How to become a copywriter? 3 easy steps

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    Who is a copywriter?

    A copywriter is a person who writes texts. It is important to consider that a copywriter writes unique texts, texts not copied on the Internet.

    Everyone has thought about their dream job at least once. Someone’s dream is to build their own business, and someone wants to start decorating furniture. It is a pity that in most cases, the dream remains beyond perception and, due to inaction, smoothly disappears from a person’s thinking. Now many people suffer from low-paid, routine work and are wondering about the possibility of working from home, not depending on the boss and, of course, receiving a decent salary for this.

    Wondering, who is a copywriter and what does he do? The answer is simple: one of the most popular ways to make money on the Internet is writing articles, and this profession has acquired the name – copywriter.

    How to become a copywriter?

    Copywriting is the writing of unique texts of a different nature, for example: advertising articles, articles for filling sites, reviews, comments, reviews on something, etc. The task of a copywriter is to write text that will not look like many other texts. That is, you need to express your point of view, write about your experience, express your thoughts, draw your conclusions.

    On the way to becoming a copywriter, often people give up this idea, because this process is quite time consuming. To become a good copywriter and make a living writing copy, you need to learn a lot. However, without desire and aspiration, it is unlikely that anything will work out.

    In addition to the uniqueness of the article, the copywriter must have a good command of the punctuation and spelling of the language in which he writes. The main task in the work of a copywriter is to write for the target audience simply and clearly, that is, for the people to whom the text is intended.

    Qualities you need to be a copywriter

    Key personality traits that will especially enjoy working with texts:

    • creativity,
    • diligence,
    • desire to understand
    • sociability,
    • curiosity,
    • love of reading
    • associative style.

    What you need to work as a copywriter

    1. The device from which you will work.
    2. Free time for work.
    3. Ability to type quickly. The faster you print, the more orders you complete.
    4. Literacy.
    5. Creativity and non-standard thinking.

    Earning Opportunities

    Copywriting for beginners is hard. For 1000 characters, a beginner who is just embarking on the path of copywriting receives about 30 rubles. A beginner, a person who has reviews and several works in his portfolio, can receive 50-70 rubles for 1000 characters. Specialists usually charge not for symbols, but for text, and their average salary will be 40-60 thousand rubles a month and more. Professionals who can solve problems and have a lot of positive feedback earn from 80 to 100 thousand rubles a month.

    How to learn copywriting?

    There are fundamentally two main ways to become a copywriter from scratch: a) with the help of courses, for example, from WebPromoExperts, or b) study and practice on your own.

    First you need to decide in which direction of copywriting you will work. Main directions:

    • Rewriting. A ready-made article is taken as the basis, which in the future the copywriter must redo in his own way, but retain the same meaning. This is reminiscent of the paraphrase we were taught in school.
    • Information copywriting – writing articles on various topics that carry any information.
    • Selling copywriting. To sell products, you need to advertise them well. You can do this with the help of selling articles that will contain information about the proposed product, to put it in the best light.
    • SEO and LSI copywriting – writing articles that will contain keywords that increase the position of the site when issuing search results.
    • News copywriting – writing articles containing news in various fields.

    Continually learn copywriting

    Как стать копирайтером

    Copywriting is not journalism. And you won’t get into this profession that easily. I myself was engaged in journalism for a long time and I understand how difficult it is to quickly move from one area to another. Therefore, you just have to learn the basic rules for writing sales texts. If you decide to work in this area, then you need to learn as much as possible about this type of activity and the direction in which you will write articles. Information can be found on various sites and forums dedicated to copywriting.

    1.1. Learn copywriting on your own.

    1.1.1. Read websites, blogs of practicing copywriters, subscribe to their newsletter.

    From Russian-language sites I will advise

    • my website marketer,
    • Denis Kaplunov
    • Read interviews with such copywriters as Arthur Grant, Sergei Troubadour, Arthur Budovsky, perhaps one of them will become your mentor,

    Foreign sites:

    • Briar Copywriting. Site of copywriter Sally Ormond from UK.
    • Content Marketing Solutions.

