Speech by Radislav Gandapas in Kyiv “The Wisdom of Motivation”

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    Радислав ГандапасMotivation is stronger than the instinct of self-preservation

    Today is a story about another most famous business coach, whom I managed to listen to on October 26 in Kyiv after Radmilo Lukich and Gleb Arkhangelsky.

    First there was the whip. Then a sexy brunette in a little black dress. And to the Zetas, Radislav Gandapas began to undress… Yes, yes, and also, Radislav admitted that the lecture was originally supposed to be called “Wives and mistresses. Who will enrich you and who will ruin you.

    Yes, all this happened, but without context, you may get the wrong impression about what is happening. Indeed, before Radislav’s speech, the moderator of the event (Andrey Levchenko, also a very famous business coach) brought a whip to the stage! But he also took a gingerbread with him. I immediately recall the folk method of a stick and a carrot for education.

    Further, Radislav Gandapas spoke about the existing paradox, or oxymoron (combination of contradictory concepts) “material motivation”. In fact, a salary increase does not affect the employee’s motivation in any way.

    In general, there are 3 types of performance improvement:

    1. incentives (for example, salary);
    2. activation (“magic pendel”);
    3. motivation.

    The first two are external factors, the last one is internal.

    And now the secret formula from Radislav Gandapas:

    (VW + VoW + IW): 3 * WA * F= MPE

    So, what to do with this magic formula? Print it out, or copy it on a piece of paper, or if you are reading from a phone or tablet, leave it like that, but be sure to read it 3 times a night and put it under your pillow. Otherwise, it won’t work. If you do not believe these recommendations, the formula will definitely not work 🙂

    So, now let’s figure out what these abbreviations mean.

    VW = value of the work. On how many points from 1 to 10 do you rate the importance of the tasks you perform? Are you easy to replace?

    VoW = variety of work. How heterogeneous functions do you perform?

    IW = identification of work with final results. And here I will tell you about a sexy brunette in a little black dress. This is a participant of the event who agreed to assist Radislav. He asked her to do a simple job. It was necessary to put markers on the chair and move the chair (imaginary wheelbarrow) from point A to point B (about 5 steps turned out). Then unload these markers (let’s imagine that they were stones) on the floor and straighten up. The next step is to put the same markers / stones on the chair again and do the operation in reverse order. And then again. In general, this is really a very tedious task and there is no end in sight, and even more so it is not clear why this should be done. It turns out that it was a kind of torture for senior officers in concentration camps. The inability to compare their work with the end result gave the officers unbearable torment, which they could endure for a maximum of 3 days. Think about it!

    WA = work autonomy. How much do the company trust you? To what extent do you work autonomously?

    F = feedback. Do you receive feedback? From top management, your subordinates, colleagues, competitors?

    We put marks everywhere from 1 to 10 and calculate the result (MPE = motivational potential of the employee). The happiest and most motivated employees who have a coefficient of 1000.

    Also, using this formula, you can calculate the motivation of wives and mistresses 🙂

    And finally. Radislav Gandapas really began to undress on stage. He took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. Those who have read his book “Kama Sutra for the Orator” will understand that this is such an oratorical technique. And yes, it works!

    And at the end of a series of articles about this event, I suggest watching a video with reviews and opinions of participants and authors of master classes, including mine 😉

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