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    Subtleties, “pitfalls”, myths, as well as the realities and everyday life of this interesting profession are devoted to many literary, documentary works and cinematic masterpieces. We offer a list of “10 by 13” educational books and interesting films about journalism and journalists. Timeless classics and the latest innovations that will help you look at journalism from the inside out.

    10 books for self-development dedicated to journalism

    Do you want to always be aware of the latest news, present information honestly and objectively, or do you want to expand the horizons of knowledge in the field of journalism? Then our list of interesting and informative printed sources is for you!

    • Oleksandr Kolesnichenko “Handbook of a Journalist”

    The main emphasis is placed on the practical work of a journalist. The standards of the leading printed publications are described in detail, as well as effective techniques and, indeed, useful recommendations that improve the quality of text material.

    • Vitaly Tretyakov “How to become a famous journalist. A course of lectures on the theory and practice of modern Russian journalism”

    In the modern world, it becomes obvious that journalism plays an important role in shaping public opinion. But the author of the book expresses hope in every possible way and emphasizes that journalism can and should be not only an appendage of total political technologies. This book is an excellent guide for the novice journalist, which describes the theoretical foundations of this craft in the context of modern conditions, combined with vivid and illustrative practical examples.

    • Randall David “The Universal Journalist”

    The book occupies a worthy place in the list of professional literature. The author shares his many years of theoretical and practical experience, tells how to get the most recent and accurate information in order to become the first. How to get rid of the “first call” syndrome and many other useful and, most importantly, relevant and applicable information for professional growth.

    • Howard Chapnik “Truth Needs No Allies”

    The definitive guide to photojournalism. The book will be useful and relevant for beginner photojournalists, representing one of the fundamental works that have not lost their relevance in the modern conditions of the information age.

    • D. Sokolov-Mitrich “Real reporter. Why don’t they teach us this at the faculty of journalism ?!

    The book is a kind of educational master class and will be of interest to a wide range of readers: from beginners who have just set foot on the path of professional development, to meters and people who have reached a certain level in this plane. The author presents a collection of practical tips and examples of the reporting genre, observations, recommendations and just thoughts from gurus with extensive experience in the field of journalism.

    • Melnik G.S., Vinogradova S.M. “Business Journalism”

    The publication is a guide in the field of business communications for beginners and practicing journalists. Here are the methods of analytical research, and the main models of business journalism, and its current genres. Everything is presented through the prism of modern business relations.

    • Alexander Amzin “Internet news journalism”

    The author devoted many years to activities related to Internet resources, being the editor of Lenta.ru. And now, being a foreign media manager at Yandex, he described what the job of an ideal Internet journalist should be like. Common mistakes made by editors and how to properly monitor information, and then process it efficiently and productively.

    • Nina Zvereva “School of a TV Journalist” (second supplemented edition)

    The book is about the specifics of the work of a TV journalist and contains chapters on ratings and interaction with the audience, teamwork with the operator and many other important nuances. It is full of good examples and useful tips. The book will be of interest not only to future and already practicing journalists, but also to those who want to comprehend the art of competent communication.

    • Vladimir Oleshko “Psychology of Journalism”

    What does the image of a self-sufficient journalist look like in the era of Internet technologies? What influences the success of a journalist’s creative activity: the presence of talent, psychological characteristics or knowledge and experience, a creative environment in which a personality develops, or maybe personal ambitions? The author of the book, a practicing journalist, Doctor of Philosophy, is trying to answer these and other equally important and interesting questions, drawing on the results of socio-psychological research and using the opinion of experts in this field.

    • Vartanova E.L./ Azhgikhina N.I. “Dialogues on journalism”

    The authors of the book touch upon the actual problems of modern domestic journalism, draw parallels with the journalism of other countries, try to understand the issues of relations between the media and the authorities, and the trends in the development of this craft. The publication is intended for practicing journalists and those who are not indifferent to the future of journalism.12 films about journalism and journalistsWe present a rating of 12 films about journalism, journalists and paparazzi worthy of your attention.

    • “Citizen Kane” (1941). To understand the full depth of the profession of a journalist and comprehend its heights, sometimes you have to start with work in the scandalous “yellow press”. But flexibility of mind and an irresistible desire to win can turn a simple journalist into a major media mogul who can influence the opinion of “every passerby.” By the way, this film was ranked first in the list of “the most outstanding American films”, according to the American Film Institute.
    • “Profession: reporter” (1975). Sometimes, in order to know yourself in a profession that you have been doing for many years, you have to go to unexpectedly extreme measures, as did the protagonist of the film, journalist David Locke (who was brilliantly played by Jack Nicholson). He completely changed his identity by faking his own death, and watched as “posthumous” evaluate his journalistic work.
    • “The Stephen Glass Affair” (2003). Based on real events, the film is about the fact that sooner or later everything secret becomes clear and exposure is inevitable. The fact that recognition and fame pass, and the good name of a journalist will remain tarnished forever.
    • “Blonde on the air” (2014). Journalism is multifaceted. These are not only “serious” investigations and high-profile scandals. The profession of a journalist can and should be treated with humor and positive, light and with a smile. A film about the cheerful blonde journalist Megan Miles.

    фильм "Блондинка в эфире"

    • “Mad City” (1997). Are rash techniques of manipulation in the pursuit of sensation always worthy? Is the result justified in this case? You can find answers to these and many other questions in the unfolding plot of a tragic story along with the main character – journalist Max Bracket (as John Travolta).
    • “Journalist” (1967). Classics of the domestic cinematography. To feel happy, a successful career is not always enough. The protagonist of the film, a young journalist from the capital, faced the same situation and faced a choice: career or love.
    • “All the President’s Men” (1976). A film that became a legend thanks to a true story-investigation based on two professional journalists. The ability to see details, to compare facts, while armed with an objective and impartial judgment, as well as honesty to oneself and readers, are one of the main indicators of high professionalism. The story of one of the largest political revelations in US history called the Watergate scandal.
    • “Good night and good luck” (2005). The plot is also based on the real story of the middle of the last century. Very bright and charismatic heroes of the film – a team of associates and like-minded people led by TV presenter David Strathairn – personify the ideal of a journalist: honest, intelligent, incorruptible and moderately sarcastic.
    • “Spotlight” (2015). It is not surprising that journalists, reporters, correspondents often find themselves in the thick of high-profile investigations and revelations. After all, this is their job: to extract information with reliability and truthfully state it! A film about an honest and impartial journalistic investigation.
    • “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (2011). Sometimes a journalist can uncover the most intricate and carefully planned crime, regardless of the danger and complexity of the situation in which he finds himself. This is evidenced by the detective drama, in the epicenter of which is the main character – journalist Mikael Blomkvist. A thorough investigation and inevitable exposure is, indeed, the highest aerobatics of the journalistic profession.
    • “Reporter” (2016). Despite the comedy genre of the film, the main emphasis in the film is the following: in pursuit of interesting information for the plot, it is worth considering many different factors, up to cultural and national differences and characteristics between people.
    • “Frost vs. Nixon” (2008). Journalistic intuition, professional flair and acumen, in anticipation of a sensation, sometimes cynicism – this is all an integral part of the profession of a promising journalist, especially a political observer. These qualities are well owned by one of the main characters of the picture – an experienced journalist. The film does an excellent job of showing the basic interview techniques and the various manipulations that the main characters use.

    Happy reading and viewing!

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