    There are many good sites on this topic. Who seeks will always find.


    1.1.2. Read books.

    As practice shows, I read about 20 books a year, although I do not have much free time. Read such books by Russian authors:

    • “Handbook copywriter” Elina Slobodyanyuk;
    • “Effective Commercial Proposal” by Denis Kaplunov;
    • “Magic of your texts” Victor Orlov;
    • Selling texts. How to turn a reader into a buyer” Sergey Bernadsky.
    • 77 secrets of copywriting. Texts that sell” by Andrei Parabellum.

    Books by foreign authors:

    • “Advertising. Scientific Approach Claude Hopkins
    • “Hypnotic Advertising Texts” by Joe Vitale;
    • “How to write a sales letter to attract the maximum number of customers” Dan Kennedy;
    • “About Advertising” by David Ogilvie;
    • “99 practical tips on how to find a consumer” Fegele Siegfried.

    In fact, there are a lot of good books too! This is not the whole list. For example, in my notebook I keep a list of books that I would like to read. Unfortunately, the list is replenished faster than I have time to delete something from it.

    1.2. Take a copywriting course.

    Watch a playlist of 20 videos and learn copywriting for free!

    Before you start working, you can take various training courses on the Internet or just practice on your own.

    Why marketing and copywriting courses? Because nowhere in Ukraine there is such a specialty in universities as a “copywriter”. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    First, I advise you to read the article “7 Schools of Copywriting”, where mostly online schools are presented.

    Secondly, google, maybe you have offline copywriting courses in your city?

    1.3. Use special programs for copywriters.

    Sell your copywriting services

    To start making money with copywriting, you need to find customers. This can be done on various exchanges. To get started, you will need to pass a simple registration and a literacy test. Working on the stock exchange, you will be calm that you will be paid the promised amount for the work. If you look for clients on social networks or regular sites, there is a risk that you will turn in an article and not get paid for it. Also on some exchanges you can put articles for sale. This means that you do not have to look for a customer, but simply create your own article store and gradually fill it with work.

    Build a copywriting portfolio

    At first, it is worth taking on simple orders, gradually moving on to something more serious. So you will make fewer mistakes and gain a good rating, thanks to which customers will show more confidence.

    To increase your earnings, you need to increase the value of your texts, but only if you already have good copywriting skills.

    Read: Portfolio of a copywriter. Why is it necessary? How to make it efficient?

    Advantages and disadvantages of being a copywriter

    First, let’s talk about the benefits of this type of income.

    • Distant work. Work anytime, anywhere. You can work when it is convenient for you, and where it is convenient, to coordinate work with the rest of the daily routine. All you need is Internet access and a laptop (computer).
    • There is no boss. A person who can be picky and demanding is a customer.
    • Income depends on the quality and complexity of the work performed. For one order, a talented, smart copywriter with certain skills and knowledge can get more than $100.
    • Additional income. You don’t have to quit right away and start your career in copywriting. Usually a copywriter starts writing texts in his free time and receives additional income.
    • This type of activity develops horizons. A copywriter always learns interesting, exciting and new things in a wide variety of areas of life.
    • Writing talent. Thanks to writing articles, knowledge is enriched and creative thinking develops. Therefore, with a lot of practice, a copywriter can become an author, publish a book or a series of books!
    • Writing articles helps to find peace of mind. Due to the large amount of new information, a copywriter gets to know the world better and better than other people. This gives self-confidence and integrity of the individual.

    The disadvantages include the following points:

    • Most of the time you will have to spend at the computer, which can adversely affect your health.
    • If you write texts constantly on the same topic, they will soon become monotonous and lose their proper uniqueness. Try your hand at writing articles on a variety of topics!

    The beginning is always difficult. Not everything will turn out right away, but this is not a reason to quit what you started.

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