55 ways to promote your business on Instagram

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    Nowadays, few people can remember what our life was like before the advent of social networks, in particular, Instagram. Now almost everyone has their own profile on Instagram. Even if a person does not maintain his page, he follows other accounts. Therefore, many companies have already appeared on this network, and are actively promoting their business on Instagram and fighting for coverage.

    Well, for those who are just at the beginning of this journey, I would like to tell you some effective ways to promote your Instagram account.

    And now, let’s go in order and we will start with the design of the profile.

    1. Create immediately not just a regular account, but a business profile. There is nothing complicated in this, but there are a lot of auxiliary bonuses later.
    2. Name. (As we call the boat, so it will float). This is the first thing users will see when they visit your page.
    3. Description. Be sure to tell us about yourself and your business. Clear and to the point: who you are, what you are, what you do and where you come from.

    * For better readability, highlight them with emoticons.

    1. Leave links. No site? It doesn’t matter, you can leave a link to your profile on FB, Twitter, etc.
    2. Add “how to get there” buttons if you have an offline office, or “phone number”/”your e-mail”.Иконки инстаграма
    3. As a photo, choose your logo, or just a high-quality picture.

    *but note that a high-quality shot/image is a prerequisite. Since it should create positive emotions and stand out in the search, among many other competitor accounts.

    1. Burglary protection. Believe me, these are not just scary stories around the fire, there are cases when someone else’s profiles are stolen and, unfortunately, they happen often. After all, when you already promote your account, it will be very sad to lose it and start all over again. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from losses, link your profile to an existing and valid mail. Turn on two-factor authentication. And put at least one photo of yourself on your profile.

    * the photo is needed to clarify the controversial issues with the support service of Instagram. It happens that they ask through a photo to confirm that you are the owner of this account.

    The next component of page promotion on instagram is content.

    To check if everything is ready for you, we recommend our checklist “Is your Instagram account ready for promotion”.

    1. Develop a strategy. This is the first thing you should do before moving on to the actual content plan. The strategy will help you understand and understand how to move forward. Work it out carefully, decide what your target audience is, what are your main competitors, develop a USP and your unique style, how you will position yourself, as well as what creatives and mechanisms you will use.
    2. Create a content plan. No, it will not complicate your life, but on the contrary, it will only help you. Think about what and when you will post. Prepare publications 1, 2 weeks in advance. It’s always better than racking your brains every day and trying to come up with a post in a hurry.
    3. Choose your corporate style for publications. The profile should visually attract customers, this is the case when people peck at the cover.Стиль аккаунта
    4. Unleash your madness, turn on the creativity to the maximum! You can be sure that your competitors have already discussed and filmed everything they can. Try to present the product from a completely new side. You need to somehow stand out and be remembered from the rest.
      Креативные фото
    5. Quality, quality and more quality! Instagram is a place where people consume with their eyes. Work on framing, bring the photo to almost perfection, all this will subsequently work for your success
    6. 5 stars! Show photos of your satisfied customers, testimonials that you write, help the buyer to trust you.
    7. Live the moment! Great if you can show your product in real life. Even better if you prove that with him she will become even brighter.
    8. Entry by pass only! Take behind-the-scenes photos, capture normal workflows. Make it clear that real people are talking to you and then you will become closer to the subscriber.
    9. Stop, filmed! Spice up your feed with various video content. Video is always a good way to hook a user.
    10. IGTV. This is not just a way to upload a long video to Instagram, but also a great option for those who do not want to switch to YouTube, but want to limit themselves to Instagram. A separate bonus will be extended statistics for IGTV.
    11. Stories. Even if your feed is a real work of art, don’t forget about Stories. 15 seconds can sometimes be enough to interest a potential client. Better yet, use a content plan for Stories.
    12. We are on the air! Record live broadcasts and communicate directly with customers. Build a truly loyal audience this way. Read also 9 ideas for creating live broadcasts on social networks.
    13. And how to save? Despite the fact that Instagram stories exist in the profile for only 24 hours, you have the opportunity to save the best of them forever in Highlights. You can make several relevant headings and periodically replenish them. This will help the user better navigate your profile.Highlights в сториз
    14. Adults are big kids. Play with your subscribers, come up with something interactive for them. For example, polls or tests in the same stories. Such stories are often more involved than ordinary ones.
    15. Who doesn’t love contests? Come up with interesting contests, interest your audience, give it a reason to start interacting with you.
    16. One vote can decide everything! Take a vote, let your subscribers know that you are trying for them, which means that their opinion is not an empty phrase for you.
    17. Beware of provocation! Admit it, we all love to argue, to share our point of view. A little provocation can ignite that spark, and comments will flow like water!
    18. What is it about? Do not forget to sign your publications, tell us what and why this post is about, hook the client. We cannot hypnotize online, but we can at least interest.
    19. But this hurts! Write about the “pains” of customers, find their weak points and show that your product can alleviate their suffering.
    20. Laughter, and more! Laughter is one of the strongest emotions. Try to make your subscribers laugh and they will definitely come back to you.
    21. Essentially, please! Stay on topic with your product. If the product belongs to the field of fashion, you should not write to subscribers about cat’s lichen. Yes, maybe one of them really has a cat, and maybe even he has such symptoms. But they didn’t come to you for that.
    22. Smile and wave! Don’t give up emoticons, even if you have an official and strict account. First: they attract attention and structure the text. And secondly: some people perceive text without emoticons as rude and hostile. show emotion)
    23. #hashtag. Keep your finger on the pulse, keep track of new and relevant hashtags to be in the center of action too. You will feel the activity, do not worry. Better yet, use the 7 best tools to track the performance of your hashtags.
    24. Adjust. Post situational and holiday posts. Be on the same wavelength with your followers.
    25. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse! Follow the Instagram rules. Familiarize yourself with the policy, do not cross its line and do not cross the line of mass following and mass liking. Instagram can punish you for this. Ranging from freezing some actions to complete blocking. But you do not want to cross out all the invested efforts?


