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    What are YouTube video promotion programs used for? This is one of the ways to comprehensively work to increase the popularity of the channel if you have few subscribers. And it doesn’t matter if you collect your “first thousand” or are no longer up to a million. To solve this problem, marketers and specialists in “white” promotion recommend using an integrated approach.

    Programs for YouTube

    Importance of content

    The first point in an integrated approach is to squeeze the maximum out of what is already there. So, pay attention to the videos that are already posted on your channel and their text design. Like any other type of Internet content, the content of your channel can and should be optimized.

    There are several popular services that will help in the first stages of promotion.


    Раскрутка ютуб каналов

    Pilum24 is a website for promoting your YouTube channel, views, live subscribers, likes and comments for your YouTube channel.


    • affordable cost (minimum packages: 1000 views will cost only 480 UAH; 100 subscribers – 400 UAH; 100 likes – 240 UAH; 10 comments – 300 UAH);
    • the opportunity to get into the millionaires in just 3 days! 1,000,000 views in three, ask the guys how;
    • only real views! No bots, cheats, write-offs;
    • 10+ years of work experience (impressive);
    • a huge number of positive reviews;
    • guarantees for the tasks performed.

    Of the minuses – there is no personal account for tracking the history of orders.

    Read the full review in the article – YouTube channel promotion with Pilum24


    нативная реклама роликов в социальных сетях

    Viboom is a true leader in the market of companies that are engaged in native advertising and promotion in social networks. The service is an official partner of Google.

    Why does this promotion method work? Video playback occurs only at the request of the user himself, he has the ability to independently switch to the channel. A large number of likes, shares and reposts gives more viral views.

    The system is suitable for private advertisers (bloggers, artists, musicians) and large brands. An extensive choice of targeting settings, an independent choice of sites for placement and protection against cheating.

    Read more in the article “VIBUM – native advertising of videos in social networks”


    Adbooro is a service for automatic YouTube channel collaborations using end screens. Its uniqueness is that you do not need to establish contacts with other channels manually, but just insert a link to the video and choose the topic of seeding your video material. During the existence of the service, there are already a huge number of partners who have provided their videos for placement of end screens for channels at the development stage. Read more about the service in the article “End screen promotion”.




    Videoseed is an all-in-one video promotion platform. I have an opportunity

    • promotion of videos using Google Ads;
    • the use of native crops in social networks (on the platform there are about 7000+ communities on VK and 6000+ communities on OK, while you can place them without the “advertisement” mark);
    • targeted advertising in VK, OK, Instagram, Facebook;
    • promotion of live broadcasts (starting with announcements before the broadcast, attracting the maximum number of viewers during the broadcast and ending with post-air promotion);
    • advertising on premium sites such as KinoPoisk, IVI, Megogo;
    • pre-roll in offline cinemas;
    • advertising in Telegram (1300+ channels of various topics);
    • ads on tiktok.

    All you need to do is fill out a brief with information about your audience and channel.


    Продвижение YouTube-канала с помощью сервиса Prodvigate

    Provigate is a modern service for promoting YouTube channels and an official partner of Google.

    The advantage is that you do not need to deal with the target yourself – the mechanisms automatically analyze the video and offer it to the target audience. A convenient personal account, launching a campaign in a couple of clicks, and for those who perfectly understand their target audience, there is also the possibility of more detailed settings.

    Launch from just 1900 rubles per week. To estimate the potential arrival of the audience and the number of views, the site contains a convenient online calculator.

    Popular YouTube channel promotion services (cheat)

    After finishing the “internal” work with content, it would be logical to move on and turn to external sources of subscribers, views, likes and other attributes of popularity.

    If you’ve just recently started hosting videos on a world-famous site, you must have felt how difficult it is to attract the attention of a sophisticated modern audience. And in order to get into the trend and get into the TOP, it is no longer enough to find an interesting plot and show ingenuity in the presentation and external design of the video.

    Especially in order to quickly and efficiently promote your channel, several convenient services have been developed that will help increase the number of likes, comments, subscribers and attract new visitors:


    Link to the service –

    This service allows you to make a comprehensive promotion of your Youtube. You can wind up subscribers to your channel, as well as views and likes on your videos. In addition, the service has a unique service for adding comments to your videos (in this case, the comments will be related to the subject of the video and channel). It is also possible to increase the hours watched, which is necessary to monetize your channel. The service has a very fast and easy registration, as well as extremely reasonable prices for all services.

