Interview with copywriter Artur Budovsky

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Интервью с копирайтером Артуром Будовским

Hello! Today my guest is another well-known copywriter, owner of the Center for Selling Texts, Artur Budovsky. He is the founder of the TextUnqiue School of Article Business, which today has over 5,000 readers and the author of 4 training courses for web writers.

First, we will get to know Arthur better, and then we will learn more about his School.

– Hello, Arthur! Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been working on the Internet? When did you make your first attempts to make money with texts?

Vlad, welcome! I became interested in texts at the end of 2009. It happened by accident. One peppy “dormitory” morning, I saw my roommate greedily swallowing information from a computer monitor. Considering that he is not one of those who like to listen to knowledge, I became interested in his behavior.

A neighbor said that there is a site where you can earn money by writing texts. I jumped on my computer, got a link to the Advego exchange from it, and began to study. Earned a crazy fee of $5 on my first day! This was the start, after a couple of weeks I left the exchange, as the prices did not impress me, and gradually began to grow in this area, as an author. Today the cost of my services is from $150 per text.

– Do webwriters need to write on a specific topic, such as exclusively psychology articles? Or is it better to be a jack of all trades and all topics? If you should take a narrow specialization, then how to choose it correctly?

The question is broad enough. Of course, it is better to define some kind of niche for yourself. Why? Let’s say you understand medicine, declare it wherever possible! And start serving clients who need texts on medical topics. As a result, everyone will know that with the tasks in medicine, here’s to this comrade.

However, there is a small problem! You can choose the wrong niche and end up without customers. For example, if you decide to write texts on the topic of umbrellas, there will hardly be a queue of people who want to.

– How to find the first Clients? And how did you do it?

I do not recommend finding the first clients, as I did, because my first clients were from copywriting exchanges. It is important to understand as soon as possible that these are launching pads and quickly connect other channels: thematic forums, social networks, your own website, and so on. True, you need to skillfully use new channels. Let’s look at an example with thematic forums …

What do 99% of writers do? They go to the section where their colleagues hang out, create a 100,500 topic about their offering writing services, listen to unflattering comments all from the same colleagues, and merge. Why go to these sections at all?

It is much more reasonable to be where the target audience, that is, customers, communicates. Share useful recommendations related to texts, write a useful criticism of the resource of a person who screams for help … and earn credibility, pump your level of expertise! It makes no sense to fight with colleagues and prove to them that you are not a giraffe, be where your customers are, because they pay you money!

– How are you with time management? How to succeed?

I made a free training for writers on time management, where I painted everything to the smallest detail as fully as possible. It is posted on our closed forum, and anyone can go through it. In short, you need to be able to divide tasks into groups and set a hard deadline for each task. As for groups, I divide tasks into:

  • Urgent, small.
  • Important, voluminous.
  • Which can be delegated.
  • Which can be deleted from your life (for example, chat with friends on social networks).

Important things should take maximum time and concentration, put them in the middle of the day. At this time, no one should distract you. Turn off Skype, mail, phone and work 3-4 hours with ten minutes breaks every hour. Focus only on them!

Urgent, small things, which also include some household tasks, set in the morning (go to the store, wash dishes, send an order, remind someone about payment …). All of them you have to complete in an hour and a half. Firstly, it will motivate you, they say, wow! I have already done so much, and the day has just begun. Secondly, it will not distract while doing important things.

Tasks that can be shifted to someone – shift. For example, you can go for a parcel, or you can order home delivery. Yes, you will pay $ 2, but during this time you will earn many times more.

About the School of Article Business “TextUnqiue”

– Why did you choose this particular (web-writing) topic for the School of Article Business? How did the idea and name come about?

At the time of the creation of the School, I still could not take on the responsibility of teaching people copywriting (selling texts), since I had little experience in this area. But I already knew web writing inside and out, in addition to the fact that the cost of my services was about $ 30 per text, I had a team of almost 40 people, and I could solve any problem of a beginner, intermediate and even an experienced specialist.

Now I teach people both webwriting and copywriting! The necessary idea with the name of the School did not come to mind for a long time, there were about 10 options that I didn’t really like, and as it usually happens, it dawned on me before the launch. I chose the name “TextUnique” not by chance, since in the past it was my Nickname on various exchanges, plus it fit quite sonorously, as a result, the School of Article Business “TextUnique” was born.

– A little history of the School: date of creation, publication of the first article, other significant dates?

According to her birth certificate, she was born on January 27, 2012. At the same time, the first post was written with the title “What’s behind the door of the TextBroker closed exchange?”. Another significant date is May 14, 2012, as on that day I launched our private forum. And on March 22, 2012, I installed the subscription form at the School and got the contacts of my first regular reader!

– What was the most difficult on the way to the formation of your school?

Difficulties are constant. Every day you set new tasks, you are visited by new ideas, you face new problems, the main thing is to implement them. Perhaps the most difficult was the stage of preparing and launching the School’s blog first, and then the forum.

There are many nuances that you don’t understand, there is no picture in your head at all, how and what should turn out in the end. Nevertheless, any tasks are solved, if not by their own brains, then by strangers.

– What is the difference between the School of article business “TextUnqiue” and other similar ones?

If we talk about the School as a whole, without affecting the trainings! Our differences are as follows:

  • The only School, both in the field of web writing and in the field of copywriting, which has a mobile application for iPhone and smartphones on the Android system.
  • The only School that has a closed ACTIVE forum where absolutely anyone can get my advice, my support and the support of colleagues.
  • The only School that guarantees 100% moneyback in case you don’t like the training, without any explanations and reports!

– Do you have a content plan? How do you develop it?

Of course, it is, but only recently it began to take the form of a plan, and not tasks for the next week. I develop it based on the questions that come to me in the mail, in the comments on the blog or in the topics on the forum. What worries my colleagues, and en masse, I try to solve. As an indicator of whether I’m doing the right thing – a fairly large number of comments on the blog when I post the next post.

– What is the development plan of your School? Are you going to expand the geography?

The plans are crazy, as far as planned, probably no more than 5% have been implemented. I will not expand on them yet, because I prefer to share the result, not my thoughts. Regarding geography, we train people from different parts of the world (Australia, USA, Germany, Italy, Spain…). If the question is whether we are going to make an English version or some other version of our School, the answer is no, as long as there are plenty of plans that need to be implemented in the Russian-speaking segment.

– In conclusion, I will ask for a parting word for novice copywriters.

I have one parting word – develop as a brand. Build a personality that everyone will hear about, recommend, and talk about. This is not a task for 5 minutes, you need to devote time every day to learning and pumping your name, and most importantly, to act. Even if it takes less than an hour to promote yourself a day, after 2-3 months you will increase the cost of your services several times, your base of regular customers will expand, and you will not recognize yourself yesterday!

Thank you Vlad for inviting me! You prepared, as for me, interesting questions, I hope that the readers were interested. If you have any questions or emotions, write in the comments, I will definitely answer!

– Arthur, thanks for the interview. For my part, I want to recommend that my readers take part in a free training on earning money by writing texts from Arthur and see for themselves the effectiveness of the technique.