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    Crowd marketing is understood as hidden advertising of a brand or product in various places of accumulation of representatives of the target audience. As a rule, this is posting messages on forums, social networks and websites. Optionally, they can contain the URL in an active form, but this is not considered a prerequisite. The main feature of such advertising is its naturalness, which allows a potential client to remain as loyal as possible. The modern Internet offers many services for the implementation of crowd marketing, the use of which greatly facilitates the process of effective promotion of the company.

    What is crowd marketing for?

    Modern optimization for search engines like Yandex or Google has undergone some changes. A few years ago, it was enough just to acquire the maximum number of links to make your brand recognizable on the Web.

    However, the algorithms introduced into search engines have tightened the requirements for such links. This led to the need to create a natural link mass. These URLs include crowd links.

    If you carry out natural link building according to all the rules, you can get the following benefits for brand promotion:

    • increasing the loyalty of potential customers;
    • natural traffic growth;
    • improving the anchor list of the link profile;
    • obtaining an exclusively positive reputation for the brand based on the opinions of real people;
    • increase not only the demand for the proposed product, but also sales.

    High-quality crowd marketing for an online store allows you to bypass the risk of falling under search engine filters. You can not be afraid of this, even if a large number of links are placed on the sites where the target audience is concentrated. The only thing that is important to pay attention to is that the theme of the sites for placement should be relevant. Otherwise, the URL will be regarded as spam by search engines.

    What projects need crowd marketing

    Crowd marketing is an ideal natural advertising option for the following projects and websites:

    • online store;
    • content sites;
    • B2C segment;
    • when trying to promote a new product or a little-known product.

    It is advisable to use natural link advertising for targeted promotion of individual pages of a resource. In fact, crowd marketing is suitable for any field of activity. The most important thing is to choose the right tactics for SEO promotion.

    The best services for crowd marketing

    сервисы крауд маркетинга

    Since crowd promotion is a rather laborious process, not every owner of a project or an Internet site has the opportunity to do it on their own. It is not always advisable to hire additional staff for this.

    An excellent way out is to use crowd marketing services for content projects. Among them there is a sufficient choice, while each option has its own characteristics and advantages.

    EMBO Studio


    Link to the service –

    Crowd links from EMBO Studio are primarily aimed at increasing positions in search engines. Posts in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, German Kazakh, French, Italian, Spanish. The company was originally created as an SEO studio, so crowd links are placed in compliance with all SEO rules. There is no separate admin panel for crowd marketing, and this is done on purpose to increase communication and quickly resolve any issues that arise with the client. All communication is conducted directly with the manager assigned to your project. Also, when managing projects, recommendations are often made for finalizing the site and a comprehensive promotion strategy, which in turn increases the return on crowd links.

    Most of the clients are promotion studios, website owners and SEO specialists.

    Why you can trust the company:

    • There are no negative reviews about the company online.
    • Providing service for over 7 years.
    • High rankings on Google for crowd marketing-related searches and high visibility for other keywords.
    • They promote both large brands and medium and small businesses.
    • There is a portfolio of works on the site and also more than 50 testimonials from real clients (screenshots from letters of thanks).


    • Discounts for regular customers and customers with large volumes.
    • Average market prices.
    • 30-day guarantee against non-removal and free editing of posted content.
    • Good indicators of selected sites.
    • The ability to specify your own parameters for evaluating sites.
    • When writing texts for posts, promoted keywords are taken into account.
    • All work is done only manually and only with unique content.
    • Before starting work, the site being promoted is evaluated by an SEO specialist.
    • Selection of thematic sites.
    • 22 crowd marketers working in the company can perform almost any amount of work in the time you need.
    • More than 7 payment methods, including crypto wallets.
    • The age of accounts on hosted sites is 3-5 years.
    • You pay only for those links that have passed moderation and “have stood up until the moment the report is submitted”
    • Full reporting after completion of work.
    • Working with a real manager, not correspondence through tickets in the admin panel.
    • The minimum order is only 10 links.


