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    Contests have become an integral part of Instagram. They are conducted by both ordinary bloggers and business accounts. Well-promoted draws will bring a lot of subscribers and assets. But before you hold it, you need to take care of the most important thing: goals, prizes, post design … and, of course, the necessary service!

    How to determine the winner in the Instagram contest

    For a long time, the organizers used randomizers. But the search for the winner in this way was very long and uninteresting. Moreover, the participants could doubt the honesty of the results, because there is no evidence of complete randomness. Therefore, special services have appeared for working with Instagram, which quickly and determine the winner in accordance with the conditions.

    One such program for the contest on Instagram is Winner (not recommended at the moment).

    программа для конкурса в инстаграм

    It is easy to use – even the one who holds contests for the first time will figure it out. The calculation will be made as soon as possible, so you can use the service live for the reliability of the results and additional activity.

    How to use Winner Instagram Contest Program?

    On the main screen there is a text field where you need to insert a link to the post. After a short analysis, the service will require you to determine the conditions — for example, following an account, liking a post, or commenting.

    программы для конкурса в инстаграм

    Ready! It remains only to wait a little.

    программы для проведения конкурсов в инстаграм - результаты

    The results will be saved and you can return to them whenever you want.


    There are two options for using Winner – one-time use or subscription. No restrictions, choose what is more convenient for you.

    программа для проведения конкурса в инстаграм - тарифы

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