Calculation of the cost of an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct, Google Ads and Begun

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    All beginners who are just beginning to be interested in Internet marketing are interested in the question of the possible costs of advertising campaigns. There are so many important factors sometimes that it is easy to get confused. Therefore, it is important to calculate all possible options in advance.

    How much does advertising in Yandex.Direct cost: what does it depend on?

    When determining how much advertising on the Internet costs, the PPC indicator is used. Yandex.Direct and others are no exception.

    PPC or pay per click. Advertisers are charged a fee every time users go to the site for one click.

    It can be explained even more simply. The site owner sets up an advertising campaign, writes ads, launches his project. A certain amount is debited every time an ad is clicked on. This is how the system works. Write-offs vary in size, the price is determined during auctions. But the maximum cost of clicks set by the advertiser is not exceeded.

    Automatic strategies are a great option for beginners who have not yet figured out all the nuances of setting the right price in this direction. Such solutions save the time required to determine rates.

    1. “Weekly Click Pack”

    Стратегия показов

    Spending a certain budget allows you to get a specific number of clicks. It remains to indicate exactly how many clicks you would like to receive during the week. Then ad impressions are stretched strictly for 7 days. Transitions in desired numbers are provided while maintaining a minimum cost.

    1. Weekly budget.

    The budget limit is determined, according to which transitions are given. The user sets a certain number of expenses during the week. And sets the results on the basis of seven days. The strategy selects the most profitable rates automatically. Displaying indicators in the Yandex.Direct interface takes place every quarter of an hour.

    1. Average CPCs.

    Maximum number of clicks, for seven days. The cost of transitions is no more than the numbers originally set by the owner. An excellent strategy option for advertisers who know in advance what conversion costs are considered optimal. Average CPC is the ratio between weekly campaign revenue and the cost per click that is credited when the ad is clicked. 0.3 rubles – the minimum indicator of average prices. Setting a lower level is not allowed due to the interface. When the campaign is launched, the system frames are placed automatically in order to attract more visitors.

    Determination of the price of the entire advertising campaign (hereinafter – AC) is facilitated by relying on the average cost of clicks, quantity. When using several keywords, start by determining the numbers for each. The results are then added up.

    Also, there are strategies such as “average cost per conversion” and “average ROI”

    The following formula is applicable when determining how much Yandex contextual advertising costs:

    SK = SKK * KK.

    1. CC is the number of clicks.
    2. CCM is the average cost per click.
    3. SC is the cost of the campaign.

    For example, we get 1000 clicks with an average cost of 20 rubles. The final result for the entire campaign is 20 thousand rubles.

    That is, three parts form the minimum budget:

    • Keywords.
    • The number of clicks.
    • Click cost.

    About the cost per click

    The maximum cost per click does not exceed the advertiser’s specified limit for displaying ads (the cost per click may be less than indicated in the limits).

    Yandex.Direct does not have a strict fix for this indicator. The final result depends on how the auctions between advertisers went. This process is called an auction. The maximum cost is specified by the advertiser in the YandexDirect system.

    Prices for ads are calculated based on the results of the auction. Getting more attractive positions is relevant for those who fulfill several conditions:

    Greater CTR.
    Greater quality factor.

    What does the price depend on?

    Seasonality on offer

    For example, at the beginning of summer and at the end of winter, requests like “buy a scooter” increase in popularity. This means that competitive prices are increasing. There are techniques that allow you to predict which product will become popular in which season.

    Also, the cost depends on the level of competition in advertising. During the season, some advertisers launch advertising campaigns (ACs), and those who have already launched ACs usually raise their rates, which increases competition and increases the cost per click for a certain position in the search results.

    About the location

    Место размещения

    Many believe that special accommodation places are more expensive than in the guarantee option. But this is a delusion that has nothing to do with reality. Sometimes 1-2 places of the guarantee have twice the cost compared to the same positions from the special placement.

    Cost per click is not the only parameter important in determining the final campaign budget. It is necessary to pay attention to the number of transitions. Ads from the beginning and end of the search results will have a different CTR. The page is scrolled to the end not by all users. Many customers will no longer reach warranty offers. That’s why the clicks go to special placement.

    It is impossible to say unequivocally that the beginning of the issuance always attracts more attention than its end. Each user in this direction has its own characteristics. To some, special placements seem like viral messages, spam. Then scrolling through the offers until the search reaches the guarantee is purposeful. Warranties win on reliability.