    крауд маркетинг для интернет магазина

    Link to the service – Reffer.

    The crowd marketing service began its activity in 2013 and is considered one of the most popular. Equally suitable for both the Ukrainian choice of sites and foreign ones.

    Features of the Reffer service:

    1. The advertiser himself draws up a task for SEO promotion, after which he coordinates it with the service workers.
    2. The fee will be charged not for the fact of work, but only for those links that have been verified by the site moderator and have been published. However, before the start, an advance payment of 50% of the planned amount is required.
    3. It is possible to make adjustments to the type of strategy and make changes.
    4. Links are posted according to a set schedule, and each customer has their own personal manager.
    5. You can immediately order a large plan of links.

    At the request of the customer will be taken into account:

    • features of the target audience and comments left to it;
    • targeting;
    • the theme of the text around the link.

    The minimum number of links to work with the service is 50, but the advertiser receives a 30-day guarantee.

    Read the full review in the article – Crowd marketing or spam. How to properly use guerrilla marketing technologies to promote your website


    обзор zenlink

    Link to the service – Zenlink.

    The crowd service allows you to place links on any sites, be it Ukraine or the English-speaking segment of the audience:

    • forums;
    • feedback sites;
    • ads;
    • questions and answers;
    • white directories;
    • blogs.

    The algorithm for working with Zenlink is quite simple. To begin with, an account is created and then added to the site service. Next, the collection of keywords is carried out, the search for donors, which are any suitable platforms for crowd marketing. Then the links are placed.

    The placement period usually takes from five days to one month. All that remains is to monitor the position of the site.

    Advantages of Zenlink promotion service:

    1. Any platform is suitable for work.
    2. The tariff line is flexible.
    3. There is an opportunity to test the service by purchasing an initial package of 10 links.
    4. If necessary, it is possible to change and delete hosted URLs.

    Among the disadvantages of Zenlink, there is a minimum link threshold, as well as a too small guarantee, which is only 7 days.

    Read the full review of the service in the article – Overview of the Zenlink crowd marketing service.


    Обзор Запостим

    A good service that specializes in placing links on sites, including sites for reviews and recommendations. Adding URLs for promotion purposes is done manually by crowd service managers, the cost of services depends on the planned quantity.

    The main feature of the Zapostim service, which provides crowd marketing, is to receive live traffic almost immediately after the publication of links on sites. This promotion tool offers URL insurance, but this benefit is only available on expensive plans. Additionally, services are provided for SEO-adaptation of posts, as well as monitoring the reaction of the target audience, comments.

    The main advantages of the Zapostim service:

    • Guarantee of saving links for 30 days;
    • the selection of a site for donation is done manually, while the content plan is observed, links and sites must be relevant;
    • Services can be paid for in instalments.

    The minimum number of links for which this tool can be used is 9. The unit price decreases with the growth of the tariff plan. In general, this is a good service that will work as a tool for website promotion.


    крауд маркетинг для контентных проектов

    A service that can work simultaneously with 44 thousand resources, while more than 60% of them always get into the TOP. You can start promoting your site through crowd marketing immediately after registration. For this purpose, the service offers the following platforms:

    • forums;
    • news sites;
    • discussions and comments;
    • reviews and social networks.

    The promotion tool is operated exclusively in manual mode.

    Linkbuilder specialists after the advertiser’s registration and payment will work according to the following algorithm:

    1. Conducting an audit of the created semantics.
    2. Selection of donor sites for URL placement.
    3. Analysis and evaluation of sites that are relevant.
    4. Creating conditions for the safe placement of links, which includes not only registering a profile, but also creating posts with meaningful comments.
    5. Then comes the turn of an important stage – the creation of a post with a non-anchor link, which will work for promotion.

    The work of service managers does not end there. Their responsibilities also include checking the effectiveness of the tool used. They regularly collect statistics, study the comments of the target audience regarding the advertising post, and also check the ranking of the site. It is especially important to track the dynamics on forums and social networks.

