Advertising in VKontakte groups. How to find a community and how much will it cost?

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Social networks have been part of our lives for quite a long time, and often we learn the latest news from the universe in community groups. The most popular social network in Russia is Vkontakte, so many businessmen and companies are wondering if advertising in VK groups is effective.

Given the fact that the attendance of this social. network is very high and reaches tens of millions of people a day, we can conclude that advertising in VKontakte groups will bring the desired effect.

How to choose a community for advertising VKontakte?


The first thing to do is set up your group. To do this, you need to create a beautiful avatar and a memorable logo, make an interesting description of the community and fill it with useful information.

When these steps are done, you can start choosing the right group for posting ads. When choosing a community, you need to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • The main indicator is the number of group members. You should definitely check the community for the fact of cheating subscribers. If so, then among the participants there will be a large number of blocked pages, “dogs”.
  • The number of unique visitors.
  • The theme of the community should be as close as possible to the advertised product or service.
  • Activity.
  • Geoposition. For example, if the group is designed for people from Russia, then it makes no sense for a Ukrainian online store to advertise their products there.
  • User activity in the community: the number of likes and the quality of comments. On average, in a good “live” group for 20 thousand participants, 1 post collects 100-150 likes. And never 1-5. Also pay attention to the comments. If they are in the form of “good group”, “super”, “++” – then they must have been ordered on a special exchange.
  • The cost of advertisements. It is worth noting that advertising posts in groups can be paid in the agreed currency, and not exclusively in rubles, like contextual advertising in VK – the price of which will be discussed later.

How to find communities for Vkontakte advertising?

размещение рекламы в группе вконтакте

1. Internal search Vkontakte

For certain queries, look for groups and publics. But they need to be carefully analyzed, because. many of them can be twisted. On average, in a good “live” group for 20 thousand participants, 1 post collects 100-150 likes. And never 1-5. Also pay attention to the comments. If they are in the form of “good group”, “super”, “++” – then they must have been ordered on a special exchange.

2. Advertising post exchanges


  • Pros: the catalog of sites is sorted by topic, there are 8700 sites on the official exchange, 18600 on the unofficial one, group statistics are open.
  • Cons: not all groups are on the exchanges. Many niche communities either do not sell ads in a group, or sell them directly without intermediaries.

3. Catalog of sites

  • Pros: the catalog of sites is sorted by topic, the number of sites is 81300, group statistics are open, daily growth of groups.
  • Cons: does not unite all groups.

4. Thematic sites, portals, forums or blogs. Search on your subject through Google or Yandex.

5. Manual search

This is an analysis of subscriptions of active users. How to find such users? Select 2-3 leading communities in your subject and identify the participants who most often comment on materials and participate in discussions.

  • +1 way – analysis of admin subscriptions – they follow the market and are subscribed to the maximum number of competitors’ publics.
  • +1 way – Vkontakte internal search for keywords in the news.

6. Using the service “Cerebro” (for a fee)

The “Audience search” function will allow you to find out what other groups people from any community you specify are in, find those public pages that they most often visit. You can also collect those who comment or repost posts on your topic. And many other possibilities!

Advertising VKontakte – the price? or How much does advertising in VKontakte cost?

реклама вконтакте

You can buy VKontakte advertising at different prices, which fluctuate in a very wide range. Therefore, it is worth asking the administrators of each group suitable for advertising for a price. Usually for one post they ask from 10 UAH. up to 1000 UAH It may seem that such a price is too high, especially considering the fact that the advertisement will stay in the top for about an hour, and after 2-3 days it will be deleted. But, if the community in which advertising is bought is chosen correctly, then an investment of even 1000 UAH. pay for itself handsomely.

Advertising in public VK

Acceptable prices for publics with a different number of participants are as follows:

Number of participantsCost per post
100-300 thousand150-250 UAH
300-500 thousand.300-400 UAH
500-800 thousand500-750 UAH
800 thousand – 2 million800-1500 UAH

To quickly build brand recognition or increase sales, the best bet is to seek the help of a social media marketing agency.

Also, for more information on how to calculate the effectiveness of advertising in communities, read here.

Author: Julia Shved