How technology can help improve working conditions and employee experience

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    Over the years, we have seen that customer expectations and the way they are met are changing. In today’s world, exceptional EX (employee experience) is considered the key to building fruitful customer relationships. Therefore, teams can expect the same values and experiences that their company promises to its customers.

    Additionally, businesses that offer both exceptional customer experiences and enjoyable employee experiences tend to thrive as employees feel valued and valued for being part of that organization. This further contributes to what is happening in business.

    The benefits of flexible working options is one of the effective employee engagement strategies we’ve experienced with the pandemic. We have seen that creating an enterprise-level employee experience has now become a key differentiator.

    Expansion of modernized methods leading to employee success

    Today’s business landscape is quite a challenge. New technologies invent new business models and shorten product life cycles. Companies are currently looking forward to hiring multi-tasking employees. The global pandemic has led to the technological advancement that is taking place around us, as well as helping workers find simpler and more understandable solutions. Modern technologies help companies identify skills gaps and provide targeted training to enhance competencies and develop talent.

    It also acts as a supporting process in standardizing and simplifying the work of an organization.

    Hub for employees

    Equipping an internal team with the right information at the right time can be more powerful than you might think. Creating a knowledge base for employees and internal teams that contains a library of useful information can really help employees improve their customer experience.

    Thus, this center allows you to collect internal tickets, which include answers to the most frequently asked questions, useful articles, as well as useful tips, etc. The inner group is encouraged to find the right solutions. This not only expands their capabilities, but also increases their productivity.

    Empowering Teams to Collaborate Across Platforms

    Deploying self-service to provide multi-channel support results in empowering employees. Both omnichannel and omnichannel are not limited to enterprises, they go far beyond that. With integrations with multiple platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ERP, HR, accounting and many more, a seamless employee experience can be created.

    Thus, technology in today’s world has made everything so simple that questions can be directed to the right people, resulting in complex and faster answers and solutions. In addition, many companies are taking this approach and empowering their employees to more effectively track the status of their requests.

    Chat launch with ML (Meta Language) support for internal commands

    Critical departments such as Human Resources and IT receive a large number of inquiries every day, especially as businesses transition to the new work-from-home model. Equipping these departments with a machine learning chatbot can help them catch the surge in internal queries. Chatbots in today’s world have the ability to understand queries, provide specific solutions, and send employee feedback to measure performance while helping their team focus on other important tasks.

    Therefore, with machine learning, integrating FAQs is always beneficial. Chatbots can offer human assistance as needed, giving your business a human touch.

    6 trends shaping working conditions in the near future

    Infographic provided by Wrike – Project Management SoftwareWrike

    6 тенденций, определяющих условия труда в ближайшем будущем

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