Grain elevators of Ukraine: their role in the state economy, marketing tools

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The elevators of Ukraine are an important element of the infrastructure of agriculture and are of great importance for the economy of the state. Elevators are places where grain is stored and processed, as well as transported to other places.

The Ukrainian Universal Exchange (UUB) is one of the leading operators in the grain market in Ukraine. On the map of Ukraine’s elevators page, you can find a list of elevators owned by UUB. Each of them has its own characteristics and technical characteristics. For example, the elevator in the city of Zhmerynka is a modern complex with the capacity to store more than 70,000 tons of grain and has high-tech equipment.

карта елеваторів України

Ukrainian elevators provide storage of large volumes of grain and ensure timely delivery to destinations, which is an important factor for the stability of agriculture and the economy of the state as a whole.

Due to the large volume of grain production in Ukraine, elevators play an important role in providing the domestic market and exporting grain abroad.

The efficiency of the elevators and their role in the economy of the state depends on the quality of the equipment and the professionalism of the staff. Elevator operators must control the quality of grain, ensure timely transportation and storage. For the efficient operation of elevators, it is important to use modern technologies and innovations.

Features and types of elevators

One of the main types of elevators is vertical granaries. They are used to store large volumes of grain and have high performance. Their feature is the ability to store grain for a long time, which ensures the stability of grain supplies on the market.

Another type of elevators is flat granaries. They have a more compact shape and are used to store grain for a short time. Flat silos are usually installed at grain processing plants and ensure timely delivery of grain to the plant.

Another type of elevators is horizontal granaries. They are used for grain storage and processing. Horizontal granaries have large dimensions and powerful equipment, which ensures high productivity and grain quality.

In addition, elevators can be mobile and stationary. Mobile elevators are used to store and transport grain from one place to another. Stationary elevators are permanently installed and used for grain storage and processing.

A feature of the elevators is the use of modern technologies and innovations. To ensure the efficient operation of elevators, it is important to use automated control systems and grain quality control. Such systems allow elevator operators to monitor the quality and quantity of grain stored in the elevator and to control the conditions of storage and transportation.

It should be noted that in Ukraine there are dozens of operating companies that are engaged in the storage and processing of grain in elevators. One of the largest and most famous is the Ukrainian Universal Exchange (UUB), which provides storage, processing and grain trading services. UUB operates modern elevators equipped with innovative technologies and grain quality control systems. Thus, the Ukrainian elevator in the city of Znamenka has a modern system of automated grain quality control, which reduces the risk of errors and improves work efficiency.

UUB marketing tools

One of the effective marketing tools is the use of digital technologies such as social networks, instant messengers and others. The operator company Ukrainian Universal Exchange (UUB) uses AgroBot in the AgroMarketUUB Telegram (@agroexchange_bot) to promote its services and provide convenience for customers. This allows you to attract more customers and ensure business efficiency.

Thanks to AgroBot “AgroMarketUUB” you can get up-to-date information on grain prices, buy or sell agricultural products, get analytics, information about logistics and a map of elevators. The bot allows you to quickly and conveniently find the information you need, allowing you to more effectively conduct business in the field of agriculture.

You can also use various marketing techniques, such as advertising banners, flyers and other materials containing information about the services of elevators and the operating company. It is important to pay attention to the quality and attractiveness of these materials.

You can also use marketing techniques aimed at increasing customer loyalty and their satisfaction with the services of elevators. These include holding promotions and discounts for regular customers, loyalty programs and others.


Ukrainian elevators are of great importance for ensuring stable work in the agricultural sector and are an important component of the state’s economy. The operator company Ukrainian Universal Exchange (UUB) and AgroBot in the AgroMarketUUB Telegram are reliable tools for efficient business in this area.