Work with the price aggregator “Price Navigator”. Advantages and disadvantages

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    прайс-навигатор харьковPrice Navigator” ( is a price aggregator that provides good regional traffic (Kharkiv and the region). Of the services, they provide placement of prices for electronics (my case), computers, household appliances, office equipment, services. Payment – monthly.

    The invoice issued per month will consist mainly of such services, where X is the number of goods in the price list (the more, the more expensive):

    • daily data processing up to X rows;
    • data processing (hyperlinks) up to X lines;
    • processing and placement of company data;
    • bestseller (if you’re lucky).

    Showcase advantages:

    1. There can be many online stores in 1 account (in my case – 3).
    2. If you divide the amount of money spent per month by the number of visitors, you get a very cheap cost of attracting 1 visitor (from 0.1 to 0.17 USD).
    3. Very good admin part, intuitive. You can view data such as complete statistics of visits, reviews.
    4. There is “News and Promotions” if you have the “Extended Information” service active.
    5. You can download the necessary documentation for accounting (section under development).
    6. There are “bestsellers”, but they are not for everyone. There are a limited number of places in this category, and there are many shops, so “whoever gets up first gets slippers.” In this case, it’s good to have several online stores, motivating the manager to place at least one of them (the key one) in the hits, because “how much money we bring to the company”.
    7. In addition to traffic from the price list, there is a lot of referral traffic.
    8. There is a test period for placing an online store – 2 weeks. Then, if you like it, the test period is paid and the store is located, if not, then no one owes anything to anyone.

    Showcase cons:

    1. There is no auction system. Ranking of goods by value. The cheaper the product, the higher it will be, and the more likely users will click on it to go to the website of the online store.
    2. There is no way to automatically issue an invoice, you have to ask the manager assigned to you.
    3. There is no way to edit contact information in the admin area. If at least 1 phone number has changed, you have to contact the manager to change it.
    4. If your link to the price list has changed, you cannot change it manually.

    Summing up, I can say that I like the price aggregator, it is very worthy. Especially impressed by the cost of attracting 1 buyer. This is rarely achieved in large venues with an auction system.

    P.S. As an announcement. Now similar sites are gaining momentum in other regions. Posting prices there is free.

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