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    When visiting a website that sells a product or service, many customers get lost in the assortment or do not fully understand how to place an order. You can solve such nuances by phone or by writing an email to the support service. But calling is not always convenient (and not everyone likes such communication), and the answer to the letter can come in a few hours or even the next day.

    You can increase the effectiveness of communication with potential buyers with the help of online consultants for the site. These are special programs that allow you to communicate with visitors to a web resource in real time and quickly answer their questions. Such services help increase sales and increase user loyalty. There are many online assistants on the Internet with their own functionality and tariffs, but below is a list of TOP programs, after reading which it will be easier for you to make a choice.

    Which sites are recommended online consultant?

    It is recommended to install an online consultant on the site if the platform belongs to one of the following categories:

    • online stores selling various types of goods;
    • platforms that promote some kind of service (insurance, tourist trips, cargo transportation, repairs);
    • official websites of network companies;
    • ticketing services;
    • online exchanges;
    • affiliate systems that allow you to earn on traffic arbitration;
    • digital bulletin boards.

    In some cases, an online consultant will be useful even to simple information resources: news feeds, sites that post reviews of games or films. Such a tool will allow the visitor to contact the operator and quickly find the content of interest to him.

    What gives the use of consultants for the site?

    Undoubtedly, the increase in the number of orders is the main advantage of using online chat. But besides this, these systems allow you to achieve other results. With their help, you can:

    • effectively communicate with the client in real time (through live operators or chat bots);
    • collect and analyze important information about the visitors of the resource: in which city the person lives, how he found out about the site, what goods or services he prefers, what budget he
    • expects;
    • evaluate the competence of regular operators: the programs save the texts of the dialogues, so they can be read and, if necessary, correct the communication method;
    • competently distribute the workload between employees so that at least one consultant is always in touch, and not a single visitor’s message is left unanswered.

    Online chat favorably differs from the standard feedback form in that it allows you to quickly respond to user requests. You provide the client with the necessary information faster, and if necessary, you accompany him at all stages of the purchase. Thus, ideal conditions are created for placing an order and the likelihood that a person will return to the site again increases, because here he was served with high quality.

    The best online consultants for the site: TOP-23

    As we noted, there are many systems on the Internet that provide real-time communication with customers. Some services allow you to install chat for free. Of course, with free use, the number of operators and dialogs is limited, however, the presence of a free period makes it possible to test a specific product and see if it is suitable for your web resource. Having found the best option, it will be possible to buy a paid subscription and, in which case, change the tariff plan.




    Service link –

    HelpCrunch – chat and additional tools to increase sales on the site, improve support and marketing automation.


    • chat for the site;
    • knowledge base (create a knowledge base to answer frequently asked questions from customers);
    • email marketing (send trigger emails)
    • set up auto messages;
    • pop-ups;
    • can be installed as an application on a mobile phone for iOS and Android;
    • integrations with other services such as Slack Zappier and others.



    Link to the service –

    An ideal platform for all business areas: with its help, you can develop an AI-enabled chatbot. The functionality of the service is available without understanding the basics of programming; moreover, it is easy to use it not only to organize communication with a potential client on the company’s website, but also in instant messengers and e-mail.

    One of the features of the Activechat service is the ability to manage it using a compact application. Bots offered for communication are capable of self-learning, which allows them to understand the goals and intentions of users. Additionally, audience segmentation based on the history of hits is available.



    Link to the service –

    The communication service for large networks and medium-sized businesses is characterized by multilingualism, ease of integration, and the ability to withstand impressive loads. The placement of the platform by developers is carried out on secure international platforms, which guarantees complete confidentiality.

    All “windows” of dialogues are combined into a single system, respectively, the consultant can control communication with several clients at once. Kwizbot allows you to save a customer card, and also reports on the number of users up to a certain point of action – sales funnel, activity, etc.



    Link to the service –

    A reliable aggregator for popular instant messengers that makes communication with customers as convenient as possible. All requests are stored on a single platform, which allows you not to leave a single message unread. Additionally, the service is equipped with the ability to auto-reply, create analytics of user communication actions and other important business functions.

    Skibble allows you to create automatic mailings, distribute messages between managers dealing with customer requests. The entire history of correspondence is stored in a single archive, available upon request. Creating a chat bot is automated, which saves time and quickly responds to customer messages.