    Also, for high-quality brand promotion on instagram, do not forget about PR.

    1. Reciprocity is great! Agree on mutual PR on the pages with your partners, bloggers, or just profiles with good activity.
    2. There is nothing wrong with subscriptions, but only within the limit, of course.
    3. Where is it? Mark the geo-position on publications. Thus, when a user searches for a photo by geo-position, your publication will be in the feed.
    4. Make posts mentioning popular accounts, mark them on your photos. This will make you appear in the “tagged” section of those profiles.
    5. What about talking? Engage in dialogue with readers, respond to their comments, everyone likes to feel heard, and in return you will get the desired activity.
    6. No network. Don’t forget offline. Print Instagram business cards on posters, flyers, and more. What difference does it make where they find out about you, the main thing is to find out)Визитки оффлайн

    And of course, it is impossible to imagine the promotion of goods on Instagram without advertising.

    1. Money should work for you. Invest in targeting, your costs will pay off and reach, engagement, and activity will rise, you’ll see.
    2. Constantly analyze your statistics. Improve ads, discard bad ones, get your customers back.
    3. Conduct various promotions and giveaways, participate as sponsors in other giveaways. Yes, maybe some will unsubscribe later. But if during the campaign you manage to hook users with your content, then they will stay with you.
    4. Opinion leaders. Order ads from bloggers, this can bring you new subscribers and even customers. To do everything right, read the article “Influencers: who they are, how to choose, where to find them.”
    5. Choose wisely. Approach the moment of choosing an opinion leader carefully. Ask him to throw off his statistics, analyze for yourself what kind of activity he has now, whether he has abandoned his account.
    6. Mass Followers and Mass Likes. Although Instagram has recently begun to fight this type of promotion, you can still use it. But only if everything is done carefully without excessive fanaticism. To decide how to do everything with the help of services, read article 37 of programs and services for promotion and promotion on Instagram. Although, you may have to manually select your target audience.

    Well, for dessert:

    1. Telegram bots that will make your life a little easier:
    • @text4instabot – creates paragraphs and considers that the number of characters does not exceed 2200 characters
    • @SaveAsBot – allows you to download photos, videos, carousels, IGTV videos and texts from Instagram. Just send the link to the post to the bot, and he will respond with a photo, video and text that you can download to your device!
    • @Instaseve_bot – downloads pictures and videos from an Instagram profile without quality loss. Better than screenshots!
    • @Wmarkbot – Helps you to watermark your photo. You don’t have to go to a special application for this.
    • @Getlikersbot – want to run a like contest and don’t know how to decide the winner? This bot will do it for you.
    • @Getcombot – and this bot will help determine the winner from the comments.
    • @Buddy_the_bot – will help you find advertising platforms. For example, find the right public for advertising or offer your own advertising platform.
    • @Soberubot – will help to study the accounts of subscribers. In the free version, you can collect a database from a maximum of 3 accounts, in the paid version – from 30.
    • @getcombot – this bot will help you download comments from your post. Need to sum up the results of the contest, liketime? Just send a link to a post and get a list of all comments.
    • @voicybot is a bot that converts voice to text.
    • @HashtagsGenBot – This bot will create a list of hashtags for you on any topic.
    • @stthbot – Strikethrough your text. Send him a text, and in return you will receive it in a strikethrough version.
    • @IGSpyBot – want to download live stream, videos, stories (including eternal ones)? Use this bot. Also known as a spy. Look at the stories, and the profile owner will not know about it.
    1. Limits:
    • The maximum number of subscriptions/unsubscriptions per hour is 200 people.
    • The maximum number that you can subscribe to is 7,500 people.
    • The maximum number of #hashtags under one post is 30
    • The maximum number of messages to strangers is 120.
    1. Applications for working with photo content:
    • Crello (VistaCreate)
    • Canva
    • Over
    • Unfold
    • VSCO

    Or read 15 photo editors that will definitely come in handy in the work of an SMM specialist.

    1. Third party instagram analytics services.
    • media-vk
    • livedune
    • Picalytics

    Or read 40 social media analytics tools.

    1. Applications for working with video content:
    • Boomerang
    • Flipagram
    • Hyperlapse
    1. Have you tried masslooking? If not, then we recommend reading the case “Musslooking: how I contacted 50,000 people through stories in a week”.
    2. Online shopping on Instagram? No, I didn’t. In fact, thanks to services that generate multilinks, you can add 1 link to your profile, and when you click on it, users will open an entire online store! For a more detailed example of such functionality, see the Taplink service review.
    3. Use scrapers to collect potential target audience. Read 15 services that will find your target audience in social networks for successful targeted advertising.
    4. Use delayed posting (by the way, you can do it even for Stories)! To do this, there are TOP-15 delayed posting services in social networks.
    5. No matter how hard you try to keep your account clean and tidy, there will still be commercial accounts that will follow you. Also, we are familiar with the situation when unscrupulous competitors order cheat bots on your account. All this leads to terribly low reach and generally kills statistics. Therefore, periodically clean your Instagram accounts from bots, commercial comments and spam.
    6. Improve yourself and remember, there is no limit to the ideal, and Instagram, with its regular updates, provides excellent ground for this. Keep track of all the new products in order to have time to take away a tasty morsel from your competitors.
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