Overview of the SocialHammer service (promotion on Instagram, VKontakte) – closed, but there are analogues

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    Oh, and a lot of promotion services are divorced, you say. But even if we talk about old-timers among services, it is impossible to ignore SocialHammer. Surely you have heard about him more than once. This service allows you to work with two platforms at once – Instagram and Vkontakte.

    The service has closed, see analogues – Programs and services for promotion and promotion on Instagram

    So, we have already identified the most important advantage of the service – the ability to work with different sites at once.

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    Let’s get straight to the point:

    The service has 10 tariffs, not counting the trial. If most services offer an average of 3 tariffs, then here they are broken down, depending on the number of connected accounts and the creation of tasks.

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    Please note that after the trial period, immediately after payment, the Basic tariff will be automatically activated. But you can easily change it to the one that suits you best. By the way, you can change the tariff when you enter, for this you do not need to wait until the end of the month.

    To be sure that the work of your tasks will not be interrupted if you suddenly forgot to replenish your account on time, you can enable auto payment.

    And if you are not going to use the service for some time, then you can select the option “Suspend debiting funds”.

    What can the SocialHammer service do?


    The service can perform 19 different tasks. In addition to the most standard tasks for subscribing / unsubscribing, I would like to highlight:

    • Blocking.
    • Greeting in Direct and sending messages.
    • Like subscriptions and followers.
    • View stories.
    • Posting photos and videos.

    There is also a “Message Tracking” and “Comment Exchange” feature.

    The audience is collected according to the following criteria:

    • Gathering an active audience.
    • Geometrically.
    • By hashtags.
    • Collection of subscribers and subscriptions of a competitor.
    • Collection of Instagram accounts from Vkontakte groups.

    All tasks are displayed in a list, which is marked with different colors for convenience. If there are many tasks, you can create thematic lists.

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    All tasks are displayed in a list, which is marked with different colors for convenience.

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    In addition, each of the tasks can be paused. And you can always monitor the effectiveness of the task.

    By the way! If you want to protect your account from blocking, you can use your own proxy, although SocialHammer provides their proxy for free.

    Depending on the chosen tariff, you can create a number of tasks at the same time: like, comment, unsubscribe, track messages in direct.

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    Simultaneously with creating tasks for an Instagram account, you can promote accounts on VK.

    IMPORTANT: to promote, you must have your own proxy.

    There is also a very wide list of tasks. So, for example, in addition to standard mass liking, following, you can carry out:

    • Reposting to account.
    • Invitation to a group/event.
    • An invitation from a group to an event.
    • Invitation to friends of possible friends.
    • Auto-replies in a personal.
    • Greet new friends.

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    In the same way as for Instagram, tasks are displayed in a list and allow you to monitor progress.

    SMM for dummies

    The service also has several interesting sections – “Our blog”, “Training”, “Case studies of our clients”.

    If you are a business owner, a startup, you can read useful materials from developers and set up promotion correctly with peace of mind.

    Summarizing all of the above: the SocialHammer service is good for its variety of functions and a large selection of tariffs. Anyone can understand service management. It is convenient that in one service you can promote on two social networks at once!

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