The Metaverse, Nfts And Other Trends That Will Define Marketing In 2023

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    To remain competitive in the market, a businessman must be aware of all events to respond to changes in time. This also applies to online marketing. Next, the main changes and innovations in the promotion of goods and services will be considered.

    Marketing Trends in 2023

    The Metaverse

    Significant business changes occurred due to the pandemic, which made adjustments during quarantine measures. The world began to perceive virtual reality better, and VR and AR technologies began to develop even faster. When it comes to metaverses, Facebook immediately comes to mind. But at the same time, this social network is not the only leader that announced the development of its metaverse, as Microsoft, Disney and Amazon are also joining here. A large set of possibilities is provided by NFT technology.

    This year, voice search is becoming even more popular. There is also a rapid digitalization of the product, 3D modeling is becoming more in demand, and so on. Not only brands but also ordinary users are now attracting their funds to the metaverses. Instagram is expected to soon become an AR portal for Facebook. Thanks to this platform, NFT content can be displayed and distributed.

    VR and AR

    In 2022, these technologies have continued to evolve. Almost every global brand has its own Instagram mask. This year, Apple promises to introduce its AR glasses, and Facebook’s RayBan glasses will be upgraded with AR technology.

    New gadgets will allow businesses to integrate into augmented reality, which is why traditional ways of presenting information will gradually become a thing of the past. This suggests that it is necessary to closely monitor the ongoing changes in the field of innovative technologies to be able to quickly adapt to new realities.


    The development of the field of artificial intelligence also continues. Of particular note are neural networks, understanding big data, and GPT-3. All this remains relevant in 2022. AI technology can reduce the amount of human labor, as well as improve sales efficiency. Many brands are actively using AI to promote their products, for example through chatbots.

    NFT and copyright

    что такое nft

    NFT technologies are used by Snapchat and Twitter. The non-fungible token has given businesses new opportunities. For example, the American rapper Snoop Dogg, in honor of the partnership with the Food Fighters Universe restaurant chain, will launch his own NFT desserts. And these are obvious methods of Internet marketing, from collaboration with celebrities to usually advertising an institution.

    Also, NFT immediately attracted the attention of collectors and authors of digital art. There have also been many important changes in the gaming field.

    With the advent of new technologies and the improvement of old ones, it must be remembered that the use of innovation must be rational. They should help in expanding the sphere of influence, in promoting business while minimizing human labor. Also, new technologies can help protect copyrights, goods, and services.

    Selling on social media

    Privacy has already gone beyond the boundaries of iOS. In 2022, special attention will be paid to it. For example, until 2023, Google promises to remove cookies.

    Since any innovation is a blow, new targeting tools will be introduced to mitigate the consequences of it. For example, Facebook will have an updated attribution system. Users of this network are already being encouraged to scan QR codes for products in stores.

    In 2022, advertisers will be encouraged to create long-term advertising campaigns. At the same time, the task will also be to retain old advertisers, but at the same time take advertising to a whole new level. Prediction and machine learning are now under intense scrutiny.

    Social shopping

    маркетинг в социальных сетях

    Social networks have a strong influence on users in the process of deciding to buy a product or order a service. The sphere of online sales has developed even more during the pandemic. For example, Facebook and Instagram have already introduced their stores. The development of shopping in social networks will be even more active as soon as the payment system is simplified.

    Quick content

    Now, time is most valued, as it is a resource that many lack. Every day I want to do more, so the pace of life is growing. To save time, the so-called quick content was developed. For example, short, but capacious videos on TikTok immediately became popular. Voice search is also gaining popularity, which greatly saves time when searching for the right product or service.

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