    Link to the service –

    The platform offers comprehensive business automation that supports the client from the first contact to regular conversion. The functionality of Leeloo is aimed at engaging a potential buyer, offers the use of a chatbot in popular instant messengers, and also shows the qualities of artificial intelligence.

    The platform is easily integrated into the system, helping the sales department manage the entire base of subscribers and potential customers. The chatbot will quickly lead the user to a conversion action without the need to go to third-party systems. Additional features – creating a customer card, reporting and integration with sales plans.



    Link to the service –

    A convenient chatbot for communicating with customers on the site, which automatically starts a dialogue with visitors. Further, it transfers information to employees, which makes it possible not to ignore each user even after hours. It features a user-friendly interface that allows you to conduct quick customer service and solve any problems that have arisen.

    One of the features of Binotel is control over unanswered windows: the chatbot will notify the operator about them and compile high-quality analytics. Additionally, the widget is equipped with the ability to order a call if the client needs live communication with a company employee.



    Link to the service –

    The platform is equipped with a single panel for communication in popular instant messengers that customers regularly use. The chatbot maintains a dialogue with visitors, works with the order acceptance system and monitors online payments. It has a clear interface, offers promotional codes and generates invoices.

    Using Moncterwebby, you can connect a payment system, accept payment for the products you sell, issue invoices, and keep track of orders. Allows you to stay in touch with customers around the clock, even after hours. The chatbot can create mailing lists for special offers and promotions.



    Link to the service –

    The platform was created to form direct communication between customers and operators, it has many skills, including registration, online and offline verification, quiz design, testing, media mailings and consultations. Using Handy, you can connect additional services, depending on the direction of the company.

    The online service acts as a personal secretary and can be used not only by company employees, but also by its partners. The main feature of the platform is that clients respond in the form “like a person”, that is, it understands and interprets incoming messages, and also allows you to create unique business scenarios.

    I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the TOP services for creating a chat bot.



    онлайн консультант для сайта

    Link to the service –

    Without exaggeration, this is one of the best online consultants for the site, which has been in demand for many years. The system can be used under the following conditions:

    Limited functionality for 5 operatorsFor free
    Full functionality, 1 live consultant474-790 rubles/month

    The functionality of the platform includes the following options:

    • making phone calls to the operator directly from the chat (at the same time, you can perform other operations in parallel);
    • automatic output of a message for the visitor, in which the latter is invited to start a chat;
    • saving the history of dialogues;
    • design customization;
    • chats are available: the user can select a thematic section, a department of the company or briefly describe the essence of his appeal, and only then he is brought into contact with a
    • consulting specialist;
    • if necessary, the dialogue can be redirected to social networks (Facebook, VKontakte) or instant messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp);
    • the consultant can see the client’s message even before sending (typing is displayed online);
    • it is possible to collect information about the guests of the site: the location of the user, the source of the transition, the search query;
    • monitoring the work of operators (messages are redirected to the administrator’s e-mail);
    • the visitor can evaluate the work of his consultant.

    Jivosite is perfect for owners of sites focused on the market of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries. If necessary, this digital assistant can be easily integrated into Avito or Yandex Cashier systems. There is also a mobile version that allows you to consult clients directly from your smartphone.

    MultiChat Callibri

    онлайн консультант на сайте

    Link to the service –

    A very good multifunctional service consisting of several modules: consultant, callback, message aggregator, conversion monitoring, quiz builder, chatbot. As you can see, Callibri combines options that are commonly found in different digital instruments.

    Visitor messages arrive in one operator window. He does not need to switch between several messengers, processing the flow of information. The site supports the Russian language and is easy to set up. Among similar online consultants for the site, it is distinguished by the following set of features:

    1. The number of connected operators is not limited. If necessary, workers can be combined into groups that will be responsible for different regions or target requests.
    2. Separate statistics are maintained for each consultant. An automatic customer survey option is supported, with which you can evaluate the work of an employee.
    3. Different content can be redirected directly to the sales department. Application forms, incoming calls, questions on social networks – all this is assembled in a single pool.
    4. There is a mini-CRM that stores key tracking data: advertising campaign dynamics, key queries, ad clicks, the user’s region of residence, and the type of device from which he accessed the site.
    5. There are tools for increasing conversion: hooks, pop-up windows, content replacement.
    6. A chat bot is supported, capable of processing client questions 24/7.

