How to choose the right slogan for your business?

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    Creating a slogan for a business is not an easy task, especially for small businesses, because. he should explain why this particular product or service should be chosen in a few words.

    What is a business slogan?

    слоган для бизнеса

    A slogan is a short phrase that captures and projects the overall value a company offers to its customers. It’s the part of the brand that gives clarity to who the company is and the promise it makes to its customers. A slogan can help emphasize a mission, purpose, or culture and is the most concise way to define a brand.

    What is the best slogan for business?

    This is one that will be simple and memorable. Sometimes called a “memory trap”, it should reflect the value of the business and its key strength. The best slogans for business are a competitive advantage! It should also complement the company name and logo.

    For inspiration, you can read 65 catchy and creative slogans of famous companies

    Slogan versus tagline

    Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they are not the same. The slogan applies to the entire business. The tagline refers to a specific business product and is used in marketing campaigns.

    How to develop a slogan?

    There is no single way to develop. A person needs to create one that will represent their business, and not just a catchy statement. Don’t over complicate the process. You need to come up with a phrase that will describe what the company does and how it can be useful for customers. Words should not be too many, but they should convey the essence.

    Tips for writing a slogan

    • Know your audience.

    As with all marketing efforts, to be effective, a person must have a deep understanding of their target audience. Creating a powerful slogan is no different.

    • Focus on benefits

    Your slogan should clearly and concisely state the benefits that customers receive when they get to know the business. A person needs to be told why he is engaged in this particular business and what results his clients achieve by working with him. Do not be too nice, let people know that the activity is aimed at making them profitable. A great slogan will make the benefits clear to the audience.

    • The slogan should be short and simple

    You need to make your slogan understandable, memorable and easy to understand. More than a few words and customers won’t remember it. Short business slogans make a lasting impression on people. You need to convey the essence as quickly as possible and not make people think. If the slogan is too complex and people need to think to understand it, it will simply be ignored.

    Of course, there is also a way for the lazy to come up with a slogan – use the Logaster Online Slogan Generator.

    What not to do in a slogan?

    As mentioned above, for a small business, the slogan should be simple and clear. You need to try not to deviate from your corporate identity, otherwise it will create problems. If the brand is serious, a funny slogan won’t work. Avoid overly big words that don’t make sense because everyone uses them in their slogans. Words like “quality”, “best in class” and “superiority” are in this category. Being too cute and smart won’t necessarily work, but sounding like the competition definitely won’t. If all competitors use a similar slogan, how will customers know what makes the business different?

    Examples of business slogans and their development

    Companies can change their slogans from time to time, and that’s fine as long as they don’t make major positioning changes. A good example is General Electric. For 25 years, GE’s slogan has been “We bring good things to life.” As the company evolved from a lighting company to more diverse business units, GE Lighting being one of them, the company moved to Invention at Work.

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