Promotion in Tik Tok – an overview of the Instadrom service (closed, but there are analogues)

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    TikTok is becoming the most popular mobile app in the world. Since the launch of the application, 1.82 billion installs and 800 million daily active users, and in total they watch more than 10 billion videos every month. Many big brands are already on TikTok and now is the time to enter this network and upgrade your account.

    Продвижение в Тик Ток

    To promote your TikTok account, mass following and mass liking work well today.

    Massfollowing is a mass subscription to users in order to get attention to your account and follow back.

    You can manually subscribe and like, but it is more convenient to use automation services. Most of the services are built on cloud solutions that use a hacked API, but TikTok fights against them and even blocks accounts.

    In order to safely use mass following and mass liking, Instadrom created its own Tik Tok promotion bot, using artificial intelligence technology to imitate human behavior.

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    продвижение видео в тик ток

    How does Instadrom work and why is it safer?

    Bot Instadrom is a regular Android application that acts as a person. After installing the application and launching automation, the bot itself opens the TikTok application on your smartphone and starts scrolling through the video, subscribing, liking and commenting on people. In the settings, the limits and who to subscribe to are initially set.

    In this way, the maximum imitation of the behavior of a real person is achieved. TikTok thinks that you yourself sit and manually perform all the actions. An important point in security is that you do not need to enter your account passwords anywhere.

    Instadrom app features:

    1. Automatic subscription
    2. Automatic likes
    3. Automatic unsubscribe
    4. Auto comments

    How to set up Instagram?

    1. Register on the site.
    2. Select the TikTok tab and add your account (attention no password is needed)

    Как настроить Instadrom?

    1. Next you need to go through the steps
    2. Add 2 sources, these can be accounts of competitors or accounts of famous people.

    настройка бота в тик ток

    In the future, the bot will subscribe and like the subscribers of these sources.

    1. Smartphone binding. You need to download the application and install.

    After installation, you need to link the site’s working panel and smartphone, for this you need to copy the code on the site and paste it into the application on your smartphone.

    Привязка смартфона

    продвижение аккаунта в ТикТок

    1. This completes the initial setup and you have 1 day of free use.
    2. Next, in the application, click start automation and the promotion of your TikTok account will begin.

    The application works on Android, for ios is being developed. During the operation of the bot, in order not to interrupt the automation, you cannot simultaneously use your smartphone for other purposes. To do this, you can run automation at night, or many customers use separate phones.

    What results can be obtained?

    Mass following and mass liking is a cheap tool to promote your account and now TikTok is seeing a large conversion to backfollowing, i.e. people are actively following in response. Instadrom client record 12544 subscribers in 24 days.

    результаты продвижения с помощью Instadrom

    Results may vary, as much depends on the content of your page.

    In addition to promoting on TikTok, the Instadrom service can work on Instagram in the same way.

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