How to create a Telegram channel with comments

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    Despite the apparent simplicity of the Telegram messenger, creating a channel and choosing the right settings can be difficult for beginners. We offer step-by-step instructions that will allow you not only to quickly master the features of the posting site, but also enable comments, as well as set up delayed publication of posts through the bot.

    What is a Telegram channel?

    In fact, the Telegram channel is its own blog where you can post informational, recommendatory and advertising posts. Users study the proposed publications, can comment on them, leave reactions and follow the links provided.

    The channel according to its availability can be:

    1. Open – available to any user, even if he has not joined it, while the address of this channel is public.
    2. Closed – you can get into it only through a “secret” invitation link. Then the user can view any data presented on the channel and subscribe. Otherwise, access to it will be closed.

    For completely private channels, all content will be private even when clicking on the invitation link. Access to the posts will open only after the approval of the new user’s request for a subscription.

    A private channel is one way to monetize it, where you can charge members monthly for staying in it. You can set up a subscription option for money and receive donations using a bot.

    Creating a Telegram channel

    Creating a channel in Telegram with any access will not cause difficulties if you follow the following simple algorithm:

    1. In the desktop version of Telegram, click on the “sandwich” icon (three horizontal dashes) and you will immediately see the “Create Channel” button.
      Создать канал
    2. Next, a form will open for filling out, where you need to specify the following information – name, description. Additionally, you can upload a thematic picture or photo. After filling out the form, click the “Create” button.
      Заполнив форму, нажмите кнопку Создать
    3. The following settings will ask you to decide whether your channel will be private or public. In the second case, you must immediately create a username.необходимо сразу же создать юзернейм
    4. You can add participants right away or click Skip. This completes the creation of the channel.добавить участников или нажать «Пропустить»

    After you have created a channel, it remains to configure it using all the available functionality for this.

    How to enable comments?

    To make your channel attractive to potential members, we recommend setting up the ability to comment on posts. Initially, such a function is not provided in Telegram: to enable it, you will need to create a separate group and link it to your new posting channel.

    The algorithm of actions is as follows:

    1. In the desktop version, you need to click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select “Channel Management”.«Управление каналом»
    2. Click “Create a group”, and in the settings that open, either create a group from scratch or add an existing one.Создать группу
    3. If we are creating a group from scratch, enter its name and click “Create”. For convenience, the name of the discussion group can be left similar to the channel.имя группы для обсуждения можно оставить аналогичным каналу

    The group has been created: it allows all participants who have access to the channel to discuss any posted post.

    How to schedule posts

    A fairly useful feature of the Telegram messenger is the possibility of delayed posting. Thanks to it, you can create your publications at a certain time or at a specified frequency, bringing this process to automatism. To create scheduled posts, you need to connect the @NotepostBot bot. This bot not only allows you to plan posts for the future, but also make beautiful posts, decorate them with buttons, add any media and watermarks. Additionally, it monitors requests for subscribers to join the channel, cutting off spam.

    Connecting @NotepostBot will not be difficult even for a beginner:

    1. In the general search for Telegram, you need to find and run @NotepostBot, after which a window will open where you should specify the command /newbot.Подключить @NotepostBot
    2. Now you need to go to the @BotFather bot, and in the window that opens, set /start.
    3. A window will appear containing a list of available commands, from which you need to select /newbot. Next, set the name of the new bot, as well as the username with the obligatory postscript “bot”.newbot
    4. The final action is to send the message with the token from @BotFather to @NotepostBot.сообщение с токеном

    After connecting the created bot to NotepostBot, you need to link it to your channel. All it takes is a couple of simple steps.

    Start the bot you created with the /start command and enter the /addchanel command.

    Как подключить бот к каналу

    In the settings of the connected channel, give the bot administrator rights, which gives it the ability to publish and edit your posts. To do this, go to the channel in the desktop version, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right, find the “Channel Management” button. Here we are interested in the “Administrators” item, go to it and click “Add administrator”. Next, enter the name of the bot in the search bar and click on it, the message “The user is not subscribed to this channel. Invite him and make him an administrator?”, Click OK. In the next window, all sliders with various administrator options are enabled by default, we don’t change anything here, click “Save”. Ready.

    Creating the first post

    After connecting the channel, you can start creating the first publication. To do this, click “Create Post” in the main menu and send any content that you plan to post to the bot.

    Next, the bot will offer to customize the design of the post.

    Let’s take it in order.

    1. Autosignature – this can be a hashtag, text indicating the author or a link.
    2. URL buttons – added to the post with one click, if you specify them in advance in the channel settings.
    3. Share button – joins a post with one click; no prior preparation is required.
    4. Reactions. In the design menu, click on the “Reactions” tab, a table with emoji opens. Click on the ones you need – and they appear under the post in the form of buttons.

    Please note that after you add any reactions or buttons to the post configured in the previous step, comments from Telegram will stop working. Notepost fixes this in 1 click. It offers two options to choose from: icon 💬 and a full “Comment” button.

    When you have added all the necessary design to the post, click “Continue”. The next step is to determine the parameters of the future publication. For example, you can copy it to several channels at once, set auto-deletion, select automatic posting with an indication of a delayed time. For the last option, you should click on the Postpone tab.

    If you did everything right, you will see the following result:

    Создаем первый пост

    If you want to publish the post now, select “Publish”. The content will immediately appear on your channel and will be available to all its members, depending on the privacy settings you have set.


    How to create a Telegram channel with comments?

    To create a Telegram channel with comments, you need to open the Telegram application and click on the “Create a new channel” icon. Then follow the instructions to enter the channel name, description and privacy settings. After creating a channel, you can enable comments using the special settings detailed in this article.

    How to enable comments in Telegram channel?

    To enable comments in a Telegram channel, you need to go to the channel settings by clicking on its name at the top of the screen. Then select “Settings” and scroll down to the “Comments” section. In this section, you can choose who can leave comments in your channel – all users or only administrators. Enable the corresponding option and save the settings.

    How to create a Telegram channel?

    To design a Telegram channel, you can choose a beautiful name and create an attractive logo or cover image. You can also customize the channel description, add information about its goals, topics, and benefits. Also, use special Telegram features such as pinned messages, link styling and media content to make your channel more attractive and informative for your subscribers.

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