Digital in HR – a “machine” to help the recruiter

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The personnel department has long been called the tricky abbreviation HR (Human Resources), but the methods of personnel selection still remain at the same level as ten years ago. The recruitment agencies themselves are aware that it is high time to move to a new digital level, which will make the recruiter’s work more efficient. And since digital analytics methods are already successfully applied in all spheres of life, recruiting companies also decided to make their work more automated.

New HR Digital Technologies

As a rule, the selection of personnel takes place in two stages. At the first stage, the recruiter calls the applicant and conducts a preliminary conversation, which will become the basis for scheduling a personal meeting. Then, the second stage is a meeting of the applicant and a representative of the personnel department. At the moment, a new recruitment approach is being actively discussed, which would cover a much larger number of applicants and increase the efficiency of the HR department.

The digital approach can become the main tool, which will help to analyze much more data and draw rational conclusions about the qualifications of future staff. The fact is that the primary selection of candidates is carried out manually, which means that the probability of a mistake on the part of a person is much greater than when the selection is carried out by a machine. Many may object that the main impression of a person is made up of a personal meeting and direct communication. Unfortunately, machines do not yet have the level of intelligence to draw conclusions about the emotional state of a person after a conversation with him. However, they are quite capable of conducting a primary selection.

Как повысить эффективность сотрудника на испытательном сроке

In addition to analyzing future personnel, machines can also conduct a detailed analysis of existing employees. Tailor-made algorithms can correlate employee performance with their resumes and assemble a workforce profile that will be fundamental to achieving the greatest company progress. For example, you can analyze the average portrait of your employee and draw rational conclusions about the level of his education and his success in the workplace. Of course, there are a number of different factors to consider, but recruiters are well aware that such machine automation is much more efficient than the work of an entire HR department.

Personnel selection tools

At the moment, digital personnel selection tools are just beginning to be developed and put into practice, but even now it is possible to identify the main trends in the development of this segment.

Social media

Most of the world’s population has its own page in social networks. And based on this information, you can collect a fairly accurate portrait of the future applicant. Analysis through the involvement of resources in this area will help to identify some qualities of employees, make their resume more transparent and predict in advance how effective the work of this person will be. The most popular headhunting network in the world is LinkedIn.

cloud services

Various cloud services are designed to help people with a wide variety of tasks. And the search for future employees can also be carried out in a similar way. For example, the plans of some large recruiting agencies include the creation and launch of a service for employers. The service itself will be a cloud storage database of all applicants. An employer can enter the service and use filters to select candidates for a position. This should greatly simplify the process of finding employees and make it as efficient as possible. As one example of such a cloud service/database is the Jin project.

Найм сотрудников в небольшую компанию


This term is well known to marketers and it can be applied in the field of search for labor resources. Carudsourcing aims to engage the masses of people on the web in a specific topic using discreet marketing techniques. These same tools can be used in HR as well, helping you focus on finding the right people. As an example, a group in Telegram: IT Job Feed.

Digital strategies in the HR segment

At the moment, there are no specific and proven strategies for digital actions in recruiting. Every company and every HR department tries different methods and tools that can be successful or, conversely, lead to controversial results. Almost all recruiters try to simplify the task of finding and screening applicants for a position as much as possible, but not always the usual methods work in digital format.

It is worth noting the fact that Digital strategies require not only a rational approach, but also a certain amount of funding. After all, the process of analysis and selection itself should be carried out not just by machines, but by specially written algorithms that will become the main tool. It is for this reason, and also because there is no definite methodology and tools, that the introduction of digital technologies into the world of personnel selection is slow and rather clumsy.

To date, we can already note the companies that have decided to fully focus on this sector. Several large sites are successfully operating, which offer users to place their resumes in the database. But this method is difficult to attribute to successful digital technologies, because we are dealing with a simple database, which in any case will have to be processed manually.

Many companies have abandoned the development of this sector due to the high cost of networking tools. However, as practice has shown, the digitization of employees can reveal the weaknesses of the staff, and such knowledge will help build more efficient activities. After all, digital HR strategies are not only about finding new employees, but also about doing a detailed analysis of the activities of existing staff. The ratio of the performance of some employees with different factors in their lives can “draw” for the manager a portrait of the optimal employee, whose talent can bring profit to the enterprise or increase its reputation.

HR Digital — trends and technologies

hr digital тренды

Education for each user

Another interesting factor in digital technologies is the development of online education for employees. If we make the learning process more mobile and accessible, then we can greatly increase the efficiency of the staff and teach them new skills, which, in turn, will have a beneficial effect on their ability to work.

HR leaders must think about how to improve the existing workforce and bring it to a new level of development. It is worth noting that by investing in such projects, managers receive much more in return. They can improve the qualifications of an employee without losing an employee in his person for a certain time. And at the same time, this approach increases the effectiveness of those involved in the training, because they can apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

An interesting feature of such a solution will be the fact that well-trained personnel are able to work with maximum efficiency, staying abreast of new trends in their sector and building development strategies that are guaranteed to lead the company to success.

It remains to be hoped that digital analysis strategies will become a ubiquitous tool for every recruiter and open up new horizons for job seekers.