VPS hosting: what is it, the benefits of BlueVPS

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    The Internet allows people with a commercial streak to earn money. Every year there are more and more sites with a lot of traffic. In this case, site owners urgently need to look for a new hosting that firmly guarantees low ping and high-speed processing of digital data. To date, the best choice would be to use a virtual (VPS or Virtual Private Server) server.

    VPS hosting – what is it?

    This type of hosting is considered the best solution for Internet resources with a moderate load. Hosting supports online stores that are visited by thousands of people a day! Everything works as follows: a special hosting operating system and specialized programs are installed on the disk, including the admin panel, which is available on most personal computers. In other words, the owner of the site will get the use of an almost identical computer in which you can adjust the settings.

    обзор хостинг провайдера BlueVPS

    Advantages of BlueVPS VPS

    Reliable hosting VPS Server Hosting has many advantages:

    1. Low cost of service. The minimum plan costs only $3.99 per month.
    2. back-up. Data is backed up at least twice a month, and if the server is down, then the client will save almost all the information. But you can also configure your frequency of creating backups.
    3. Multi-core processor. Servers with 2-16 processors are used in data centers.
    4. RAM. This indicator varies greatly, but it starts from 2 GB and is considered the best choice for sites with a moderate load.
    5. Unlimited traffic. When customers from other countries visit the site, this option will be decisive. For other providers, it is usually 32 TB, and the speed often does not exceed 100 Mb / s. It is important to remember one thing here. You can install on the site not only OVZ, but also KVM virtualization. In the first case, the Linux OS must be installed, while in the second one, you can install any type of operating system – up to Linux, Windows, FreeBSD.
    6. VNC access. Such access will be useful for owners located in another country – site management is quick and hassle-free.
    7. SSD caching. This type of technology can significantly increase the speed of data processing.
    8. Location. It is possible to choose the location of the server in different countries, for example, the Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, etc.
    9. Ease of maintenance. You don’t have to take care of the air conditioning system as if you had a physical server that generates a lot of heat. Modern powerful air conditioning systems are able to stop overheating.
    10. RAID arrays. This technology allows you to back-up every second on several hard drives at once.
    11. Safety. You don’t have to worry about securing your physical servers. In the event of an emergency, the diesel generator turns on in emergency mode and guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the servers.

    Whichever tariff you choose, you can be sure of one thing – a site with an average or high load will work quickly, without failures, and this will positively affect the entire commercial component.

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