    SoclikeНакрутка подписчиков

    This service offers a serious approach to the issue of promotion, providing the opportunity to order likes, comments, dislikes, reposts. The resource positions itself as a platform for “white” promotion, that is, all the operations that you order will be performed by real people, not robots. Accordingly, you will not violate the rules of promotion on YouTube and will not receive a warning or blocking. The service is Russian, and several tariff plans are offered to get started, depending on which promotion option you order. You can pay for views, order a video to trend, or attract subscribers. Menus with descriptions of services are quite clear, it remains to determine the budget and choose the appropriate option.



    Another “white hat” service that allows you to promote videos using cross-promotion. In addition, the high popularity of the resource is due to its free offers. The YouFriends platform makes it possible to find other authors with approximately the same quantitative indicators as your channel, and offer them a collaboration. You will be able to add your videos, make rerolls, and leave tips in the comments that will direct viewers to your channel. Working with YouFriends can not only improve popularity, but also allow you to make friends with experienced authors, find potential advertisers for yourself, and practice mutual PR. It is enough to register, add your channel to the list, and you can start looking for good partners.



    This YouTube video promotion service is a wide-format media platform that offers not only to increase the number of subscribers, but also to use modern promotion tools on Instagram, VKontakte or Facebook. You need to register, then create a task, provide a link to the channel, and indicate which indicator you want to increase. BossLike allows you to get subscribers for free if you complete tasks from other users and earn points. You can then use them to promote your channel. And you can quickly expand your audience if you purchase ready-made reviews for a fee.

    Youtube blogger exchanges



    Another well-known exchange for ordering advertising from opinion leaders. The interface is simple and clear, you just need to register and select a channel on the main page that is ready to help you with paid promotion. Promotion with the help of popular bloggers is a proven way to attract an audience. One of the main advantages of the service is security for the advertiser. After you select a budget, channel theme, type of advertising, etc. using the filter, the service will search for potential order executors. At the same time, you pay the exchange, which freezes funds until the performer you have chosen completes the task – posts a post or video on its page with subsequent performance evaluation.

    See more “Top exchanges of YouTube bloggers”

    Channel management

    In order for a YouTube channel to develop dynamically, it is important to track its progress. Convenient SEO tools are special services with which you can manage the site in all directions:

    • promotion dynamics;
    • updating information about published videos;
    • adjustment of previews and descriptions;
    • comment moderation, etc.

    Of course, simple tasks can be solved using a standard video hosting interface, but a good service opens up a lot of additional opportunities for the channel owner. They speed up the solution of any tasks, even the simplest ones.

    YouTube Studio

    This “studio” is a real control panel with built-in tools. The latter help to control the account, a combination with other services is also available, which allows the owner of the channel to get very non-standard opportunities.

    With YouTube Studio, you can set up access to general channel analytics that reflect the effectiveness of promotion. Also, the owner can edit and upload videos, launch broadcasts and moderate comments. The application is available in a mobile version, which allows you to quickly respond to any channel updates. The service will be an ideal free option for both SEO and SMM specialists and business owners.


    This service is an extension available for both PC browsers and mobile gadgets. With this tool, it is easy to increase the coverage of videos and control everything that happens on the channel.

    Additional features of TubeBuddy:

    1. conducting an audit;
    2. publication planning;
    3. optimization to increase the rating;
    4. bulk video processing;
    5. creating templates for moderation of all content;
    6. monitoring brand mentions;
    7. audience interest analysis, etc.

    TubeBuddy is considered to be a powerful enough tool to have on hand at all times.


    A service that allows you to manage your profile on any social network, including YouTube. With its help, it is convenient to control publications, launch videos with a given posting time, collect videos by tags and keywords. Additionally, the channel owner can quickly moderate comments, analyze subscribers and create a whole library of files.

    The main feature of the Agorapulse service is the ability to track the channel according to the rules that its owner sets. This allows you to view the publications of competing companies, making changes to the promotion strategy along the way.

    Keyword search

    To get to the TOP, you need to pay attention to the correct placement of keywords in the proposed content. At the same time, it is important not to overdo it with their density, because there is a high risk of getting banned for spam. To search for keywords on YouTube, you should use special services.

    You can collect keywords from various sources, but the easiest way is to take them from the tips that pop up in the search bar of the video hosting. The use of third-party services greatly simplifies the collection, as well as checking the frequency of use and sorting.

    Youtube Tips

    подсказки ютюб

    The base place for collecting keywords is the usual search string in the video hosting itself. You can collect them manually and check the frequency yourself – this will allow you to identify the most attractive phrases that contribute to promotion.