    Advertising and efficiency

    Click-through rate is higher – the cost of showing an ad is lower.

    Depending on the performance indicators, the budget is constantly adjusted up or down. It is required to constantly study reports from the Direct system itself, then the user will be able to constantly monitor their activities. Metrica reports are useful for tracking conversions and determining how much contextual advertising costs in Yandex.

    Level of quality

    Показатели по качеству

    The Quality Score depends on many indicators (CTR, Keyword Quality Score, landing page relevance, etc.) and is determined by Yandex algorithms. The cost per click for each keyword depends on it (the higher it is, the cheaper the click).

    Here is a description of just a few of them:

    1. Domain karma.

    Reflects the entire history associated with the advertising of a particular domain. It goes into the red if the campaigns conducted earlier turned out to be ineffective. If successful, the indicator remains positive.

    1. Keyword relevance.

    The title of the ad and the keyword used must match exactly. But it is not necessary to make sure that the entire key phrase fits inside the title. It is enough to match at least 2-3 words out of 5. The main thing is that not only visitors, but also the system are satisfied with the results. Ads should be clear, without abstractions, but with specific numbers and characteristics.

    1. Landing page match.

    You need to use key queries that lead to a page with those services and products that are advertised by the site owner. If the announcement is about tea sets, then after switching to them, the user should get there. Links should solve visitors’ problems as quickly as possible.

    Recommendations for calculating the minimum budget

    Рекомендации по бюджету

    The budget forecast from the Direct system itself is the best solution that quickly helps you determine future costs. A special window will appear where the user will be prompted to enter:

    • display region.
    • List of query keys, approximate.

    To determine the cost of an advertising campaign, the main high-frequency keywords are enough. The entire list of keys will be required when directly setting up an advertising campaign.

    As a result, the result will be visible. It is approximate, but sufficient to get an approximate overall picture. But these are not all useful tools available to customers.

    About the weekly budget

    This strategy involves setting a certain limit on spending during the week. Thus, you can calculate the budget – how much Yandex Direct costs per month. A convenient option for those who like to immediately set a certain framework for project costs.

    Manual setting of the maximum cost per click is required. Support for the technology “Maximum conversion by goal” is characteristic. There are several steps to do this:

    • Installing metrics on the site.
    • Setting goals for visitors.
    • Define campaign links.

    About daily budget, general account

    General account: what is it? Why is it needed?

    Общий счет

    All Yandex.Direct users who log in for the first time are automatically connected. A special inscription appears immediately after registering a new account.

    It is convenient to connect a joint account in order to control finances on an ongoing basis. This allows the client tools to eliminate the need to do the following:

    • Tracking the money used for each AC.
    • Replenishment in the balance.
    • Payment for individual campaigns.

    Ads continue to run as long as the shared account holds enough money.

    It will not be difficult to replenish the general account on your own – in the same ways as for advertising campaigns. Any suitable method is chosen:

    1. With the help of PayPal.
    2. Yandex. Money.
    3. In cash, upon entering the payment code.
    4. Map.
    5. Through internet banking.
    6. According to the bank receipt.

    It is possible to connect the auto payment function. For this, bank cards or funds from the Yandex system are used. Money. But the option is available only to those who use Russian rubles when making payments.

    About the daily budget

    Дневной бюджет

    One of the functions of Yandex.Direct is called “Daily Budget Limit”. Thanks to this, you can spend a strictly certain amount on impressions per day. The minimum daily limit for one advertising campaign is 300 rubles per day. But there is still a limitation on the account (the minimum amount is 1000 rubles / day).

    “Manual bid management” – that’s what you need to choose from the list of available strategies for this feature to work.

    In the windows that appear, the allowable amount of expenses per day, the spending mode are indicated.

    • Standard option. Configured by default. Ad impressions continue until the limit is completely exhausted.
    • Distributed. The set limit on money is stretched throughout the day. Or the user can specify other time intervals.

    When calculating, they rely only on Moscow time. No more than three times per day, users are allowed to change daily limits. If the campaign is launched with a different time zone, this must be taken into account.

    The main thing is that the savings should be reasonable, this rule applies to any direction. If the budget is too low, it is likely that the number of impressions will be less. Because of this, there are no targeted visitors. You should start with the minimum amount that the system is able to offer. Then, as further work is done, the indicators are adjusted.

