Review of the directory of advertising profiles on Instagram – InstaSpell (closed), but there is a trendHERO

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Are you promoting your products through Instagram? Then this article is for you! I bring to your attention an overview of the new InstaSpell service.

Consider the possibilities of this service.

Alternatively, check out a similar service – trendHERO!

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InstaSpell – catalog of advertising profiles on Instagram

This service will be useful:

  • those who want to earn money and place ads on their Instagram page
  • those who are looking for platforms to advertise their product/service on Instagram

In the “Profile Catalog” section, you will find profiles where you can buy ads. They can be both thematic and personal. For a convenient profile search, you can sort them into categories. Information about the number of subscribers, the growth of subscribers, the cost of advertising on the page is immediately displayed.

каталог рекламных профилей в Инстаграм

By clicking on a specific profile, information about its target audience and interests, terms of advertising and contacts becomes available to you.

каталог рекламных профилей в Инстаграм фото

The “Details” button will allow you to go directly to the page and see photos and subscriber activity – likes and comments.

каталог рекламных профилей в Инстаграм картинка

  • My profiles in the catalog” is a section for those who want to place advertising publications through their profile and earn money. Here you need to fill in information about yourself as an advertiser: profile type (personal / thematic), category to which the page belongs, profile description (what the content is published about, for whom, how it was promoted, for whom advertising in your profile will be interesting), geo- binding, contact information and accommodation conditions.

каталог рекламных профилей в Инстаграм скриншот

  • The “Profile statistics” section will allow you to monitor the development of your profiles, other people’s profiles, as well as analyze data. However, on the free plan, you can only see the number of subscribers and subscriptions. To access hourly statistics, profile comments, you need to activate data collection, which is paid.

каталог рекламных профилей в Инстаграм пример

  • If you need to find out the user ID on Instagram, then you just need to “find out the ID” section.

каталог рекламных профилей в Инстаграм 1

Service Benefits

As for me, the service is still “damp”. Its main advantage is the ability to find advertising profiles for the category you are interested in and contact their representatives.

Additionally, it can be noted a convenient form of communication with advertising profiles – links to the Vkontakte profile or phones are offered. That is, you do not contact through the site form, but in a way convenient for you and instantly agree.

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Service Disadvantages

  • No personal account. As a person who wants to order advertising, I would like to be able to add the advertising space I like to Favorites so that, if necessary, I can return and contact the
  • person I need. Here you cannot do that.
  • Lack of sorting the selection of an advertising profile by the price of the post. You need to flip and search, and this is all the time.
  • If you view the user’s profile within the service, please note that when you go back, the sorting function by category and quantity is lost and you will have to select again.
  • Advertising profile data cannot be downloaded

By the way – in the Vkontakte service group, the support service is always open to user suggestions and is in a hurry to fix the bugs found. As representatives of the service themselves note, improvements in the functionality of the catalog will be made in the near future. Well, that would be very helpful!

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Author: Julia Shved