The theory of personal needs in the service of marketing

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Modern APOMEA technologies help to obtain previously unattainable results

In March of this year, the Theory of Personal Needs ( was developed. The author of the theory is a Russian entrepreneur, marketer and developer Vladislav Kevish-Konyukhov. It has a high level of applicability in marketing and contributes to the solution of psychological problems, for example, such as: relationships between people, quarrels, resentment, fears and other negative emotions. Based on this theory, several technologies have already been created that are successfully applied and bring significant results, such as technology No. 1 “Personal needs” from the company APOMEA.

теория удовлетворения потребностей, таблица

Application in marketing and PR

The theory clearly and precisely defines the term “personal needs”. It provides an opportunity to analyze in detail the personal needs satisfied by a product or service, and can also help to pinpoint the “pains” that these products or services cover for the consumer in positioning and marketing packaging of products. Thanks to the Theory of Personal Needs, in addition to goods and services, one can also consider social projects, as well as the actions of individuals and groups. Therefore, its use is permissible in all areas of social interaction.

With the help of the new theory, it is possible to clearly and quickly evaluate the marketing advantages of competitors’ products and create a marketing map for your own product or service. In addition, it is possible to conduct a comparative analysis of the strength of marketing events and activities. The concept of theory-based analysis allows you to evaluate the influence of a product or service on the emotions of the client generated by this product or service and make clear connections and determine the dependence of consumer feelings on marketing packaging.

Application in psychology and life

The block of relationships is the largest of those that the theory solves. The theory makes it possible to establish clear relationships between Personal Needs and people’s actions, as well as to accurately determine the motives and personal needs of a person that are not closed to him. After identifying unmet needs, it helps to find reasonable rational solutions to satisfy them. This leads to mutual understanding and peace in relationships. Thus, it is possible to improve relationships in every area: with a close friend, with a family member, with a work colleague, with a partner or a child.

The theory itself is simple, descriptive and rational. Products based on it and reflections do not bring harm or negative emotions to people. APOMEA develops the latest developmental products for users based on theory.