved.

    In large agencies, each customer is assigned a manager who leads his project. It is he who contacts the client, reporting on the work of the employees involved in the tasks.

    The quality of the performance of the terms of reference

    TK is a set of requirements and tasks that need to be implemented by the outsourcer. Options on the part of the customer “TK is a long time, I don’t know how to compose it, there is no time for such trifles, it’s better to explain everything in a nutshell”, template CPs in the form of a “goat” from another site, lack of feedback is unacceptable.

    A businessman who is set up for serious cooperation understands that communicating his expectations by phone (correspondence) instead of a clearly drawn up document is dangerous to get the wrong result. The brief contributes to the phased verification of the work performed. And if the performer missed something, this error will immediately show up.

    Reasonable cost

    If you turn to website development firms that have a “big name”, they will surely cope with your task. You will have to pay many times more than an Internet studio with lesser fame, which has a large portfolio with dozens of successfully completed projects.

    It is useful for the Contractor to present to the client the argumentation of the requested price for the services. Specific figures allow a business person to assess whether the proposed cooperation will be beneficial for him and whether it meets his expectations. The reasonable cost of the project includes the scope of tasks, their value and quality of execution.

    The opinion is erroneous when cheapness is profitable. According to the logic of things, the performer will work less if his work is “appreciated” cheaply. This means that the performance will be lower.

    Clear business processes

    How to find a web studio that is pleasant to work with? If the interlocutor flaunts professional terms, the opponent will simply get tired of listening to incomprehensible speeches and will go looking for another performer.

    After drawing up an action plan, it is necessary to state everything in an accessible form to the client. After all, he pays, so he wants to clearly understand what the money is spent on. Excessive fuss in conversation and unfulfilled promises annul trust in a specialist. Prepayment for the work is taken by those who value the created name and do not want to spoil the reputation created over the years for the sake of quick profit.


    An Internet resource is a necessary assistant in any business. An unprofessional site will reduce the number of users visiting it in a month. If the promotion is poorly done, the money is spent, and there is no increase in trade turnover. To choose a web design studio, evaluate the options discussed above.

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