    Receiving a considerable response from the audience and competent savings come only if the user wisely manages the strategies that he has.

    Keyword Guidelines

    For any advertising campaign, listing with keywords is important. Following a few rules during this process makes it easier to achieve suitable results.

    1. Accounting is not only about direct forms of occurrences.

    When searching for a query, visitors often use different parts of speech, complex structures, slang words. Do not exclude the possibility of errors, typos. For some requests, they become almost the norm. Writing in Russian and English, incorrect keyboard layouts, geotargeting, and other factors are important.

    1. You must always get rid of the non-target audience.

    For example, a resource for the sale of LED lamps for the home is being promoted. It is required to filter users who, for example, are only interested in LED bulbs for cars. The budget of the advertising campaign will be less, the level of orders – more.

    1. Queries require structuring depending on the type.

    Wide and narrow options require separation from each other. For example, it is not recommended to mix common phrases and combinations with specific models and characteristics. Information and selling keywords are also not recommended to be used in the same places.

    Working with the so-called “cross requests” is one of the most important points. For example, prepare a separate ad for each of the two available phrases. Then it is recommended to come up with another, third. It will use words from the two previous combinations, it is the third solution that will become a cross. According to established practice, when searching for the first two ads, the third pops up automatically from time to time. It is recommended to choose the most accurate phrases that meet the requirements of visitors.

    How much does contextual advertising cost on Google

    Using Google Ads and Runner to Determine Your Budget

    How much does contextual advertising cost on Google?

    And there is a tool that allows you to predict the budget. “Traffic Estimator” – this is its main name. All you need to do is sign in to your Ads account to use all the features.

    Entire sets with tools help users during operation:

    • Separate price for each day of the campaign.
    • Transitions made every day.
    • Positions that ads are expected to occupy.
    • Average cost per click when keywords are taken.

    When necessary, keywords are searched by the built-in tool. Documents from Google Analytics are indispensable helpers. Using the “traffic estimator”, the user is able to set many parameters, including the approximate cost of each action, the geography of ads, language and network type.

    Showing statistics only when data can be collected is a description of the main feature of Google systems. This means that only large requests will be given information. To approximately predict the results, this is enough in most cases. Increasing the budget compared to system recommendations avoids problems. Then you can protect yourself from requests for which there are no statistics.

    There are problems, they are the same as for Yandex.Direct. The results are not a direct indication for further action. This way, only information about already launched advertising campaigns is displayed. Accuracy leaves much to be desired, this is more of a recommendation. You can easily understand what amounts are being spent for certain cases.


    Бегун система

    Another system with its own characteristics. You need to be a dealer for this system to get accurate information. Only they were given information on the preliminary budget.

    For advertising campaigns, users independently estimate the budget. To achieve the result, you will need to know certain tricks:

    1. Setting up advertising campaigns is the first step. We replenish the account with a small amount. Studying the speed of using money, we draw conclusions about what amounts will approximately go away.
    2. You can also focus on the Yandex forecast. But the effectiveness of the option increases if the “Runner” is used when connecting search traffic.

    High-level efficiency is characteristic of the first method.

    Search traffic is more than half owned by Yandex, if we talk about the Internet of the Russian-speaking segment. 10% – Rambler indicators, they are more modest. The runner will allow you to get 4-5 times fewer clicks when compared with placing an order for advertising using Yandex.Direct. But such circumstances do not persist in every situation. The reason is that each case attracts its own special audience.

    Runner does not have the ability to load queries. You can enter only specific keywords, and explore the results in this direction. To do this, it is enough to study the section on competitors, which is located in the menu of the advertiser. The process takes a lot of time in the presence of a large number of keywords. It is recommended to study only the largest ones, which represent the majority of the traffic. A click has a price set based on previously determined bids.

    Final Thoughts

    Difficulties often arise when calculating the price of advertising campaigns. It is recommended to start with a small amount if the site or business owner is just starting to get interested in such areas. Search engines give out predictions, but they are all only approximate. Therefore, you can not use the information received as a direct action to the leadership.

    It is much more important to study the features associated with the use, launch of search advertising. The right choice of queries and topics can achieve very good results. It remains only to choose which specific indicators are important in this situation.

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