Yandex Zen channel promotion for brands and earnings

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The Yandex Zen news platform is unique in that news is written for it directly by visitors, and depending on the preferences and search queries of the user, the system automatically selects topics for display in his feed.

This popular platform has long been influencing the opinions of users, becoming one of the varieties of the modern social network. The constant hit of the posts of your channel in the feed will then allow you to effectively convert the traffic coming from it into additional profit.

The feed in Yandex Zen looks like an endless list – a tile with article windows. Each article has its own illustration, title and announcement. So the user can immediately understand what the article will be about.

Those who want to know how to promote their channel on Zen need to understand the platform and understand how it works.

Is it possible to earn money on the channel?

Article writers can not only show their literary talent and knowledge, but also earn money through monetization. Money is awarded for advertising on pages with articles and views. On average, for 1000 views, the platform pays the author from 50 to 100 rubles. Accordingly, the more views there are, the higher the author’s fee will be.

In order for the number of views to grow, as well as the number of subscribers, you need to understand how the platform algorithm works and what needs to be done to promote on Zen. Promotion of the Zen channel will require analytical work and creativity.

Platform operation algorithm

Before you start writing and posting articles, you need to understand how the platform works and how articles get to the top.

Yandex Zen is equipped with artificial intelligence, which is responsible for ranking a flock in the search.

Artificial intelligence looks at the following:

  • Channel visit statistics.
  • User activity.
  • Likes, dislikes, reposts.
  • Author rating.
  • The number of views and reads in the article.
  • Sources.

Thanks to this, the user receives a feed of articles that meet his interests and needs, and not randomly dropping news or articles popular with his friends.

This ranking system made it possible to create a unique tool in the field of blogging – now the reader is automatically offered the articles and resources that interest him.

How can the author of the channel use this information? To get a lot of views and a popular channel, knowing the algorithms of the system, you need to start promoting and promoting your blog.

How to start promoting a channel with articles in Yandex Zen – a strategy

Before you start promoting a channel in Yandex Zen, you need to draw up a plan according to which the blog will develop.

The first task for a novice blogger is to pass the mark, after which monetization will be connected. It is 10,000 minutes of viewing in 7 days. After that, the author will have access to monetization and advertising.

продвижение через яндекс дзен

The authors will certainly receive offers to promote the channel for money. In most cases, this will happen with the help of bots, which are easily calculated by the AI of the platform. For the use of bots and artificial cheating, fines will be applied to the author, up to blocking the channel.

How to promote a channel in Yandex Zen for a fee?

Only a few professional marketing and SEO companies can guarantee results. These companies offer content creation, profile filling and social media advertising services.

продвижение канала яндекс дзен

Popular Yandex.Zen topics: channel topic selection

The very first and most important step is to find a relevant, interesting topic and understand it well. The competition of authors is high, promotion in Yandex Zen is more like a struggle, but it is thanks to it that each author can prove himself and develop.

Topics should not be highly specialized and intended for a specific audience. Firstly, if the topic is specific enough, it will be of interest to a small number of people, and accordingly, there will be few views and readings. Secondly, such a channel is doomed to have low statistics.

There are very few generalist writers who write well on many topics. Therefore, it is not worth writing about everything in a row – superficial and uninteresting articles to read until the end of them will not bring a large audience to the blogger.

An example of a well-chosen theme for a channel: “Hit-Run”

The most popular topics on the resource are hobbies, politics, relationships, hobbies, hunting and fishing, technology and reviews of various things.

A recommendation for those who want to create and promote a Zen channel as soon as possible is to choose a popular topic. Politics, reviews, informational articles, hobbies – what will be interesting to people. You can look at the statistics, which topics are popular.


Having decided on the topic of the channel, you should also read other authors who write articles on this topic. Promotion in the Yandex Zen feed will require the writer not only to provide his readers with interesting articles, but also individuality.

There are more authors every day, get acquainted with the work of competitors, draw conclusions about how to design articles, what topics are of interest to readers, what should be the style of presentation.

Those who can write interesting and informative articles are valued on the platform. However, the writer also needs his individual style of presentation, which people will like and remember. Studying the works of other authors will make it clear in which direction to move to those who are interested in how to promote the Zen channel.

A correctly composed and formatted article will be shared on social networks, liked, discussed in the comments.

Images and videos can be added to the article – thus, you can diversify and visualize the content. If any action is described, for example, repair, it is better to duplicate the words with a video.

Registration on the resource

After the author decides on the subject of the resource, you can proceed to the registration of the channel itself. Before that, you should read the rules of the platform in order not to commit any violations.

Conversation with moderators

If the channel already exists, but you can’t promote it in any way, you can contact the administration with a question. Moderators get in touch and can help in solving the problem with channel promotion.

Article writing

There are many authors on the resource who do not know how to promote the channel in Zen. They write high-quality articles, work, attract an audience, but the result does not come.

The fact is that promoting your channel in Zen works a little differently than on other services.

For an author who is starting or already has his own channel on the resource, it is important to understand that almost more depends on the design of the article than on the quality of the text.

