Chatforma review – bot constructor in Viber, Telegram, Vkontakte, Facebook

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    Messengers today are a popular application not only for messaging between people, but also platforms for business communication with customers. Every day there are more and more users in messengers! And that means business customers. Today we will talk about a platform on which any business can create their own chat bots to work with clients in messengers.

    Chatbot constructor Viber, Telegram, VKontakte, Facebook

    Chatforma is the most functional and, at the same time, the simplest and most understandable constructor in Runet, which allows you to create chat bots in Telegram, Viber, Vkontakte, Facebook messengers without programming skills.

    The functionality of the constructor makes it possible to create and use bots as marketing tools. Thus, Chatforma bots provide a solution to the two most important business tasks:

    • Cheaper acquisition of new customers;
    • Effective retention of existing customers

    Convenience of working in the constructor:

    1. Fairly simple and intuitive interface.

    конструктор ботов вайбер

    2. The presence of detailed step-by-step video instructions.

    Anyone without special knowledge and technical skills can assemble a chatbot in the Chatforma constructor.

    конструктор чат ботов viber

    3. Availability of chatbot templates for various business areas in Telegram, Viber, Facebook, VK messengers.

    Relevant for those who do not know where to start or want to quickly create a bot.

    программа для создания чат бота

    4. Technical support

    Support’s professional specialists solve various issues/tasks of clients, help to understand the nuances of working in the constructor.

    5. Free trial period – 15 days

    Well, now about the most important thing, about the functionality of the constructor, which we will consider through the prism of 1 purchase.

    Let’s start with the fact that chatbots shorten the chain of getting a contact, thereby increasing the conversion:

    The process of selling through the site:

    Процесс продажи посредством сайта:

    Chatbot sales process:

    Процесс продажи через чат-бота

    The functionality of the program for creating a chat bot

    What functionality of Chatforma will help you to work effectively with attracted leads and existing customers:

    1. Functionality: forms and data collection.

    Forms allow you to receive data from users in various interface options. Conduct surveys, sign people up for consultations, etc. All user responses to the form are stored in the Data Collection section. You can always return to them to clarify the necessary information.

    2. Function: User Lists

    The chatbot will ask your client a question that will allow you to segment, which means you can reach each client and implement sales in various scenarios.

    You need to segment customers in order to:

    • Divide clients into groups, finding out their preferences/interests/goals. Specify tasks for each group.
    • Form separate scenarios and auto funnels for each group to bring to the result.
    • Send each group their special offer or required information/data.

    3. Function: mailing

    In the Chatforma constructor, mailings to users are free.

    It does not matter what the size of the base is 100 people or 100,000. The chatbot will send free mailings to all your customers.

    Due to mailing lists, the chatbot communicates with the client more efficiently than e-mail mailing lists. The open rate of mailings in bots is more than 90% versus 20% of e-mail open rates.

    4. Function: auto mailing

    They allow you to set up full automation of sales funnels inside the chatbot. They are built-in complex message chains that are configured for specific user lists. After you have segmented the incoming traffic, you only need to set up a message chain once and link it to the desired list. Further, the chatbot will independently lead the right users through the right funnels at the specified time.

    5. Functionality: integrations

    The strength of the Chatforma builder is integrations.

    Let’s say you want to register a client on Getkurs or transfer information about him to the CRM system. This is exactly what integrations allow you to do.

    Chatbots connect the messenger with 2000+ services

    (CRM systems, calendars, booking systems and much more). You can send and receive data using integrations.

    Integrations without programming are possible in Chatforma:

    В Chatforma возможны интеграции без программирования

    By programming with Chatforma API documentation. Our own open API documentation enables our clients to implement a variety of complex scenarios for the tasks of any business.

    6. Cart function and payment in Telegram bots.

    The shopping cart in Telegram is an interface where the user puts goods for further ordering and payment, already in a convenient messenger. To accept payment, the bot must be connected to one of the payment systems.

    Why is this functionality important?

    After placing an order in the cart, the user proceeds to pay directly in the bot in Telegram, which means that the conversion into a purchase increases and the company’s income increases.

    7. Feature: Chatbot Dialogue

    Allows the user to communicate with a “live” specialist inside the chatbot. You can add the “Request for Dialogue” element to any message. And by getting to this place in your script in the chatbot, the user can request to communicate with the manager, and not with the chatbot. The company’s specialist receives a notification and joins the dialogue. Thus, the company saves on telephony.

    Диалог в чат-боте

    Please note that the review does not show all the functions of the Chatforma constructor. But it is the functionality described above that makes it possible to use bots as full-fledged messenger marketing tools that allow you to:

    • Promptly expand sales channels.
    • Reduce the cost of applying.
    • Increase conversions at every stage.
    • Increase profits through quick sales in messengers.
    • Save on costs.

    Use the power of chatbots to grow your business today!

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