    The program has a free version for 2 weeks. A characteristic feature of Callibri is that the price of a paid tariff plan does not depend on the functionality or the number of operators, but on traffic. That is, the cost is selected based on the monthly number of visitors.

    Monthly attendancePrice RUB/month
    Up to 1 thousand1 000
    Up to 10 thousand2 000
    Up to 50 thousand3 000
    Up to 100 thousand5 000
    Up to 250 thousand10 000
    Up to 500 thousand20 000
    Over 500 thousandThe tariff is calculated individually

    The first time you use it, you need to pay the tariff for 3 months. If you take a subscription for a longer period, you will receive a 20 percent discount.

    Sender (SiteHeart)

    чат для сайта

    Link to the service –

    A simple but very functional service that supports all the necessary options for effective communication with the client. The platform has Russian localization and an intuitive interface, so you can understand its operation in a few minutes.

    In more detail, this online consultant supports the following range of options:

    • answers to frequently asked questions using the chatbot;
    • the option of accepting payments directly through online chat;
    • setting up auto messages that will be sent to the visitor without the participation of a live employee;
    • automatic connection of the operator (triggered if the chatbot did not find the answer to the question);
    • even distribution of dialogues between site consultants;
    • auto-closing of the dialog when there is no activity on the part of the client for some time;
    • assigning a subject to the given auto-replies;
    • assessing the accuracy of robotic responses;
    • providing detailed reporting.

    The optimal tariff plan is selected based on the activity of users on your web resource. If necessary, the tariff can be changed.


    онлайн консультант на сайт

    Link to the service –

    A good assistant in establishing contact with customers of the site. To work, you will need to download specialized software for Windows or MacOS. Mobile applications for Android and iOS are also available.

    You can customize the behavior of the widget window on the visitor’s screen: after the specified conditions are met, the user is invited to the conversation. Chat for communication can be designed in a different design style.

    The service supports an extensive set of options:

    • tracking client text typing online;
    • you can see which page of the site the client is on at a particular moment;
    • the service monitors user behavior and offers to enter the chat when the right moment comes;
    • the function of saving quick answers is supported;
    • if there are several web resources, you can choose the window design for each platform;
    • collection of statistical data about visitors;
    • it is possible to evaluate the work of operators;
    • the system easily integrates with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica.

    A free version of the service is provided for non-commercial use. If you want to use RedHelper for business, you will need to pay 960 rubles / month. (for the basic configuration) or 1855 rubles / month. (for the PRO version). By the way, even for commercial use, free 5-day access is provided.

    When working with the platform, it is worth considering several nuances. First, reports in Google Analytics can be sent with errors. Such a bug does not always appear, but it is worth remembering about it. Another point regarding performance: RedHelper is recommended to run on computers with a large amount of RAM. If this resource is limited, browser sharing may stutter or even crash the app.


    онлайн консультант бесплатно

    Link to the service –

    If you want to integrate a high-quality online chat for your website, you should definitely pay attention to this system. The platform has been operating since 2010 and is one of the first tools for establishing contact with potential customers.

    This online consultant provides an impressive range of opportunities:

    • the employee can view visitor information;
    • all dialogues are saved;
    • detailed statistics on work with users is kept;
    • analysis of individual user preferences;
    • auto-sending notifications to the site guest;
    • the program will allow users to evaluate the work of operators;
    • you can choose the design of the dialog box.

    As for tariff plans, the service provides 2 options for use:

    Package typePrice RUB/month
    Base1 870
    Advanced2 720

    Let us immediately note one nuance. In the table, the rates are indicated monthly for greater convenience, but you need to pay immediately for the year. That is, for registration of the basic tariff plan, you will have to pay 22,440 rubles.

    Unfortunately, the platform does not have a free version. There is a test mode, but the consultant works in the form of a 30-minute demo. You will not be allowed to fully communicate with visitors until the payment of the tariff plan. Another unpleasant moment concerns the display of client statistics. It is not available until the consulting specialist enters into a dialogue with the user.

    In addition, the service has only English localization. For some users, this may cause difficulties with the setup in the initial stages.


    Link to the service –

    Another good online consultant that allows you to integrate a chat on the site to communicate with potential customers. The platform has a free trial version that allows you to evaluate its main functionality. There is a trial period of 14 days.