The main recommendations for writing articles for the channel:

  • Availability. The article should be written in an accessible language so that it is interesting for most users and does not cause boredom.
  • Illustrations. The article must have photos. If there is a description of something, it is best to show it.
  • Informativeness. The article should not be too general. It is better to write on one topic, posting several articles a day that reveal it.
  • Title. A well-written title is the key to success. To compose a correct and loud, but truthful headline, you can take as an example publication on well-known resources.
  • Call to action. The article should involve the reader and encourage active actions on the page – leave likes, share it, comment. Engagement is the most important element in channel statistics, which algorithms use to rank content.


The “Karma” section contains a cumulative score of all the statistical factors of the page. The higher the karma, the higher the chance to get into the feed.

A.I.D.A system for channel promotion in Yandex Zen

The A.I.D.A system into Russian is deciphered as follows:

  1. Attention (attracting attention).

Attracting attention with a bright picture, a catchy and intriguing headline – this will provide a transition to the page and interest the reader. Attracting attention to an article can be done with the help of an image that will “hook” the reader’s eye with its appearance and at the same time symbolize the topic of the article.

2. Interest (Interest)

Are you wondering how to quickly promote a channel on Yandex Zen? With the right title! The title should be intriguing, eye-catching, and describe what the article is about. A well-chosen title can force the reader to read the entire article. Those who want to promote their channel on Zen need to know that “yellow” headlines or deceit are perceived extremely negatively by readers.

3. Desire (Desire)

At this stage, the reader will get acquainted with the content of the article. The article should be easy to read, neither too short nor too long.

The optimal size is considered to be between 3500 and 5000 characters. A short article will not be able to keep the reader on the page for more than 40 seconds, and a long one is too tiring. Read more about how we developed the Yandex.Zen Channel Promotion Strategy from MAVR

The text must be unique and not appear anywhere else. Even if the author writes on a certain topic, using several sources, he must bring uniqueness to a high level. This can be checked using special programs, read more about this in the article “15 Russian-language and 7 English-language services for a copywriter.”

Text formatting is also important. It should contain a reline, correctly divided into paragraphs, and not have spelling errors. The text must be readable.

4. Action

The article should cause a desire to comment on it, or share it on social networks. These indicators affect the activity of the blog, and help to move it up in the rankings.

In order for the blog to quickly unwind, the author must be able to attract the attention of readers and keep it.

Techniques for retaining and engaging the reader can be very different – you need to contact the reader, communicate with him, insert interesting images into the text, evoke emotions in the user. A mean text, no matter how useful it is, will not attract attention, unlike an emotional and interesting article.

Those authors who want to promote their channel on Yandex Zen must know how to involve readers in the process and interact with them.

Much depends on the mood prevailing on the channel. If people actively discuss the author’s articles, share them, and the author himself communicates with subscribers, then his articles will gain much more views and rereads than where ordinary informational articles are published.

Publications should be published on the channel regularly. This will make it possible to regularly collect a permanent audience of the channel, provide dynamics and arouse interest in publications.

It is best to have articles prepared in advance for publication and post them regularly. For example, in order to post 2-3 articles every day, from 60 to 90 articles should be ready for a month. Regularity will ensure the activity of the channel and attract the attention of the audience.

If the author of the channel has serious intentions, then he will have to invest in paid promotion of the channel on Zen. You will have to hire copywriters who regularly write articles for the blog, invest in targeted advertising.

If a person maintains a Youtube channel, pages on social networks, then there must be a link to the Yandex Zen channel. The link can be left in thematic groups, on the topic of which the author writes articles.

What mistakes prevent you from quickly promoting the channel?

  • Boring titles. A headline that does not arouse interest and does not stand out in any way in the feed can ruin the channel. The audience will not be interested to go and read the article, even if it is of high quality.
  • Unpopular topic. A topic that is too narrow, interesting only to a certain number of people, will not attract many views, and as a result, the profit and ranking of the channel will be low.
  • Too hackneyed topic. When dozens of authors write on the same topic, it causes rejection among readers. Another article written in the wake of the popularity of a topic or event will be left without attention.
  • Failure to engage the reader. One of the most common mistakes. The author has no personality and style, his articles are boring, so the reader cannot stay on the page for 40 seconds.
  • No interaction with your audience. Each subscriber is pleased when his favorite author or blogger answers him. And it’s not just comments. The text should contain questions to the reader, prompting him to leave a comment, there should be appeals to subscribers. This gives liveliness to the channel, you will want to return to it.
  • Illiterate articles. Also one of the common mistakes of novice authors of Zen channels. The author either does not know how to write correctly, or does not understand the topic – in this case, his popularity will be low. This is corrected by changing the topic of publications, or by a more detailed study of the subject.

Is it possible to get promoted in Yandex Zen on your own?

Yandex Zen is a platform with high competition among authors. Articles are written by both newly registered beginners and professional writers, a journalist, etc.

How to break into the feed of recommendations and capture the audience? Is it possible to do it yourself?

The answer is yes, you can. An independent author, even without investments, can achieve high rates and have a large number of subscribers. It will take a lot of time, however, knowing the algorithm, it is possible to promote your channel on Zen. The most important thing is to create articles that are unique, intriguing and useful for the reader, this has been proven in cases on SEO optimization and monetization in Yandex.Zen. The channel should also be “live” – it should always have new publications, the author should interact with his participants, communicate, set a positive mood in his blog.

Thanks to such actions, the channel will gradually gain more and more new subscribers.