Where do you store your photo, document, and video files online?

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    Облачный сервис DIPFO 1
    DIPFO.com cloud data storage is a modern service that allows you to quickly and smoothly upload user information. You can view it at any time, since access to the repository is always open at any time. It is worth noting the interesting design and ease of use of the site, which allows even a beginner to upload or download the necessary files in a short period of time.

    Cloud service DIPFO.com and its features

    A personal cloud makes it possible to securely save images, text documents of various formats. Storing photos in the cloud is convenient, now all the memories of important events in your life will always be there. The multifunctional safe is designed not only for personal use, but also for use by a wide range of people. For this purpose, certain service packages were introduced – these are family and business tariffs. Pleasantly pleased and simple user registration. You need to specify the minimum amount of information to start using the cloud storage service. The user simply enters their phone number and a valid email address. By the way, you can register through social networks.

    After entering personal data, the user is given personal space on the site – this is a cloud for storing data with a size of 5 GB. Here you can easily upload documents, photos and many other files. Once the 5GB is used up, an additional 15GB will be available.

    Облачный сервис DIPFO 2

    Beta version 2.0 of Personal File Vault has been updated and now works with all file formats. There is only a restriction on viewing and downloading videos. Work is in full swing on the functionality of the new version, content search by tags and a commenting function are being developed. Such an online storage has a lot of advantages, among which access to information from any country can be considered significant. Also, the data does not disappear in the event of a breakdown of equipment or loss of the phone. The user needs to go through authorization from another device, and he will see all the information unchanged.

    DIPFO.com Cloud File Storage: Affordable Plans

    There are two plans that are popular among business cloud users. Let’s consider each tariff in more detail.

    Облачный сервис DIPFO 3

    Family tariff” is a comfortable option that functions according to the rule of linking users to a single account. This means that the whole family can keep track of the information in the system and add new files. In advance, the user creates his family group, with which he will have a common place to store information. When choosing a family plan, all members receive an additional 5GB of free space. The group administrator creates a special group, he also adds and removes people from the list.

    In the family organizer section, you can create a family schedule with important events. The administrator creates a schedule and makes it available to all users.

    Облачный сервис DIPFO 4

    The second tariff that gives you personal cloud storage is “cloud for business“. This means that there will be enough space in the cloud to collaborate, store important projects and documents. Only members of the group will have access to the vault.

    An indisputable plus of this tariff is the ability to add an unlimited number of people, as well as the ability to work collectively with files. In a word, a complete optimization of the workflow for those who strive to work in a team.

    The “travel list” option allows you to quickly describe the purpose of the trip and share information with certain employees. Here you can also evaluate the work of a person, comment on an event and rate it. A cloud service for business is a great opportunity to discuss important issues, give advice, and share experience.

    Registering in a personal file storage opens up a lot of opportunities for you, and most importantly, you can be sure that the information posted here is always safe.

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