PokemonGo: how to use the popularity of the game in business

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Very soon there will be 4 months of “Pokemon Madness”, in which gamers from different countries run around looking for cartoon creatures – Pokemon. The Japanese company Niantic knew how to surprise humanity. As a result, the brand rating and the company’s profit level increased. The basis of PokemonGo is augmented reality technology using GoogleMap, due to which you can easily catch Pokemon anywhere in the real world.
Игра покемон го

The principle of the game is based on catching as many Pokémon as possible. By catching this little animal, you get in-game currency, and for a successful “hunt” you need to know the places with the largest number of Pokémon. It must be said that this idea attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.

How do businessmen use the PokemonGo app to increase their profits?

According to the chief executive of developer company Niantic, small business owners are buying Pokémon bait modules. TOP positions in the list of module customers belong to bars, cafes and restaurants.

So, the New York bar “L’inizio’s Pizza”, after installing the bait module, increased its sales by a third, and the cafe “HugeCafe” from Atlanta offers its customers to recharge their smartphones and eat fresh free buns by showing the caught Pokemon as payment. What is the point? An influx of customers who are happy to charge their smartphone to continue the game and many of them will make an additional order for buns.

It is worth considering that different Pokemon bring different bonuses to their catchers, which is successfully used by popular cafes like Applebee’s by posting an announcement on Pokemon on Instagram.

Ukrainian Internet businessmen also do not waste time – a considerable number of offers for the sale of gamer accounts have already been put up on the network. So, you can purchase an account with the 30th level of the game for 250-300 hryvnia.

It should be noted that in Ukraine there has already been an attempt to ban the sensational game at the state level, represented by deputy Vitaliy Marchenko, who stated: “Further popularization of the application will lead to complete degradation of schoolchildren and students, will cause enormous dependence. This needs to be fought.” Unfortunately, this attempt was not successful, because only 250 people out of 25,000 needed for approval supported the petition. Speaking about the number of PokemonGo gamers, let’s cite the figure named by the President of the Kyivstar mobile operator Petr Chernyshov – about 98 thousand subscribers of the company.

I want to shout “Bravo!” marketers of the developer company, who correctly “caught” the trend of mobile applications, the mobile life of the modern generation.

What is the mega popularity of the game Pokemon Go?

  1. It is available for use at any time, just like a smartphone that practically “lives” in your hand.
  2. The second important point of high popularity was the augmented reality effect, due to which you need to find Pokemon in various locations of the real world. Each of the habitat locations is inherent in certain types of Pokemon, which is also the embodiment of augmented reality.
  3. And of course, the benefits for small businesses, because it has been noticed that even if your sales from the influx of PokemonGo fans have not tripled, then brand awareness is for sure!

I wish you great sales and… follow the trends!

Author: Sabina Karyazova.