    This method requires extra free time and is not very suitable for channels with large content. It is advisable to choose automated services that do all the work of searching for keywords without the participation of the channel owner. You will only have to take the result.

    Google Keyword Planner

    Literally, this service is called a “word planner”. It does not have a search function specifically for YouTube, however, videos in the search results are often issued from it for keywords. Accordingly, this data can be used as a channel optimization method.

    Scheduler features:

    • frequency check;
    • study of the level of competition by words;
    • making forecasts.

    Google Key Planner is a great way to quickly find keywords and check their frequency. However, this service is not very suitable for the algorithm for a long period. An additional advantage of the scheduler is that it is completely free.

    Google Trends

    Google Trends service allows you to track the audience’s interest in a particular topic. It helps to monitor trends, for which it got its laconic name. With the help of the service, you can check the dynamics of key queries, while collecting data over the years. A user-friendly interface allows you to sort the results by category, time, and even countries.

    The received statistics in the service can be grouped by sources. With its help, it is easy to identify popular topics in queries that have “shot” in the last period, and use the information received to promote the channel.

    Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool

    This service is a fairly powerful tool for network marketing, capable of solving many tasks at once in promoting any content. It can not only give the frequency of a keyword, but also show a list of relevant words.

    It searches over 200 countries, the interface offers filtering by frequency, clicks, and even displays the return rate. If desired, the keys can be saved in a special list, and in the future, a list of topics for potential videos on the channel can be compiled. Sort requests is available in order of their priority.


    With the help of RankTracker you can find keywords in a database containing more than a million actual queries. The Keyword Finder tool built into the service checks the entered phrases and provides statistics on them. One of the features of the service is the ability to search for key queries with reference to a specific GEO.

    Additionally, the system displays the available data on the relativity of the difficulties in promoting the key, looks for similar requests and ideas, exports the report to Excel format in the form of tables for the convenience of the user. With the help of RankTracker, you can track the position of the video for relevant phrases. Additionally, you can create a list of keywords for a specific task.

    The service parses keywords, giving out phrases with high frequency, but with different levels of competition. The source is data obtained from the Google system. At the same time, the search for keywords occurs with a mandatory binding to the language.

    Additionally, the service provides:

    • monitoring questions and tags;
    • filtering the results using negative keywords;
    • issuing data on the trend, frequency, competition, and even cost per click.

    The service uploads data in the format of Excel tables, which is very convenient. In addition to YouTube, you can use the program for social networks and other search engines.


    One of the most popular services used to promote a channel on video hosting. Collects data relatively slowly, but differs in an accessible interface. The geography of the service is more than 240 regions, it is able to monitor requests in 38 languages.

    A fairly flexible system for setting parameters is available to the user, keys can be sorted and the data obtained can be exported. Additionally, information is provided on the cost of a click and the frequency of phrases. With broad match, data collection takes a very long time, and this time increases if negative keywords are not configured.


    The KWFinder service is able to find even those phrases that have long “tails” and relatively low frequency, while they are quite an effective promotion tool. The program does not have an interface specifically for video hosting, but it offers enough data from popular search engines.

    The search for key phrases is carried out with reference to GEO, it is possible to adjust the frequency by month, the complexity of promotion for a certain word is calculated. Additionally, KWFinder analyzes the results and uploads the results in Excel spreadsheet format.

    Analysis of channels and videos of competitors

    Proper channel promotion on the YouTube platform largely depends on the ability to correctly analyze the actions of competitors. This will allow not only to find trending topics, but also to identify new ways to optimize your own channel.

    Collecting data manually takes too much time, so it is advisable to resort to the help of special automatic services. They are able not only to give a complete analysis of the competitor’s channel, but also help to find ideas for creating such content that will work for its owner all the time.

    Rival I.Q.

    This tool conducts a real audit of competitive channels, studying their promotion strategy. The information received reflects the activity of competitors on the video platform.

    Rival IQ analyzes the owner’s channel, comparing its performance with those of competitors. Assesses the level of engagement, determines basic statistics, showing the most popular videos. You can get data in the format of tables, a PDF file, and also request sending information by e-mail. Using Rival IQ is convenient not only for video hosting, but also for other social networks.


    With YTRank, you can check the level of the video for a specific key. The service is ideal for those cases when you need to quickly understand the level of video competition, but do not want to spend extra money on an acquisition.