    The main advantages of Linkbuilder are the quick response of technical support, a guarantee on links up to 3 months with a minimum order of 1 URL. Among the shortcomings, advertisers highlight the lack of a personal manager.

    Read the full review in the article – Basics of link building: where to get natural links for the site?


    площадки для крауд маркетинга

    The service is a great solution for creating natural links. Work2crowd uses the following sites as hosting:

    • forums with comments;
    • sites with reviews;
    • platforms with ads and other resources where the target audience may be.

    One of the features of Work2crowd is that the budget for promotion using crowd links is set by the customer himself. In this case, the advertiser can use any tools offered by the service.

    The portal presents various payment methods, and there is also an option to contact technical support. You can use the functionality of the site immediately after registration. You can get links created by the Work2crowd executor on the first day of working with the resource.


    сервисы крауд маркетинга

    A modern service designed to perform all actions related to the placement of natural URLs on sites with a target audience. Among its functionality:

    • search and selection of donors with previous analysis;
    • placement of links;
    • monitoring feedback and comments received;
    • URL replacement if necessary.

    Rookee provides an appropriate report on the work done. Sites are selected by the service at the request of the customer. In this case, the advertiser can specify a list of URLs that categorically do not suit him as a donor. Adding links, as in any crowd marketing practice, is possible on review sites, forums, social networks, etc.

    Among the undoubted advantages of the Rookee service:

    • month warranty for the work done;
    • constant monitoring, as well as the elimination of low-quality links;
    • checking the URL with a filter, which will become insurance against possible search engine sanctions.

    Among the minuses, users single out only the often automatic selection of donor sites.


    крауд сервисы

    Link to the service – Links-stream.

    The Links-stream service is aimed at placing natural links in comments, and can be used on sites in Ukraine and other countries. Donor selection is done manually. URL placement is practiced on:

    • aggregators;
    • forums;
    • feedback sites;
    • blogs;
    • catalogs;
    • in social networks.

    One of the features of Links-stream is the ability to use two types of links. Nofollow – they do not transfer the weight of the site and are not indexed by search engines, as well as Dofollow.

    Benefits of Linksstream:

    1. A two-week guarantee, while the service managers replace the links if they are removed.
    2. There is a nice loyalty program that includes posting free URLs for a review or review.
    3. Bulk orders receive individual discounts.

    The minimum number of links when using the Links-stream service is 10.


    сервис крауд маркетинга

    Link to the service – Crowdlinks.

    The service places natural URLs on the following resources:

    • forums;
    • comments;
    • question and answer sites.

    Crowdlinks offers the possibility of placing various types of links – inactive, social, active and branded. The advertiser can also indicate his wishes regarding donors, on which he would not like to see natural advertising for his project. They will definitely be taken into account when launching a crowd marketing campaign.

    The algorithm for working with Crowdlinks is as follows:

    1. Registration on the site with the subsequent formation of an application, which proceeds to consideration by the service staff.
    2. The Crowdlinks manager contacts the advertiser to discuss order details.
    3. In the course of the execution of the order, the necessary nuances are added or changed.
    4. Payment for a generated campaign to create crowd marketing links.
    5. At the last stage, the customer must check and approve the project.

    Among the main advantages of Crowdlinks is the provision of a personal manager, the creation of detailed reporting, the ability to work with any sites, including Ukrainian and foreign ones. If links are deleted within a month, they will be replaced free of charge. Buying a large number of URLs gives you an automatic 10% discount.


    крауд маркетинг сервисы

    Link to the service – LinkParty.

    The service is designed for external website optimization. LinkParty is a relatively young project that deals with placing links in discussions and comments on relevant topics. You can register on the service in just two clicks, after which you can immediately start creating an application for crowd marketing.

    Site selection by the LinkParty is automatic. After the system adds the URL, the advertiser will receive a detailed report.

    Among the advantages of the LinkParty service:

    • detailed statistics are provided;
    • Guarantee for placement of links is a month;
    • There is a tariff that includes the services of a personal manager.

    LinkParty provides for the possibility of running a complex crowd-promotion campaign. The minimum number of links is 10 pieces.


