Interview with Yaroslava Gonta, psychologist, coach and darling

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    In today’s world, in the endless race for success, it can be difficult not to lose yourself. Life is made up of emotions and fragments. If you stop noticing them, you can easily lose the feeling of happiness. It is at such moments that the advice of the female psychologist Yaroslava Gonta, with whom we talked, can come in handy.

    Yaroslav, what are you doing? When do they turn to you for help?

    A modern woman usually does not have time for happiness in her schedule. There is everything – a career, success, and even a man nearby. But there is no ballroom female happiness.

    That’s when our meeting happens.

    Ярослава Гонта

    What attracts you in your work?


    When a person cannot find words to express his amazement at the changes that began to happen to him.

    How do you keep abreast of what is happening in your area of work?

    I read a lot, communicate with colleagues and study, study, study. Something like this.

    Give an example when your knowledge was not enough for effective work. What did you do in this situation?

    My main #guest-possibility project is the work of a whole team – a psychologist, stylist, osteopath, secular etiquette teacher, consultants in the field of intimate health and the beauty industry.

    If I see that additional help is required, for example, a psychiatrist or a doctor in another specialty, I have a treasured notebook with phone numbers for specialists.

    What annoys you at work?

    My firm conviction: when a person is irritated by his work, you need to urgently go to psychotherapy. And, of course, I have my own supervisor (this is such a psychologist for psychologists).

    Where do you put the stories of your Clients in your head?

    I have a small women’s handbag in my head (you know what I’m talking about), in which you can put absolutely everything and get exactly what you need at the right time.

    Of course, for other people’s views, this handbag is always closed.

    How can a psychologist promote himself in the CIS countries?

    Didn’t think about it. Clients pass my phone number to each other from hand to hand, in a whisper (laughs).

    Ярослава Гонта

    Have to insert the brains of loved ones?

    I believe that any incomprehensible can be spoken out and the right decision can be made when both partners strive for this.

    For my loved ones, I am a spoiler, because the recipe for my happiness has long been made. There is a lot about this in my book “The Philosophy of Silk Sheets. Notes of a sensual woman»

    Is depression a disease or an excuse?

    Depression is a serious illness that requires long-term medical treatment.

    Another issue is that depression is often understood as the state of “sadness about the failure of dreams” (laughs). And now this is my job – to help the client harmoniously connect desires with opportunities.

    How is a coffee stain different from a Rorschach test?

    There are many more than ten variants of coffee stains and they are not symmetrical (laughs). But seriously, the Rorschach test is a fairly effective, albeit complex, technique in psychoanalysis. And fortune-telling on coffee grounds is considered controversial even by many “psychics”.

    What has changed in your life since you moved from the landing between floors to the office chair?

    I realized that I did not know a lot at the beginning of the journey and what an abyss of knowledge I still need to get.

    Are you helping yourself?

    For me, help, taking care of myself is about the level of compliance with what is happening with the forces to endure it. About constant attention, interest and frugality to yourself and at the same time constantly pushing the boundaries of awareness, learning.

    I think that this is the most effective help that a person can give himself.

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