    Checking positions is carried out with reference to a specific region. At the same time, the service saves the history and gives an open link to the monitoring result. The only downside to YTRank is that it can’t run on a stream. However, for a free marketing tool, it can be considered powerful enough. Well suited for marketers and business owners promoting through a video platform.


    The Tubics service can be considered a complex tool that differs from similar systems in the ability to conduct A / B testing of video previews, as well as to audit the channel. This solution will allow you to increase the number of views several times at once.

    The main features of Tubics:

    1. Generation of optimal tags.
    2. Looking for ideas for videos that will work.
    3. Conducting a channel audit.
    4. SEO tips, compiling a checklist for optimization based on competitors.

    Additionally, guest access is offered, as well as the ability to connect several accounts at once.


    Conducts full analytics of competitors’ postings in social networks, including the YouTube platform. The request for profile information occurs at the time of authorization in your Google account. It is possible to create activity graphs, filtering them by dates, hashtags of maximum efficiency, and even content type.

    It is convenient to sort competitors’ posts by any metrics, including the values on the charts. With the help of Popsters, you can bind to a specific time interval. Data export is available in Excel and PDF spreadsheet format.


    You can search for competitors using WhatStat and identify the reasons for their effectiveness in a specific niche. This will allow you to choose the most profitable areas if you plan to work on several topics at once.

    It explores the top 100, 250 and 500 channels on YouTube, provides data on subscribers, as well as on income in various periods. In the latter case, three intervals are available – 90 days, a month and two weeks. It is important to keep in mind that the service collects data only through open channels of information, so the income results may differ slightly from reality. An added bonus is that using WhatStat is free.


    The ViralStat system is able to compare profile data on YouTube video hosting and other social networks. With the help of the service, it will be possible to track the dynamics by which the channels of competitors from a given niche are developing, while you can see almost all the changes.

    Data comparison takes place on two profiles, not only videos are tracked, but also hashtags, the information itself in the account. To structure the results, the creation of folders is provided, tools are available to help optimize advertising. You can set up email notifications at any frequency. The service is useful for those who are planning the rapid development of their channel on YouTube.


    The CoSchedule service has a special “chip” – it is able to analyze video titles regarding SEO optimization. You only need a simple registration, after which you need to enter the name. Additionally, tips are offered to help increase the channel’s rating.

    The history of changing titles for videos is saved, and you can always get a report on their readability. The service provides a paid subscription, which is recommended to be purchased only in the case of long-term projects to promote the channel to a foreign target audience. CoSchedule is created exclusively for the English language and provides appropriate recommendations.

    Tag Generation

    The tags that are added to the videos are designed to simplify search algorithms: they, in turn, better “understand” the content of the video on the channel. A common tactic is to insert a block of key phrases, but it is not always effective and is considered obsolete.

    With the help of high-quality tag optimization, you can get natural traffic. Frequent transitions of the target audience to videos from search engines allows them to securely and permanently gain a foothold in the TOP of the results for relevant queries.


    Tags are generated in the Rapidtags service based on the name of the video posted on the channel. Just enter the link or title of the video. The service generates a list of the most effective tags that can be copied to the clipboard.

    Partially, Rapidtags determines the intents, but it is better not to use some of the results displayed by the system. In order not to mislead the search algorithms, the lists exposed by the service will have to be cleaned manually. Rapidtags is completely free and easy to use.

    YouTube Tags

    The service is an extension designed specifically for Google Chrome. After installation, you need to give full access to browser data, and then start any video on your channel.

    The system makes it possible to copy tags to use them for another video. In this case, the result will always be in a conspicuous place, and the installation of the extension in the browser itself will take no more than a minute. The service is absolutely free and will help in promoting any channel on video hosting.

    Comment moderation

    The rating of videos on YouTube is influenced by many criteria: these are not only tags and a correctly composed title, but also the behavioral factors of the target audience. The main area where viewers can show maximum activity is comments on posts. So they not only share their opinions, but also enter into a dialogue with other subscribers, due to which whole discussions are obtained. From them, the channel owner can extract for himself the maximum of useful information that will be useful in effective promotion.

    It is also desirable to use special services to collect information.

    Smart moderation

    The service is a real system of intellectual moderation of the activity of the target audience of the channel. In addition to comment tracking, Smart Moderation recognizes and rejects spam. The main thing is to set the right rules for action for him.

    Service features:

    • instant moderation;
    • automatic hiding of comments, detection of toxic information;
    • creation of personalized action algorithms based on a neural network.

