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Today, the question of the importance of social networks in the promotion of any business project is not even discussed, but is accepted as a proven fact. Therefore, competent promotion of the Viber community can really take your project to a new level. Improve awareness and increase loyalty, both to the brand and to a particular product or service.

Surprisingly, the advertising potential of this channel is still not fully revealed, and remains underestimated by many representatives of medium and small businesses. Nevertheless, statistics indicate that more than 60% of Russian-speaking users in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus use this messenger.

Benefits of community promotion in Viber

By creating a group in this application, you can start promoting your products or services with minimal investment. Attractive appearance, simple interface and relative security have made Viber more popular than many competing messengers.

The main advantages of Viber promotion:

  • direct access to a potential client. Messages sent directly to users are read by more than 90% of the audience;
  • effective targeting. Having professionally determined your target audience, an experienced marketer will highlight the main parameters for mailings – age, sales geography, user interests, income level, gender of recipients, etc.;
  • the ability to publish content in the most convenient form. Viber supports sending photos, videos, sticker packs, attached files and active Internet links;
  • ease of grouping users. Corporate mailing will allow you to immediately inform about the update of the line, the start of the promotion and other profitable offers;

The popular messenger is used today to increase sales in the following niches:

  • clothing and goods for tourism;
  • recruitment of personnel for work abroad;
  • cosmetics and perfumery;
  • sale of elite alcohol;
  • delivery of products from other countries;
  • rent and lease of residential and commercial real estate;
  • sale of building materials and goods for animals;
  • sale of handmade products and children’s toys;
  • home delivery of groceries, etc.

Along with many other advantages, using the messenger to promote goods or services is also convenient. Users don’t need to take calls from sales reps, attend web conferences, or attend face-to-face meetings. All the necessary information comes in a message that can be quickly read by browsing the feed.

7 ways to promote the business community in Viber:

The easiest way to increase sales after creating a group is to post a pinned post. The community administrator has the right to install an advertising post at the top of the chat, which will include a thematic picture, rules for ordering a product or service, and a list of contacts.

Public account

This method of promotion is the best option for those who want to be in constant contact with customers and quickly respond to their questions or requests. A public chat is an account that has been verified by the Viber administration. With the help of publics, all users can communicate with company representatives, as well as subscribe to receive messages and promotional materials.

Chat management is designed for mobile devices, but using a third-party service, you can install the appropriate program on your computer. The main advantages of publics are the ability to create quick links and launch chat bots, which makes it possible not only to communicate productively with existing customers, but also to effectively attract new ones.

Community or advertising group Viber

These associations can be created by each user, so they are not moderated. New members are added by phone numbers, which can be taken from the contact list. Such communities are more suitable for closed communication, which does not imply a rapid expansion of the audience. Advertising in the Viber group is one of the ways to maintain interest in a brand or service in previously created groups.


Viber’s audience is one of the most progressive, so they like to use bright ideas and symbols to express their emotions. One easy way to increase brand awareness is to distribute a set of branded stickers to users in the community. At the first stage, you should entrust this task to a designer who will develop an original concept, and then send a proposal to Viber technical support representatives.

Distribution features of branded sticker packs are regulated in the messenger settings. For example, they will be available only to subscribers, which will attract additional attention to the event or promotion, or such a set will be offered for a minimal fee.

Official channel

This status can be obtained by a channel that will pass a technical check in the messenger services. Obtaining the status of an official gives the right to simultaneously launch a mailing list by e-mail and via SMS. Such mailing may contain audio or video, as well as an active link or clickable button. In terms of funds spent, viber mailing is more profitable than standard SMS.

Unofficial channel

This is a cheaper way to promote Viber than the previous type of promotion, but it also provides less functionality. Messages to users through an unofficial channel will come without a Viber verification signature, so they are more likely to be blocked. In addition, clickability of buttons and other interactive elements will not be supported in messages.

Viber mailings

This is one of the most effective ways to establish direct contact with a potential buyer of a product or service. Such messages are read by most users, and for each of your marketing moves you can get an almost instant response. And this is an opportunity to change the advertising strategy in time if the initial idea did not hit the target.

Controllability and minimal material costs are a few more advantages of mass mailings in Viber.

Chatbot in Viber

One way to increase the effectiveness of a public chat is to connect a bot (virtual assistant) to it. To do this, you must fulfill 2 conditions – install special software, and also confirm your status as a large company.

This flexible tool automatically performs a lot of tasks for the manager – provides technical support to users by answering common questions, can perform mass mailing, conduct surveys and contests.

How to run community ads in Viber

Promotion with the help of even such a seemingly simple messenger as Viber hides certain secrets that are only available to professionals. The MAVR marketing agency will help you find an option specifically for your business, because our managers have extensive experience interacting with Viber and understand the specifics of its work.

Reach out to experts to get an effective return on investment and a customer acquisition channel that will work for you 24 hours a day. We will set up all the necessary parameters and suggest what tools you can still use to increase the level of sales of a service or product.