    If you wish, you can arrange paid subscriptions:

    Validity period of the packageCost rub./month.
    1 month1 000
    3 months900
    half a year850

    As you can see, the longer the tariff plan is valid, the cheaper it costs. Please note that the rates shown are for 1 operator. For the addition of each new employee, the cost increases by 2 times.

    If we talk about the possibilities, then here the site owner will have plenty to choose from:

    • monitoring of guests of the online platform;
    • statistics on all communications with visitors to the service;
    • choice of design;
    • saving the history of correspondence;
    • option to send a request to call back a consultant;
    • online chat allows you to immediately evaluate the work of a consulting employee.

    In a compact window, the user will be able to see a photo of a specialist and his name. Also, the guest will be able to turn off the sound of notifications from the chat and stop the dialogue by pressing one button.


    онлайн консультант для вашего сайта

    Link to the service –

    A fairly simple chat for advising clients that can satisfy the needs of small selling platforms. The service is available in several versions: for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. If desired, the user can choose the design of the window and the color palette of the text font.

    The feature set includes the following items:

    • callback request – this option is paid separately at a cost of 300 rubles / 50 minutes;
    • automatic invitation of a guest to an online chat;
    • tracking the typing process;
    • creation of a single pool with chats of social networks and instant messengers;
    • the ability to integrate with data collection services (Google, Yandex);
    • the option of integration with Bitrix24 and Megaplan systems is supported.

    CleverSite has a free trial version for 2 weeks. Full functionality is connected for 1200 rubles/month. are the rates for one active operator. For the connection of a new employee, you will have to pay a similar cost.


    онлайн консультант сайта

    Link to the service –

    Very good online chat with affordable rates for different needs and extensive functionality. There are 3 tariff plans to choose from:

    PackagePrice RUB/month
    Base1 550
    Corporate35 000

    As for the possibilities, the system offers users the following positions:

    • a call to a consulting worker directly in the dialog box;
    • the ability to remotely access the client’s screen so that a specialist can tell where the product is located or how an order is placed (this is actually a full-fledged Team Viewer);
    • option to demonstrate the consultant’s monitor;
    • collection of data about the guest of the online platform;
    • accepting order forms from all pages of the supported site;
    • setting up a bot to automatically respond to user requests.

    In addition, the Krible service allows you to save dialogs and send them to the administrator’s email. The site owner or an authorized person can monitor the work of employees and, if necessary, make important comments. It is possible to set an option that will allow the guest to choose a consultant for communication.


    бесплатный консультант для сайта

    Link to the service –

    A good platform for dialogue with the client online. The service has a free version. It can be used for one site with one consulting worker. If you want more extensive features, you will have to pay from 650 to 12,250 rubles per month. Exact prices depend on the number of operators and functional tools.

    The following options are available in Chatra:

    • editing the dialog box;
    • distribution of client requests between active employees;
    • setting up quick responses;
    • redirecting the request to an employee with greater competence;
    • typing tracking.

    If necessary, Chatra can block unwanted visitors. If you set the appropriate option, the service will allow the guest to select the department of the company that he wants to contact.


    онлайн консультант бесплатно на сайт

    Link to the service –

    A very good online chat that will suit small and large companies. The platform provides free access for one operator with limited functionality. So you can evaluate the basic tools and decide on the purchase of a paid package. Tariff plans are divided into 3 categories:

    Package typePrice RUB/month
    Base1 667
    CorporateThe cost is calculated individually

    The set of features includes the following items:

    • distribution of incoming calls among employees;
    • setting up quick responses;
    • auto call of target visitors;
    • statistics on conducted dialogues;
    • evaluation of the work of consultants.

    In addition, Webim allows you to collect data about potential customers in order to increase conversion and, if necessary, adjust the SEO promotion of the platform. As a nice bonus, customization of the appearance of the dialog box is provided.


    веб консультант на сайт

    Link to the service –

    A good functional service that allows you to communicate with platform visitors in real time. The application has a free lite-tariff, which can be connected with one operator and with an incoming stream of up to 5 thousand views / month. There is also a Basic package (from 576 rubles/month) and PRO (from 900 rubles/month).

