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    Время чтения: 3 мин. is a directory of affiliate programs and services that collects information about currently existing Russian-language affiliate programs and the offers they offer.

    Competitive advantages of the service

    Using the catalog, you can quickly select the most suitable affiliate programs and profitable offers due to the fact that on the site:

    • there is a logical structure;
    • there is a rating system;
    • detailed descriptions of services and offers are published.
    Through the site, you can also find useful services for webmasters, traffic arbitrators and other professionals who make money on the Internet. Actualtraffic, for example, publishes information about the most reliable SSL certificate providers, online currency exchangers, freelance exchanges, and a catalog of CPA offers.

    The service contains information about almost all Russian-language affiliate programs, the number of which is several hundred. The number of placed offers tends to 10 thousand. This allows everyone who has a certain amount of traffic at their disposal to choose the best option for its monetization.

    Information materials are also published on the site. They can help beginners learn how to effectively promote their own sites and monetize any kind of traffic.

    Any webmaster claims to receive the maximum profit from the web resources at his disposal. And the income from the site largely depends on how well the offers are selected. It is also important that the affiliate pays out the earned money without any problems. Mobidea mobile affiliate program will help with offers for mobile traffic.

    Actualtraffic is a service that helps site owners and people involved in traffic arbitration find the most reliable affiliate programs and offers that can bring the most income.

    How to search affiliate programs and offers

    Registration for the service is optional. It only allows you to add new affiliate programs and offers to the site, as well as receive useful information via eMail (for example, about the emergence of new affiliate programs) from the owners of the service.

    Каталог партнерок и офферов ActualTraffic

    To find a reliable affiliate program that meets the requirements of the site and the preferences of its visitors, you need to select the category with the offers of interest in the left block in the “Affiliate Programs” menu (for example, “Health and Medicine”).

    Каталог партнерок и офферов ActualTraffic 2

    After that, a list of all available options will be displayed, which are sorted by rating. If you click on the name, detailed information about the offer will appear. After reviewing it, you can estimate the approximate income and learn how to start working with an affiliate program. The published information is very detailed. And for clarity, it is supplemented with images. Therefore, when using an affiliate program, there will be no difficulties.

    Каталог партнерок и офферов ActualTraffic 3

    The search for suitable offers is carried out in much the same way. But in order to get a list of categories that will be displayed in the block on the left side of the page, you need to select the “Offers” item from the main menu.

    Actualtraffic is a site that contains information about all the most popular services that allow you to turn traffic into money.

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