Hipolink Instagram service review (mini site builder)

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Every year Instagram is becoming more and more dense in the life of online business, the existence of a company without Instagram most often leads to a loss of profit share.

You can divide the variety of services for Instagram into 4 categories:

  1. Attracting audience
  2. Holding the audience
  3. Analytics Services
  4. Decor

And if there is an abundance of services in the categories of attraction, design, analytics, then the most important category of retention is practically not occupied.

To get the target action (message, site visit, order), our task is not only to attract a person to the profile, but also to keep, direct in the right direction. Make it easy for him to find all the information and contact you.

Today we will talk about the service that performs this function. It will be about the Hipolink service and its full review.

Hipolink is a mini-site builder for Instagram where you can place all your messengers, social networks. networks, sites, and add photos/videos, text, and more.

How does the service work?

There is only 1 active link on Instagram, we need to place as much useful information there as possible in order to interest visitors.

Обзор сервиса для инстаграма Hipolink 2

It is in the section of the website that a link to the Hipolink page is placed, and inside the service you already add the blocks you need (links, instant messengers, social networks).

Обзор сервиса для инстаграма Hipolink 3

Visitors to your Instagram page follow the link and immediately see all the information and contacts. When you click on instant messengers, a dialog immediately opens in the desired application, if a social network, then a page in the application.

The service has 3 tariffs:

  • Free – many will be enough, some of the functionality is limited;
  • Personal – a basic tariff that includes all instant messengers, all social networks, full visual page customization, adding photos, videos, as well as powerful analytics (from 80 rubles per month);
  • Business – the maximum tariff, complements the standard one in that there is a CRM system, animated text, creating forms on the page and a call back (from 195 rubles per month).

Who is the service for?

For everyone who has instagram. If you do not sell on Instagram, you can set up the page for personal use on the Free plan.

And if you use Instagram as a business tool, then you will be pleased with the presence of useful functions in the service.

What features does the service have?

At the moment, the service has 12 functional blocks, inside of which there are also additional functions.

Обзор сервиса для инстаграма Hipolink 5

They are located in the constructor (on the left, if configured from a computer).

The constructor is divided into 3 parts. To add a block, you need to select it on the left, then it will appear in the middle of the screen (on an iPhone), after which you can configure it on the right side of the screen. In fact, it looks like this:

Обзор сервиса для инстаграма Hipolink 6

On the left, a block of text was selected, the preview appeared on the iPhone, and on the right, it is possible to edit the text.

Let’s go over the functions of the service in more detail:

  1. Themes – the ability to change the background, color of objects on the page, more than 20 themes are available.
  2. Background – The ability to set a color or your own picture for the background.
  3. Text – Adding text blocks, you can change the text style (font, size, color)
  4. Links – Add links to third-party sites to the page. The peculiarity is that inside the settings you can select a site, a call button (insert a number) or write an E-mail. Height, width, button color and text style are editable.
  5. Divide – a handy feature that allows you to separate blocks according to the meaning of an elegant strip.
  6. Avatar – the ability to add a photo in a circle to the page, you can choose the size of the circle, as well as add text, stroke
  7. Messengers – convenient communication with you through instant messengers. In WhatsApp, you can add a welcome message. Each button has a corporate identity of the company, a logo. Can be configured so that there are 1, 2, 3, 4 buttons in one row.
  8. Social networks – Branded buttons for a social network with a link to your page, group. Opens in the application if it is installed on the phone. Can be configured so that there are 1, 2, 3, 4 buttons in one row.
  9. Photo – add pictures to your page, you can make a gallery of photos, or you can make goods by adding a title, description, link to the basket.
  10. Video – insert a Youtube video into the page.
  11. Widgets – a callback button to the page, when pressed, a form opens where a person enters his phone number. The application comes to the mail, HipoCRM or Telegram, setting up the integration in the modules section.
  12. Applications – an application form for the page, collect data from the audience, receive them in a convenient format by mail, in HipoCRM or in telegrams by setting up integration in the modules section.

Additional functions


The service thought through everything to the smallest detail, so they added page analytics.

Обзор сервиса для инстаграма Hipolink 7

In the services header, you need to select Statistics, a page will open where you can see how many page visits there were today, week, month, quarter.

You can also see the number of clicks on individual blocks. For example, by messengers, and by opening the messengers block, you can see in even more detail, for example, how many clicks were on WhatsApp yesterday.

Обзор сервиса для инстаграма Hipolink 8


Do you want to receive applications not by mail, but by telegram? Do you want to install the VKontakte or Facebook pixel? No problem, go to the modules section.

Обзор сервиса для инстаграма Hipolink 9

Now 6 modules are available, but by installing Google Tag Manager you can get additional integrations by pasting the codes already in Google)


I liked the multilink service for its variety of functions and pleasant appearance. Of the pluses, we note that there is an absolutely Free tariff, and paid tariffs start from 80 rubles per month.

Обзор сервиса для инстаграма Hipolink 10

Of the minuses, we note that the service cannot make internal pages, and there is also no HTML block so that you can add your own functionality, but for many these functions are not needed.