Influencer Search Service Review (LOM)

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We have all come across opinion leaders in one way or another. Users already pay less attention to banner ads, but listen to the opinion of people who are authoritative for them. Therefore, SMM specialists quickly adapted and began to use this tool for their own purposes.

The search for those same opinion leaders can be done in two ways:

  1. manually;
  2. with special services.

Обзор сервиса по поиску блогеров

The first option is quite labor-intensive and not always effective. Therefore, more and more often we hear about sites for finding bloggers. In this article, we will analyze one of these services – EpicStars.

EpicStars is an advertising services exchange. The user can post a task and offer it to a specific blogger, or he can simply leave it active and interested opinion leaders will respond themselves.

The activity of the advertiser on the site begins with the placement of the task. Initially, you need to decide which of the following social networks you are interested in:

  • YouTube;
  • Instagram;
  • Telegram;
  • In contact with;
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter.

Обзор сервиса по поиску блогеров 2

After that, you choose the type of ad. This can be brand/service advertising or PR for your site (personal channel or social account).

The ad format will depend on the social network you choose. For example, if you chose Youtube, then you will have 3 options: promotional mention, integration (insertion of native advertising), a special project (holding contests, promotions, participation in projects and other events).

At the fourth stage, you decide on the payment method. It can be money (the fee goes through the EpicStars exchange), goods / services (barter exchange) or mutual PR. However, the site is not responsible for the reliability of the implementation of the last two points.

After setting all the filters, you proceed to the detailed description of the task. In order to avoid problems with moderation, it is better to first familiarize yourself with examples of well-defined tasks.

Also, if necessary, you can set an interval with the number of subscribers and a deadline.

Обзор сервиса по поиску блогеров 3

The final step is choosing an advertising budget. Depending on the selected amount, the possible number of placements on channels of different volumes (large, medium and small) will change.

When you have passed the moderation and the task is posted on the exchange, you can offer it to bloggers.

When searching for influencers manually, you can filter them by the following parameters:

  • social network;
  • category (more than 30 topics);
  • the number of subscribers;
  • engagement rating (interest of the site audience in its content);
  • approval rating (approval by the audience of the content that is published on the site);
  • discussion rating (the level of discussion of the site by its audience).

Обзор сервиса по поиску блогеров 4

The search results will look like a list of accounts, each with topics, rating, blog description, sample content and ads. The human icon (in the lower left corner) shows the number of blogger followers, and the battery icon shows the engagement rating:

Обзор сервиса по поиску блогеров 5

After you have found a candidate for the transaction and agreed on the details with him, you need to replenish the balance. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Online replenishment – service commission 10%.
  2. Wire transfer – commission 6%.

The EpicStars service greatly simplifies the search for opinion leaders (LOM) and the process of concluding an agreement with them. However, if you have a couple of top bloggers in mind, but they are not registered on this site, then you will not be able to cooperate using this exchange.

Service pluses:

  • The main advantage of Epicstars is the security of transactions. Payment for advertising goes to the blogger only after the task receives the status of completion. This happens immediately after checking the post by the customer;
  • The platform has the ability to work with six social networks (YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter);
  • Reducing the time spent on searching and communicating with opinion leaders. You can find a blogger, view his statistics, examples of content, including advertising, and make a deal without leaving the platform;
  • Transactions can be concluded not only on the basis of a monetary reward, but also on barter / mutual PR;
  • The cost of the transaction is set by the blogger, not the service. This makes it possible to find a compromise with the contractor if something does not suit you in the price;
  • It is also worth noting the user-friendly interface of the service and the presence of a large amount of training material. Thanks to this, Epicstars will be understandable not only for advanced users, but also for beginners.

Service cons:

  • in the search for opinion leaders there is no filter by geo. If you are interested in local advertising, then finding a suitable blogger will be quite difficult;
  • most of the major opinion leaders are not on the site;
  • the service charges 10% from each successfully completed transaction. This amount is deducted from bloggers, so this is reflected in the original price. When replenishing the service, you will also be charged a commission.