Books 2015. What did I read last year?

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    I continue the tradition and publish the following selection of books I read over the past year. As it turned out, the volumes of books read amount to tons, and among them there are not only professional literature, but also fiction.

    Владислава Рыкова1Harv Ecker “Think Like a Millionaire“.


    Small thinking and small actions only lead to poverty and lack of fulfillment.

    2 Vasily Smirnov “Profitable contextual advertising. A quick way to attract customers using Yandex.Direct.”

    3Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich.

    The spirit that makes itself is attuned to the wave of forces that govern the world.

    To make effective decisions, analyze.

    Those who do not have perseverance may not even think about success.

    4Robert T. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechter “A business school for those who enjoy helping others.

    5J. Ron’s “Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness

    I quote all seven for a quick reference:

    1. Unleash the energy of goals.

    • Goal setting (answer the questions below):
    • What do I want to do?
    • What do I want to be?
    • What do I want to see?
    • What do I want to have?
    • Where do I want to go?
    • What do I want to share?

    2. Seek knowledge

    Семь стратегий достижения богатства и счастья

    • Learn from the example of others
    • Read books, listen to audio
    • Develop listening skills
    • Observe

    3. Learn to change

    Three areas of self-development: spiritual, physical, mental

    4. Manage your finances

    30% of income:

    • donate to charity;
    • making an investment;
    • save (deposit).

    5. Learn to manage your time

    6. Surround yourself with winners.

    7. Learn the art of living well.

    6Mini-book by Marketpro “Email Design Tips“.

    7D. Kaplunov “Business copywriting. How to write serious lyrics for serious people”

    Маркетинг на 100%: ремикс. Как стать хорошим менеджером по маркетингу8I. Mann “Marketing for 100%: remix. How to Become a Good Marketing Manager.”

    I read so many ideas that everything will just be placed in 1 book)

    9A. Parabellum «77 secrets of copywriting. Texts that sell.

    • Press on emotions – take a list of deadly sins and use it.
    • “Erogenous zones” of men: speed, strength, power!
    • A person should “sausage” from what he did not buy. He must feel guilty.
    • People want to buy the same thing as last time, only… different.
    • Develop frees based on deadlines.
    10A. Parabellum “0+0. Why aren’t you rich if you’re so smart?

    The more people like you, the less the right path you have chosen and gradually come to a standstill.

    Some roll this world in the direction they need, while others run alongside and lament: “Where is this world heading?”

    In life, you can be right or productive.

    You need less knowledge and more action.

    Your task is speed, flexibility and perseverance. They heard, they saw, they did.

    The main goal is financial independence and at the same time the preservation or acquisition of freedom.

    Internal sabotage, if you miserly pay for the work of staff, can be costly.

    Сарафанный маркетинг. Как умные компании заставляют о себе говорить

    11Andy Sernowitz. “Word of mouth marketing. How smart companies make people talk about themselves

    5T Word of Mouth Elements: Talkers, Topics, Tools, Taking Part, Tracking

    1. Speakers: who will tell their friends about you?
    2. Topics: what will they talk about?
    3. Tools: how to help spread the word?
    4. Participation: how do you join the conversation?
    5. Tracking: what do people say about you?

    Word of mouth marketing is

    1. Reducing the cost of attracting customers
    2. Free advertising
    3. More value from traditional advertising
    4. More Productive Salespeople
    5. More leads to new clients
    6. Reducing the cost of customer service
    7. A stronger brand

    Pass the hallway meeting test. Try to fill in the gaps with your products/services.

    • “Try it ________________”.
    • “Imagine, _______________ could _____________!”
    • “There is nothing better for ________________ than _________________.”
    12A. Parabellum, N. Mrochkovsky “Quick money in business. Step-by-step plan to increase profits in 3 weeks.

    Роберта Кийосаки Богатый папа, Бедный папа

    13 Book Review by Robert Kiyosaki et al. Rich Dad Poor Dad.

    14Copywriting secrets from masters. A collection of the best direct mail letters of all time.

    15A. Parabellum, Mrochkovsky N., Bernadsky S. “10 days to create a book. How to quickly write your bestseller.

    16Jeff Smith. “Revolution in business and life in 10 days.

    обзор книги Г.Цеплакова Дикий маркетинг

    17The best quotes from G. Tseplakov’s book Wild Marketing? Manual marketing! How to make promotion tools obey

    18A. Orlovskaya. “Webwriter’s Handbook“.

    19Jay Papazan “Start with the essentials. 1 Surprisingly Simple Law of Phenomenal Success

    In Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas, James Patterson metaphorically describes how our priorities balance between professional and personal: “Imagine life is a game of juggling five balls. These are work, family, health, friends and reputation. And you try to keep them constantly flying in the air. But one day you realize that the ball called “work” is rubber and, if you drop it, it will bounce back. The other four balls – family, health, friends and reputation – are made of glass, and if any of them are dropped, they can be scratched, cracked, or even shattered.

    Wealthy people are those who do not work, get enough money to spend it on what they consider their life purpose.

    20B. Suprun, D. Negoda. “Power up your business! Make your staff productive.

    21C. Bernadsky. “Selling texts. How to turn a reader into a buyer.

    22C. Tikhonov, A. Kuzin. “Anatomy of a case: we increase sales of services.

    23L. Grokhovsky, A. Khokhlovsky, O. Shestakov, R. Rzaev. “SEO for business“. What you need to know for self-promotion, hiring an employee and working with an agency.

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