What makes SMS messaging effective to this day?

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    SMS messaging is one of the oldest marketing communication channels, but it still remains an effective way to reach your target audience.

    Direct interaction at the right time, as well as a personal connection, creates a positive brand image and strengthens customer relationships. And mass mailing around the world is also an opportunity to scale your business, because with SMS Club you can reach about 160 countries and target messages in different languages to different regions.

    Over the past two years, the SMS marketing market has grown tenfold and amounts to about 5 million US$. For a number of businesses, SMS messaging is superior to other communication channels.

    So what is the secret of their effectiveness?

    Що робить СМС розсилки ефективними

    SMS marketing – what is it and why?

    SMS marketing is the promotion of goods or services and a way of interacting with potential and existing customers through short text messages. Among the features of SMS marketing:

    • high readability, because SMS messages are sent directly to the phones of the target audience. According to research, SMS is opened by 98% of users, and the response rate to messages ranges from 5-10% to 30%. This is the highest rate compared to other marketing technologies.
    • fast delivery: SMS messages reach their target audience instantly, providing the opportunity to quickly interact with them;
    • personalization and targeting: SMS campaigns can be targeted to a specific audience, which increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns;
    • mass reach: SMS marketing creates the opportunity to interact with a large number of customers at the same time, reaching a wide audience;
    • low costs: compared to other marketing channels, the cost of SMS messaging is low, which makes it effective and attractive in terms of costs and returns (ROI);
    • laconic meaning: due to the limited amount of characters in SMS, clear, concise and accurate messages do not scatter the attention of users – your information is instantly perceived and motivates action.

    Bulk SMS mailings – who will benefit from them?

    SMS messaging is a useful tool for businesses and organizations of various types, and especially for those who need to effectively communicate with their audience and achieve their marketing and information goals. That’s why SMS will come in handy:

    • retail trade in promoting new products or services, announcements of sales, promotions and discounts;
    • service companies, to confirm and remind you about appointments, appointments for services or ordering goods;
    • for crisis marketing and quick information about urgent events or urgent company news;
    • for personalized marketing and provision of individual offers, congratulations on personal holidays and sales promotion;
    • for international mailings and communication with customers in different countries or geographic regions.

    How does bulk SMS work? The company creates a message that will be sent to a large number of customers or subscribers. SMS can be general or personalized depending on the purpose of the mailing.

    And while bulk SMS sending is useful for any business, it is especially effective for companies that:

    • have a large customer or subscriber base;
    • want to quickly and effectively inform about important events or proposals;
    • want to establish an individual approach to their clients;
    • interested in promoting the brand,
    • want to be in touch with international clients or intend to expand their geography.

    Effective management of mass mailings and a personalized approach to each client are possible thanks to SMS mailing services that offer wide functionality and automate processes.

    Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing an SMS messaging service:

    1. Functionality. Some SMS messaging services offer more features than others. For example, individual services, such as SMS mailing for business from SMS Club, allow you to create personalized messages, target mailings to various target groups or international regions and track results in real time.
    2. Limitation. Some SMS messaging services have limits on the number of SMS messages that can be sent at a time or per month, so it’s worth checking out and taking this into account.
    3. Customer support. Choosing a service with good customer support, such as 24/7, will always be an advantage if you have any clarifications or questions.

    SMS marketing vs other marketing channels

    SMS marketing differs from other marketing channels in its speed, immediacy and personalization. This makes it ideal for communicating with urgent messages and offers. While other channels like social media or email involve more text, interactive interactions and opportunities for detailed communication and communication with the audience.

    SMS маркетинг vs інші маркетингові канали

    Advantages of SMS mailings

    SMS mailings have a number of advantages over other marketing channels, such as the accuracy and speed of SMS delivery, instant readability and versatility – messages can be sent to any phone, regardless of whether the user has a smartphone or not.

    In addition, sending SMS is a universal communication channel, while other platforms, such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram, may not be as widely available or may not be used by all of your existing or potential clients.

    Here are some tips for using SMS marketing effectively

    • Target your audience: create newsletters that will be interesting and relevant to your target audience.
    • Provide valuable information: SMS messages should contain valuable information that will be useful to your customers.
    • Call to Action: End your SMS messages with a call to action that encourages your customers to visit your website or make a purchase.

    When used correctly, SMS messaging will be an effective way to achieve the goals of any business.

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