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    Let’s solve the marketing problem together. Let’s say we have a company “A” and it is engaged in construction in the region “B”. What you need to do: come up with a selling slogan that can increase company awareness.

    Where do we start? First of all, we will again indicate the name of our company in order to once again remind it to customers. Then it would be nice to say that we are the best, because we really are. And finally, let’s define our niche and location more specifically. Summing up: “Company “A” is the leader in construction works in region “B”. Powerful, right? Everything is specified clearly and specifically. And now you can take this template and use it, but only as a very bad example.

    обзор генератора слоганов - Logaster 1

    New introductory…

    And now look at the slogans of global companies “Think different” Apple, “Discover happiness” Coca-Cola. They use not only logic, but also emotions. These slogans emphasize the concepts of their companies much more accurately than our template, although they do not speak of their niche, popularity, or quality. Moreover, most of the worthwhile slogans do not use the company name, at least not as straightforward as it is done in our template. For example, makeup company Maybelline does it a lot better, see for yourself: “Maybe she was born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.”

    With the new introductions, an initially simple task now makes you think seriously. But do not rush to be upset, because we have a collection of ready-made answers, and in this case, a free Logaster slogan generator.

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    What is a slogan generator and what is its purpose?

    We know how difficult it can be to connect a few words so that they can fully tell about the essence and principles of your company. Therefore, we suggest using online slogan generators to rhyme and more. This will help you:

    • Find that slogan. Many worthy variants of slogans are already waiting for you on the service.
    • Get inspired. You can always take a ready-made template and remake it a little for inspiration.
    • Educate your taste. If you don’t like anything and there is no inspiration, you can at least be able to determine what suits you and what doesn’t.

    Keyword slogan generator Logaster contains a huge database of slogan templates, which is constantly updated. At the moment, there are over 15,000 options, divided into 23 categories for easy searching. Moreover, the service offers to create a logo and the entire corporate identity with a new slogan in just a few minutes. Thus, you can immediately place your motto on business cards, letterheads, in the design of the site, etc. And also determine its corporate font, color and placement relative to the logo. An excellent offer for those who like to hit two birds with one stone.

    Slogan structure

    There are three commonly known slogan structures. Decide which one you like best so that you can continue working in a more specific direction.

    • Monolithic

    We recalled such a slogan on the example of Maybelline. In this case, the name of the company is organically inscribed in the slogan. Another example of this kind is the slogan “Always Coca-Cola”.

    • Joint slogans

    Here the company name is used separately from the slogan at the beginning or at the end: “Audi. Superiority of high technologies”. Usually, this species is less likely to be sympathized with, and only what is after the name is considered a slogan.

    • Unleashed

    Such slogans do not contain a name, but this does not prevent them from concisely recalling the brand and the name of the company. You know who you are talking about when you say “That’s what I love” or “Just do it”.

    Stages of work on the slogan

    Now that the structure of the slogan is chosen, you can proceed to its phased creation.

    1. Determine the style and theme of the slogan

    To do this, it is necessary to highlight the basic principles of the company, its features in the niche and detuning from competitors. Then you need to find out about the preferences of the target audience of the company, since we will be referring to it. Use this information to choose the style and theme of the motto.

    1. Exploring well-known examples

    Found something that can highlight the dignity of your company? Great. Now review on the Internet what slogans on this topic already exist. For these searches, it is also appropriate to use online slogan generators. Write down every idea that stands out.

    1. Making a list of preferences

    Now that you have a list of ready-made slogans, keep only those that can be improved. Determine the best options to continue creating your own slogan based on them.

    1. We create our slogan

    If you have already chosen ten of the best slogans of famous companies or templates from an online generator that fit your brand, refine them. Introduce your features there, remove what does not concern you. In a word, adapt the slogan for yourself.

    How to find the right slogan for your business?

    The slogan is often used in the same composition with the logo or on other corporate identity elements. This means that the audience will find it aesthetically more attractive if it matches the corporate style of the company. To do this, pay attention to the following components:


    In most cases, your company’s slogan will be displayed in writing, and not by ear. This means that you should seriously think about the right font. First, it must be readable. Complex decorative typography with serifs is not easy to parse, because of this, it loses its functionality. Also make sure that the font of the slogan matches the font of the company name on the logo. Limit yourself to three options.


    Sometimes it seems that some company owners seize on the slogan as an opportunity to talk extensively about the company, demonstrate new products, introduce the team and say hello to mom. But it is important to understand that a slogan is a brief and concise association with your company. No one is going to listen to or read a memoir about your activities, instead of a little rhythmic motto. There are separate sections for memoirs on corporate websites.


    Speaking of the look and shape of the motto, along with the font, you should also consider what color to paint it. Again, it is important to take into account the corporate shades of the company and use no more than three combined. And also keep the general mood and try to evoke the desired emotion in the target audience. It is known that colors can influence human psychology. Please study this question before choosing a color for your slogan.


    The external factors of the slogan are very important to consider when integrating it into the overall style of the company. This will help create a cohesive, compelling picture for the audience. But there is also an internal atmosphere, the nature of the company, which should also be reflected in the slogan. For example, the strength, irresistibility, activity of Adidas is accurately conveyed by just two words of their motto: “The impossible is possible.” Motivates you to go for a run, doesn’t it? At least for a run to the store for a pair of new sneakers.

    The principle of operation of the slogan generator for the company

    You will blink a maximum of 5 times from the moment you enter the site until Logaster generates thousands of slogans for free! Let’s check?

    • Go to the Logaster advertising slogan generator page. The service, without further ado, will offer you two fields to fill out. In the first, you must specify the name of your company, and in the second, determine the type of activity. Ready? Then click “Come up with a slogan”.
    • Yes, it’s only been a few seconds since you’re on the site, but that’s it. All the work has been done, the generator has already pulled up the slogans that are relevant to you. It remains only to choose. Did you find your slogan?
    • If not, try narrowing your search by using a filter. So you can focus on the important qualities of the company: speed, unique services, a large assortment, etc.
    • When you find the slogan you want, click on it to see how it looks with the logo and other branded products. If you wish, you can edit the logo and download all corporate products with a new slogan.

    There are no universal answers to solve the problem of creating a selling slogan. But designers’ tips and the Logaster online service can make this job much easier for you. Start developing your own slogan right now, don’t blink in vain.

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