Promotion of a personal brand in search engines

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In the age of information technology, a personal brand is a necessity not only for famous people – politicians and artists, but also for those whose work is related to the provision of services to clients.

Галина Николаева

What is it for? Everything is simple really.

Customers no longer want to buy from abstract firms and companies, they want to buy from a person who can be trusted, who understands you perfectly, knows what is best for you.

It is the trust in professional knowledge and skills, experience, the quality of this knowledge, emotions and personal sympathies that make the client make a choice in favor of a particular specialist.

Unpacking experience, knowledge, skills and personal qualities, creating an image, an image corresponding to the internal content is the essence of a personal brand.

A brand is the sensations, associations, emotions and aftertaste that customers have after communicating with you, with the brand. A brand is authority, a guarantee of quality and status.

A brand is not created instantly, as an authority, it must be developed. Therefore, the creation and promotion of your personal brand must be approached responsibly and treated like a business project.

Promoting a personal brand requires effort, time, investment, but what matters most is the value and quality of the goods and services that you offer to customers.

First you work for your name, then the name works for you.

Benefits of a personal brand

  • The brand is not worried about competitors.
  • Brand services are more expensive and the demand for them is much greater than the services of unknown specialists.
  • The brand is not afraid of crises, it will have customers and sales in any situation.

How to promote a personal brand?

Most often, experts use social networks and word of mouth to promote their services. Someone uses contextual advertising, e-mail newsletters and chat bots.

Each of these methods has its pros and cons, but few people know that promotion in the media and search engines is very effective, relatively inexpensive and of high quality.

Let’s dwell on this in more detail.

Promotion of a personal brand in search engines

Search engines are Google and Yandex and we use them every day when we need to find some information.

Google is the most visited website in the world with over a billion users. It is also the most popular e-mail service and search engine, which is used by 75% of users.

In a few seconds, Google processes the request and gives us the pages we need. Google search results are trusted much more than intrusive advertising, because people do not like to be forced into something, they like to choose and make purchase decisions themselves.

How do you get Google to show you information? This is exactly what search marketing does. This is how websites and any other content on the Internet, including a brand, are promoted.

What are the advantages of promotion in search engines.

  • Clients find you themselves.
  • Increases trust in your brand.
  • Search engine advertising has a cumulative effect.
  • Significantly reduced advertising costs.
  • Huge advantage over competitors.
  • The coverage of the target audience is hundreds and thousands of times higher than from your social media account.

Promotion of a personal brand in the media

The media is the media. They are news, information, entertainment, thematic and others. The media has a large number of readers and subscribers in social networks. Bloggers who have more than 3,000 daily traffic to the resource are also considered mass media.

Pros of promoting a personal brand through the media

  • Huge audience reach. The page of a specialist who promotes his services in social networks can hardly compete in terms of traffic with the media, unless he is a media personality.
  • Publications in the media greatly raise the rating and credibility in the eyes of customers. Especially if your articles are published regularly and you are published by various popular publications.
  • Publications in the media very quickly get rid of the impostor syndrome, which affects so many truly talented and strong professionals.

Promotion in the media and search engines gives not only a huge advantage over competitors, but also in the level of income, which also begins to grow as your fame and popularity grows.

These are pluses. But there are also disadvantages. This option is not suitable for those who want instant results and quick money.

Step by step, step by step, at least half a year of hard work is needed in order to lay a good foundation for promoting your business and brand. Therefore, this option is suitable for those who build a business for a long time, confidently, step by step, go towards their goal.

Author: Galina Nikolaeva, Internet producer, coach, media and search engine promotion expert.