    Service reports can be sent by e-mail. It is preferable to use Smart Moderation for complex promotion with other social networks, since it makes it possible to collect all comments in one interface for convenience.

    YouTube channel analytics

    The analytics of any profile of a social network requires constant study and identification of errors, the elimination of which contributes to the rapid promotion and retention of positions. This has not bypassed YouTube video hosting.

    With the help of analytics, you can see not only growth points, but also weaknesses in the chosen promotion strategy. Free analytics is included with YouTube Studio by default. However, for a better analysis, it is advisable to use advanced and paid programs that provide more options.




    This is a service that helps you find tags for all your videos. It’s no secret that SEO content optimization works well on YouTube as well. With the help of VidIQ professionals, you can create optimized titles for your videos, as well as add descriptions of the required size with relevant words to them. By surrounding your videos with the right tags, you can speed up the promotion process for YouTube promotion programs. VidIQ users have access to paid and free versions, which differ in functionality. For beginners, the BASIC version is suitable, with which you can start working for free. And the BOOST + package provides the maximum of opportunities at a price of $ 125 per month. In addition to direct optimization, the service allows you to install an extension in your browser to view and copy tags from competitors’ videos. Properly choosing high-frequency tags, you will significantly increase the chances of your videos getting into the TOP views.

    YouTube Analytics

    It is a free tool that is actively used by almost all channel owners on YouTube. It collects data about the visit, the number of likes and dislikes, displays the number of subscribers and reposts. All statistics are kept instantly with any changes.

    You can sort the received data in YouTube Analytics by audience reaction or by views; advanced mode provides a convenient filtering option. You can even choose gender as a traffic source. YouTube Analytics is free.


    The Morningfame service was created specifically to optimize YouTube video hosting videos. Conducts analytics in an expanded form, based on which offers effective advice. One of the features of the service is the work in the form of a game.

    You can get the results of the analysis of the number of clicks on links, tips on creating a competent video preview. The service provides detailed reports on the work done, while it also analyzes the uncovered keys by which the video can be ranked. Letters with recommendations come by e-mail. An invite is required to register with the service.

    Social Blade

    The service has an extensive database and can support most social networks, including YouTube video hosting. With advanced analytics, growth points are visible, as well as competitors’ methods that allow them to reach the TOP.

    The Social Blade service provides the ability to view monthly analytics with maximum details. At the same time, channel data is easy to compare. Additionally, you can set the search for similar profiles in the selected niche. A free subscription to the service is sufficient for basic usage.

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    Autoposting videos

    Autoposting is loading posts at a given time interval, such a tool is especially useful for professional SEOs, webmasters and business owners who promote their channel on their own. The function allows you to plan actions for several days or months in advance and not be distracted by publications.

    To solve this problem, you can also use special services, but there are not many of them that are designed to work with video hosting.


    NovaPress Publisher

    сервис отложенного постинга Novapress

    This is a manager for automatic content publishing with analytical functions. If you have many other daily tasks or multiple YouTube channels, this app will help you set the upload dates for new videos per channel. In addition, NovaPress allows you to publish previews of your videos on the most popular social networks. It will be possible to add watermarks to images and videos so as not to be afraid of the intrigues of competitors. Choose the day and time of posting, as well as its conditions. To attract customers, the service offers a 10-day free trial with full functionality. Then you can choose one of the tariff plans – Basic ($8 per month), Standard ($25 per month) or Enterprise ($45 per month). The number of pages or groups in which content will be published is regulated, as well as the number of users from your team who will have access to work on the service.


    This delayed posting platform works with almost all social networks and has YouTube integration. Among the features of Onlypult:

    • teamwork;
    • publications according to a given schedule;
    • creating folders that organize the channel;
    • sorting posts by selected tags;
    • setting up access to the video, as well as downloading videos through the link.

    Additionally, the service allows you to respond to criticism of the company and monitors brand mentions. For new users, there is a free basic plan.

    Read more Review of Onlypult — platforms for marketers to work with social media


    For the service to work correctly, you need to connect at least two accounts from social networks. In addition to delayed posting, Hootsuite offers the development of a content plan for publication, creates effective tags, and allows you to select categories. Additionally, the service generates the correct previews for the video on the channel.

    Among the shortcomings of the service is the slow processing of files when uploading. In some cases, you need to repeat the steps in order for the delayed posting button to “light up”.