    ТОП сервисов для крауд-маркетинга

    Link to the service – Linkum.

    A full-fledged exchange for the formation of crowd links, which is considered one of the first and most popular. Has been operating since 2009. There are more than 470,000 performers on the exchange, and more than 100,000 sites have been registered.

    Linkum provides not only manual moderation of requests by service managers, but also very fine-grained settings for each order for a crowd campaign. When looking for an artist, you can filter the system by:

    • topics;
    • price;
    • indexing speed;
    • GEO;
    • the number of external links created.

    Adding crowdlinks in the form of natural advertising is provided for questionnaire sites, comments, forums, blogs, and social networks where relevant discussions take place.

    Among the main advantages of Linkum, one can single out not only the manual selection of donors and the absence of outright spam, but also the ability to order from one URL. At the same time, the service checks for the presence of posted links every 24 hours.



    Link to the service – Advego.

    The project promotion system is a well-known copywriting platform. However, the service also offers a service to create viral reviews and comments, which will allow you to launch a crowd marketing campaign.

    The only drawback of this option is one of the few Advego functions that is not controlled by the service administration. Accordingly, only the advertiser himself can judge how well the order was carried out. In this regard, prepayment for Advego is not provided. The contractor will receive money for the performed crowd marketing only if the customer is satisfied with the work done and confirms this in the system.

    When creating an application, it is important to indicate the following nuances:

    • the nature of the post – feedback, comment, question, answer, etc.;
    • it is important to make a detailed description of future information for placement;
    • correctly describe the requirements for a potential contractor.

    Since the control and quality of order execution lies entirely with the advertiser, a crowd marketing campaign using the Advego exchange may take longer than when using automated services.



    Link to the service – ForumOK.

    A service that specializes in placing natural links on social networks. The most popular platforms that ForumOk works with are Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. At the same time, the placement takes place exclusively by live performers without automatic spam.

    Advantages of the ForumOk service:

    • the ability to buy links on various sites, in reviews and comments;
    • in addition, the customer can purchase likes, views, subscribers, comments, etc.

    At the request of the customer, the ForumOk service attaches a personal manager to him. As a rule, the cost of such a service is about 15% of the price for the advertising budget of the promoted project.

    Crowd Marketing Pro

    Крауд Маркетинг

    Link to the service –

    The Crowd Marketing Pro crowd service has been creating natural links for stores and other projects on donor sites since 2011. With it, you can add URLs to the following sites:

    • forums;
    • blogs;
    • comments;
    • reviews;
    • questions and answers.

    The main advantage of the service is that it uses exclusively relevant resources that are in the TOP of search engines. In addition, Crowd Marketing Pro has its own database. Additionally, donors are checked by CheckTrust for quality.

    The algorithm for working with Crowd Marketing Pro is quite simple:

    1. First you need to go through authorization and create an application.
    2. Discuss order details with an SEO specialist.
    3. Pay for the campaign and wait for it to launch.
    4. The next step will be to receive a report in real time, while the customer has the opportunity to make changes to it if necessary.

    Then there is a constant analysis of indicators with the accompanying drawing up of a strategy on how to promote the project. This includes performance evaluation.

    Among the undoubted advantages of the natural URL service is a 30-day guarantee on the work done. The minimum order is 25 links.


    крауд маркетинг для интернет магазина

    Link to the service – Seowizard.

    A whole range of tools that is aimed at promoting sites or projects in order to quickly bring them to the TOP in the future. One of the main advantages of the service is its accessibility, it can be used by both beginners and professionals.

    In addition to crowd marketing, offers full resource optimization. Service features:

    1. Provided low cost for placing links.
    2. No automatic spam, URLs are created only manually by the service specialists.
    3. Mandatory promotion monitoring, textual and technical analysis.
    4. Study of the commercial attractiveness of the site.

    For each project, the service provides a detailed report in an accessible format. Among the minuses, a not too long warranty period is distinguished, however, in practice, seven days are enough to understand that the link has “taken root” on the selected site.

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