Advertising exchanges Yandex Zen: TOP-3

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Today, advertising exchanges for Yandex Zen are quite popular. They allow you to quickly find a suitable blogger to promote your product or service. At the same time, on the platform itself, advertising posts are of a native (natural) nature, which means that they give a much higher conversion than direct promotion of products.

Below is a list of the best channels for selecting channels that can effectively advertise a specific product in Yandex Zen. It analyzes in detail each exchange, its functionality, advantages and disadvantages.

Features of advertising on Yandex Zen

It may seem that promoting a product or service through Zen is no different from standard advertising on Instagram, VK or Facebook, but this is not so. Promotion of your brand on this blogging resource has its own characteristics:

  1. Natural flow of information. Even if an advertising post in the same VK or Instagram corresponds to the interests of the user, it still acts as a separate element of content. It begins to seem to a person that they are trying to rudely palm off the promoted product. In Zen, advertising is native. It is, as it were, part of the publication under study or its natural continuation, so the user does not have a feeling of rejection. On the contrary, a person wants to know what else they can offer on a topic of interest.
  2. Convenient performance tracking. On many advertising resources, the popularity of selling content depends on a number of factors: delay time on the post, clicking on the link, interaction with the publication, and so on. At Yandex Zen, everything is arranged as simply as possible: how many people have read the posted material, so many have seen the ad. That is why, on many exchanges, authors set prices for a certain number of readings.
  3. Guaranteed hit in the target audience. Bloggers promote the material that most closely matches the theme of their channel. If a young mother is interested in baby food, she will not be offered to buy a new Mercedes or invest in a cryptocurrency project.

In addition, a native advertising post can be placed in various formats (videos, galleries), increasing the interest of potential customers.

The best exchanges for advertising on Yandex Zen: TOP-3

Below are the top three exchanges that can help promote a product on the Yandex Zen website. Each of these resources has its own characteristics, but they are united by ease of use, reasonable prices and high final conversion.



Link to the service –

It is a simple and intuitive platform that any potential advertiser will understand. To start cooperation with one of the bloggers, you need to go through the registration procedure:

  • enter first and last name;
  • come up with a login;
  • specify an e-mail;
  • come up with a password.

The further principle of work looks like this:

  1. The service offers a catalog of channels that cooperate with the promodzen service.
  2. The table shows the name of the channel, the price for 1,000 rereads, and the current number of subscribers. The larger the audience of a blogger, the more expensive his advertising will cost.
  3. Near each offer there is a button “Details”. By clicking on it, you can learn more about the topic of the channel, see a link to it, and also get contacts for communicating with the author.
  4. Using the contacts provided, you need to contact the blogger and discuss the terms of further cooperation. It can be a single selling article or an entire advertising campaign.

If something is not clear, you can contact the support service. The exchange is also represented on Facebook, VK, Twitter and OK. The only disadvantage of the resource is that its administration does not guarantee the placement of advertising by the blogger after paying for the services. Of course, authors with a large audience are registered on the site, and they are unlikely to go for a one-time deception that will negatively affect their reputation. But it’s better to be careful.



Link to the service –

A more advanced exchange that helps establish advertising partnerships with bloggers from Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Yandex Zen. A characteristic feature of the platform is that it only works with popular authors. If there are less than 3,000 subscribers on the blogger’s page, he will simply not be allowed to register.

For advertisers, a more detailed registration form is provided, in which you need to specify:

  1. Last name and first name.
  2. Valid Email Address.
  3. Mobile number.
  4. Additional ways of communication (messengers, social networks).
  5. Benefits of the promoted product or service.
  6. Tasks to be solved.
  7. Link to company website.
  8. campaign budget.
  9. Regions that future advertising should cover.
  10. Social networks for promotion.

After registration, the site will select suitable authors and act as an intermediary in further cooperation.



Link to the service –

If you need to place a native advertising post in Zen, but you don’t know where to start, this exchange will be your effective assistant. The site works as follows:

  1. After registration, its specialists study the subject of the promoted product, analyze the market and competitors’ offers.
  2. Then a promotion strategy is developed.
  3. Authors are selected to place advertising posts. Terms of cooperation are agreed.
  4. Articles are being written.
  5. Bloggers host advertising content, and exchange representatives monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.

This exchange allows you to monitor detailed post statistics: impressions, read time, values in Yandex.Metrica.

Summing up, it is worth saying that each exchange presented in the TOP allows you to achieve the desired results in promoting your products. It is only necessary to develop a competent strategy and allocate an appropriate budget for it.