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    The platform for creating and fully developing your own Shop-Express online store is deservedly considered a new generation cloud service. This product is presented by the team that previously created and promoted the Site-Express website builder. The main features of the unique service:

    • creation of an online store with a corporate design without programming skills;
    • attractive and bright design of landing pages for all sold goods and services;
    • continuous development of your own brand through effective content and advertising management;
    • direct work with sales channels;
    • setting up interaction with price aggregators and well-known marketplaces;
    • optimization of existing e-marketing schemes.

    The main advantages of the Shop-Express constructor

    Обзор платформы Shop-Express

    You do not have to deal with the development of a complex script or configure access to databases, you can simply order the development of an online store. The new service is an online cloud platform that allows you not to worry about such important nuances as hosting and registering a new domain.

    The scheme for launching an online store on Shop-Express is extremely simple:

    1. User registration on the online platform.
    2. Choosing a template for your future online store.
    3. Payment for cloud services.
    4. Filling the new site with content and direct launch.

    The list of the main advantages of working on the Shop-Express platform is really impressive:

    • The presence of a visual editor makes it possible to quickly create pages of an online store based on microtemplates. These are ready-made blocks that are easy to carry and install in the right place on the future page.
    • The form builder allows you to collect information about potential customers – place the required number of fields in which data will be entered in the most appropriate place on the page.
    • Responsive design is a guarantee that your users will be able to fully work with all pages on both mobile devices and desktop computers.
    • Convenient integration with leading web services makes it easy to place a YouTube video or a scalable Google map on the store page.
    • Search engine optimization is one of the most important processes that should be regularly paid attention to be in the TOP. The Shop-Express platform provides access to all the necessary tools that allow you to occupy high positions in the search results.
    • Support for direct access to the most popular social networks. networks opens up ample opportunities to attract potential customers. Users will be able to quickly share the products they like, providing you with free brand advertising.

    Convenient scheme of work with clients and ease of ordering

    To save customers from entering a large amount of personal data, it is possible to purchase goods in one click. This will minimize the interaction time with the interface, saving valuable time for users. And for registered customers, the following options open:

    • the possibility of receiving bonuses;
    • access to a personal account with order history;
    • personal discounts;
    • service for tracking the current state of the order;
    • export orders to a separate file in CSV format.

    Choosing products on the site is quite simple, because users can set up their own filters that group them according to certain characteristics. Your online store will be able to attract the maximum number of buyers from different countries thanks to multicurrency support. You can pay for the selected products in several currencies, taking into account the current exchange rate.

    24/7 technical support

    To ensure that your online store is always online, the Shop-Express cloud service provides assistance from qualified technical support specialists 24/7. All issues related to interaction with the platform are resolved over the phone, via online chat or via e-mail.

    And if you do not have enough time to fill pages and effectively manage the online store, the platform provides a premium support service. A separate manager will constantly interact with you, who will be able to quickly respond to all requests regarding:

    • adding or removing products;
    • changing the appearance of pages;
    • content editing;
    • collection of statistics, analysis of attendance, etc.

    Tariffs and rates

    Due to the fact that the creators of the Shop-Express platform have extensive experience in developing and building network solutions for business, you have the opportunity to get a quality product with full support. At the same time, a fairly young cloud service is in no hurry to raise tariffs for its own services.

    You can use one of three tariff plans – Start, Optimal and Large. The cost of monthly use of all the benefits of the cloud service is 350, 550 and 750 UAH, respectively. (Please note that when ordering, you must pay for the service immediately for the year). The tariff plan will include hosting and full technical support, but the selected template will have to be paid separately. But you can then use all available updates for free. Free disk space will also depend on the chosen tariff, which is 1000 MB in the Start plan and 2500 MB in the Large plan.

    Additional services

    The Shop-Express cloud platform allows the user to create a multilingual version of an online store. Other useful features of interaction with the service include the ability to search the site with the specified parameters, as well as sending notifications by e-mail and via SMS.

    Working with the cloud service, you get a free A+ level SSL certificate and free access to regular updates for your online store management system. Thanks to full support, all new features can be implemented on the site at no additional charge.

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