Ten Practical Tips for Project Management

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    Every project that has ever been created is unique in nature. Each has its own specific purpose. But, despite the peculiarity of the project and the nobility of its purpose, it must be created in compliance with certain principles. They are common and knowing them is often the key to business success.

    This article will cover the basic principles you need to know to make your project successful.

    A lot depends on the start.

    A bad start is a common cause of defeat. The consequences of such a start can be extremely difficult to compensate in the future. And all because at the very beginning a number of important principles are not respected:

    1. The order of the project.
    2. The framework within which the project will be implemented.

    Strict adherence to these principles will allow you to start successfully!

    Ability to work with clients

    It is important at the very beginning to identify the people who are most interested in the success of the project. It is necessary to take into account the interests of all those involved in the implementation of the goal. Especially those who finance the project.

    The project manager must initially determine for each participant:

    • goals;
    • motives;
    • activities.

    The most effective way to get the interest of all team members is to use organizational forms such as a supervisory board or committee that will monitor how the project develops.

    Whatever product the project produces, its customers will always be people. Therefore, it is important to know and support the goals, needs and positions of these people.

    Where the project will be applied

    The scope is also very important! Therefore, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with the customer at the start regarding the definition of the scope of work and obligations. It is better if the agreement is as detailed as possible. This will allow it to be used as a base later if any unplanned changes are made.

    Ability to plan and manage risk

    At the start, it is better to make plans for a short period of time. But the cycles of the plan should be given more attention:

    • plan;
    • performance;
    • result.

    This is the best way to manage possible risks. To succeed in the implementation of the project, you need to make a microplan for each stage of its development. At the same time, each such microplan should take into account the main performance indicators.

    Of course, suggestions and possible omissions must be taken into account, but no one can accurately determine what the final result will be. Therefore, the ability to identify possible risks and analyze them is an important ability in drawing up a strategic plan.

    Risks need to be controlled at every stage. This will make it possible to quickly implement methods to contain them. At the same time, it should be understood that any changes to the requirements of the project or its scope are also a risk that must be assessed and must be included in the action plan.

    Choosing the right team

    Every person has certain personality traits. If they are taken into account when selecting a team, then this will significantly increase the chances of success. The more optimal the configuration of the selected team, the greater the potential opportunities.

    At the same time, it is important to be able to choose people who can easily “fit” into the team. It is important to remember that one such team member capable of learning is worth several know-it-alls. From this it is easy to conclude that when choosing people for a team, you should consider:

    • professional quality;
    • the ability to quickly adapt;
    • ability to work in a team.

    If the team is assembled from such personalities, then this is the right path to success! And if at the same time the team spirit is also supported, then this will significantly increase the chances of achieving the goal. The easiest way to motivate people to work is appreciation.

    Confident and sincere communication

    Standards and principles of team communication, as well as reporting on the current state of the project, are also important for winning. Sincerity in communication with team members and conducting work in such a way that unforeseen situations do not arise will help to avoid conflict situations. Although if they do occur, the project manager must be able to resolve them.

    Preparation of documentation

    Before starting a project, it is necessary to draw up documentation. Especially if the project is implemented under the order. Documents can be both in writing and in electronic form, but they must be. All project deliverables must also be documented and retained.

    The documentation, as a rule, prescribes all the important points, including even controversial issues. But, in addition to such data, you should keep all correspondence with the customer and keep minutes of meetings. All this information must be stored without fail, as it may become necessary at any time.

    10 Best Practices for Project Management – Infographic

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