Overview of the fpgr.ru lead exchange

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    The lead exchange is considered a trading platform where you can profitably purchase and sell orders from buyers. Choose from existing offers or make your own offer.

    The exchange guarantees compliance with the terms of the purchase, as well as the implementation of the leads described in any offer. For the convenience of working with orders, a practical personal account has been created, which has an extensive list of options.

    биржа лидов

    How to increase the flow of applications using the lead exchange?

    Many businessmen once have a question: “Where is it possible to purchase orders?” Contextual advertising is used, targeting in social networks is also used, mailing lists are conducted. However, with all this, the number of buyers and the profit of the company do not reach the expected level. In such cases, special lead generation services help. Thanks to the lead exchange, you can get auxiliary applications, as well as improve sales performance.

    This article talks about the exchanges where you can buy leads for various industries of services and goods.

    Types of leads in LEADTORG

    The resource makes it possible to buy ready-made leads at the auction or order a personal selection. And the leads that are on sale are placed on the main page and in the “Lead Samples” section. On the 1st page, they can be filtered by topic and region, and on the 2nd – by language, cost, keywords, country and region, topic, presence of specific contacts (email, skype, website, mobile phone or ICQ ).

    Orders from social networks in Leaderator

    Unlike the previous service, on which orders were collected from various sources, they come to this lead exchange only from social networks. Users publish them on their own pages or in the categories of publications about the search for a specialist or an application for services. “Leader” looks for such ads, filters them and displays them in his own account.

    Acquisition and sale on the lead exchange

    If you want to buy leads or sell them, then here you can find what you need. The site offers customers ready-made offers that can be filtered by group, traffic types, and geotargeting.

    Exchange for firms and advertising agents of LEADAY

    This lead exchange will be useful not only for companies, but also for advertising agents. Here it is possible to buy orders and sell them.

    Advertisers have several types of partnerships. They can get buyers from webmaster websites, social media communities, mobile apps, and YouTube channels.

    Lead Acquisition and Other Potentials LPTracker

    The LPTracker platform is not only a lead exchange. There is a complete set of tools necessary for doing business (CRM system, website builder, IP telephony, mailing lists, etc.).

    To purchase leads, you need to register in the system and pay the tariff. Then you need to click on the “Purchase Leads” button and find the “Purchasing Leads Through the LPTracker Network” section.

    Orders for various types of business on GOODLEADS

    On this exchange, orders can be purchased for each business sector. The system operates with more than 200 destinations:

    1. Construction and overhaul.
    2. Real estate.
    3. Legal service.
    4. Studies.
    5. Insurance and money, etc.

    To receive orders, you need to click on the “Register” button or go to the “Get Leads” section. Then you need to fill out the form and send the application to the managers.

    Which lead exchange to choose?

    First you need to find out what business trends this or that site operates with. Find out from the support service the terms of the partnership, the average price of a lead for the desired industry. You also need to find out about guarantees and the possibility of a refund for low-quality orders.

    Be sure to register in the selected service and select a webmaster or lead generation agency. Make sure it can be done and that the Buy Leads feature actually works. Read the reviews of other buyers about the exchange you are interested in.

    Analyze all the collected information and select a service that fulfills its obligations, as well as generating interesting leads for your own business!

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