Tripod turnstiles are the best device for efficient management of people flows in business centers

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Any company needs to think about how to secure business. It is unacceptable that outsiders can freely enter the office. This can lead to theft. In addition, one must always be as prepared as possible for threats of terrorist acts.

A tripod turnstile is the best option for organizing a throughput system. Modern access devices can be controlled remotely, some of them carry out fingerprint identification. So the human factor will practically not affect the security of the company, because the fingerprint is unique, it cannot be faked.

Турникеты-триподы пример

It is very important to build an effective access control and management system, install cameras, and equip the premises with a modern security system. But it all starts at the gate. It is at this stage that tripod turnstiles perform their functions well.

Floor tripod turnstile for outdoor and indoor installation

Electromechanical tripod turnstile is used most often. It has a high throughput and a modern design that will fit into the interior of the checkpoint.

Турникеты-триподы фото

If the tripod turnstile is installed outdoors, then it can endure frost, rain, and scorching heat. Most often, such models are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Easy handling in an emergency

In cases of emergency evacuation, the tripod turnstile is very easy to unlock with a key. People will be able to freely pass and promptly leave the building where a fire broke out or there is a suspicion that explosives have been found. Both women with small children and people with disabilities and the elderly will be able to evacuate.

Application of tripod turnstiles

It should also be said that modern tripod turnstiles consume a minimum amount of energy, so it is advantageous to install them:

  • in business centers;
  • in shopping centers;
  • in sports arenas;
  • in libraries;
  • at the entrance of plants and factories;
  • in schools and universities;
  • in hospitals.

Especially on the eve of the new academic year, it is important to properly equip the entrance to educational institutions. After all, we are talking about the safety of children during the educational process. And tripod turnstiles also help to solve this problem.

Where to order tripod turnstiles?

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Choose those tripod turnstiles that suit you in terms of cost and technical characteristics.