    SEO programs for promotion under YouTube

    The main feature of YouTube video hosting is the almost complete absence of good services, since most of them are designed for other social networks. Creating your own programs for automatic publications or searching for keys is very expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to choose software from the available offers, in which all the required settings are already present initially.


    The ZennoPoster service is distinguished by the ability to automate it for almost any social network conditions, including a YouTube channel. There are paid and free templates on the Internet that are suitable for YouTube. Eg:

    1. To upload videos on a mass scale – YouTube-Uploader.
    2. To launch playlists, create a channel and check accounts – YouTube-Manager.
    3. For content generation – YouTube Video Generator.

    The service requires a subscription to updates that appear every six months. The software license is free.

    Services for creating content and channel design

    For the successful operation of the channel and effective promotion, it is not enough to use useful SEO services or carry out competent optimization. You also need to pay attention to the quality of the content.

    Services that do all the routine work for the channel owner help to significantly save time. In particular, this is the creation of covers for videos, the design of beautiful videos with interesting effects. This does not require any additional knowledge.

    Crello (VistaCreate)

    Crello (VistaCreate)

    This is a well-known graphic editor that you can work with online, one of the 15 that we considered in the article 15 photo editors that will definitely come in handy in the work of an SMM specialist. Posting an interesting and relevant video on your channel is no longer enough. The main task that Crello (VistaCreate) helps to solve is to create bright and memorable video previews, choose a header, and fill your channel with original graphics, animation, and fun (or serious, you decide) images. Even if you haven’t tried your hand at being a designer before, the online editor allows you to express your ideas with a huge library of photos and videos to get the most out of your channel. You just need to choose a style that will help you become recognizable from the first frame or preview in the search results. The graphic editor offers 2 cooperation options – free (Starter) and paid (Pro – for $ 9.99 per month). The difference is in the unlimited download of designs and the provision of operational technical support for users on a paid package.



    Another online service for creating headers, graphic design elements, editing visual content and other operations. First, you will need to register on the service website, and then select the content category and its purpose. You can use Canva in the free plan after signing up, and to get the full benefit of the paid plans, choose between Canva Pro ($12.95/month) or Enterprise ($30/month). The conditions differ in the size of the cloud storage, the number of members of your team, the number of premium quality photos provided for free, etc. Ready-made headers, pictures, images or presentations can be downloaded after work is completed to be used to promote your channel.

    With the help of this service, it is possible to convert any content into the required format, which will allow it to be distributed on social networks. Even the audio from a podcast can be translated into a video and then placed on YouTube video hosting.

    Additionally, overlays subtitles, selects the video format (horizontal or vertical), automatically publishes posts at a given time, while supporting as many as 15 sources from where the content comes from. The service is suitable when brand promotion does not focus only on video hosting. The cost of its acquisition is quite justified according to the functionality.


    The BuzzSumo service is able to cover content in social networks almost all over the world. It will allow you to find popular bloggers, which thus gives you the opportunity to find interesting ideas for new channel videos. The latter process is carried out thanks to the built-in Content Analyzer function.

    You can filter information by country, language, and date. An additional bonus is tracking brand mentions among competitors, as well as exporting the resulting data. The free version of the software is enough for basic work.

    Summing up

    It is no secret that for the rapid growth of the audience from different countries and different age categories, such “eternal” topics as scandals in celebrity families, viral funny videos or shocking videos are best suited. But if you are not ready to turn your channel into a dubious resource that replicates the same type of content, pay attention to proven sites for promotion.

    And if you are going to capture the attention of the audience seriously and for a long time, then the quality of the content will always remain relevant for all your videos. Shooting interesting and useful videos is a long, but guaranteed successful way, because it is these videos that will attract new subscribers to your channel over the years.


    How can you promote a YouTube channel for free?

    There are two ways to promote your YouTube channel for free. First, you can use social media to get attention for your channel. Create accounts on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and actively post content that will engage your audience and direct them to your YouTube channel. Second, interact with other YouTubers and communities in your niche. Comment on their videos, leave feedback, suggest joint projects. This way, you will be able to grab the attention of their followers and expand your audience.

    What applications will help promote a YouTube channel for free?

    There are several apps that can help you grow your YouTube channel for free. One such app is TubeBuddy. It provides various tools for analyzing keywords, optimizing metadata, finding popular tags, and managing comments. Another useful app is Canva. With it, you can create spectacular video covers, previews and logos for your channel. Also worth mentioning is Google Trends, this service will help you research popular queries and trends related to your niche and create content that will be relevant and interesting to your audience.

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