    The range of possibilities includes the following items:

    • collecting information about potential customers;
    • saving the history of dialogues;
    • auto-invite to chat function;
    • customizing the dialog box for different user groups;
    • distribution of incoming requests among employees;
    • sorting users according to certain criteria.

    In addition, NetroxSC is able to check the spelling of the typing user. By setting the corresponding parameter, the application will allow operators to create convenient message templates. For more soulful conversations in the chat, you can send emoticons.


    online консультант бесплатно

    Link to the service –

    Another good cloud-type widget that can be used by website owners of different target areas. Service functionality includes:

    • customizing the appearance of the dialog box;
    • the ability to authorize guests through accounts in social networks (a potential buyer gets access to the dialog box in one click, and the consulting specialist immediately sees the main
    • information: name, e-mail);
    • collection of data about the guests of the web platform: where they came from, by what request they found a particular site;
    • setting up the robot to send welcome messages to the chat;
    • auto-invitation of the user to the dialogue;
    • blocking a user who behaves too aggressively.

    During off-hours, the widget saves all submitted questions so that consultants can answer them later.

    The base fee for using the cloud resource is 285 rubles/month. To remove the copyright icon and the original link, you will need to switch to the tariff of 570 rubles / month.


    онлайн консультант на сайт бесплатно

    Link to the service –

    A simple but practical digital product that small and large companies can use. The widget does not support the free version, however, this will not prevent projects with a limited budget from using it. The base rate is only 385 rubles per month. It is noteworthy that at such prices, the application allows you to use 2 operators at once.

    Key features of the service include:

    • formation of scenarios for a quick response;
    • auto-invite to chat;
    • tracking the process of typing a client message;
    • saving the history of dialogues;
    • conducting a conversation through the mobile version of the widget.

    Onicon works with Russian localization, so it supports the GEO of the CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) without any problems. It can also be configured to work with other regions.

    Provide Support Live Chat

    онлайн консультант

    Link to the service –

    Although this service is considered last, it is considered one of the most advanced tools for establishing contact with the target audience. It is actively used by business owners of various sizes and any thematic areas.

    The site is favorable to the user, as it immediately offers to test the trial version. To get started, just go through a simple registration procedure (enter a username, email and create a password). After that, the key features of this online consultant will become available to you. The trial period is valid for 10 days, after which you can decide to purchase a paid package.

    There are different tariff plans, but prices start from 15 USD/month. If you take an annual subscription, a discount is provided, and the package is paid for 8.25 USD / month.

    If we talk more about the functionality, then the user has plenty to choose from. The following options are available in Provide Support Live Chat:

    1. Installation of the operator console on Windows, Mac OS, Linux platforms. If you wish, you can download the mobile version for Android or iOS. If you don’t want to download the program, provide Support Live Chat allows you to set up work right in your browser.
    2. Individual adjustment of the questionnaire before and after the dialogue.
    3. Receive messages offline. The guest of the site can send a request, and when the consultant appears on the network, he will answer it.
    4. There is an option to set up scripts for quick replies.
    5. You can share files directly in the dialog box.
    6. The system provides protection against bots (users need to enter captcha).
    7. The site owner can control the work of consulting specialists. After the dialogue is completed, the history of correspondence is sent to the administrator’s e-mail).
    8. Tracking the dynamics of page visits in real time.
    9. Auto-invite visitors to chat.
    10. Displays detailed statistics on incoming traffic.

    It is noteworthy that the functionality of the consultant is available in full, regardless of the chosen tariff plan (only the number of active operators and supported sites differs). If desired, the administrator can customize the chat according to its appearance and prescribe the behavior of the widget with a certain guest activity.

    Pr-me (closed)

    A completely free service that can be installed on web projects with a small budget. The application can:

    • store user contacts;
    • analyze incoming and outgoing messages;
    • link the visitor to a specific employee;
    • to form a rating of consulting workers;
    • forward dialogs to administrator’s e-mail;
    • distribute messages among multiple employees.

    Despite the free access to the application, its capabilities are not limited to the listed items. The administrator can integrate several consulting widgets on one site, depending on their target orientation. In addition, unlike previous products with paid plans, it allows you to connect an unlimited number of live consultants.


    As you can see, the review presents online consultants with different functionality and individual tariff plans. Each of the considered resources is good in its own way. You just need to choose the best option for yourself, which will correspond to the scale of the business, the target orientation and the expected flow of incoming requests.

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