Yandex.Zen channel promotion strategy from MAVR

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From the article you will learn:

  • How to increase audience engagement: comments, likes, reads?
  • How to increase the number of subscribers?
  • How to increase the channel’s mention in other sources, sharing in social networks?
  • An example of a content plan (topics of articles) for a month for the MAVR channel with a publication frequency of every other day.

Yandex.Zen channel promotion

All these actions (reading, comments, subscriptions, sharing, etc.) are closely interconnected and come from one another, it is better not to sacrifice one for the other, so the following actions should work in combination.

  • Add a button to the site to go to Yandex.Zen. You can also add a pop-up with the ad “Follow us on Yandex.Zen”.

In the sidebar, we used this banner, the picture was changed every month, so that regular blog readers would not have banner blindness.

продвижение яндекс дзен

Statistics for 2 months.

продвижение в яндекс дзен, статистика

  • A link has been added to the taplink on Instagram, a post has been written about this in all social networks.
    продвижение канала яндекс дзен
  • With any mentions, we emphasize that the content in Yandex.Zen does not duplicate the blog, i.e. All posts are unique.
  • Make a monthly digest of articles from Zen as a separate article in the main blog, post on Instagram, Facebook.
  • In the main blog to mention, add a link to relevant articles from Zen.
  • Link Zen articles to each other. You can deliberately not give out all the information if it is already indicated in another article, and lead to it.
  • Test different covers for articles, take care of the external design, come up with the same style (for example, add a logo to all covers).

We tested 2 options:

  • with cats;

продвижение через яндекс дзен

  • unique photos of the head of the company Vladislava Rykova.

продвижение статей в яндекс дзен

According to the results of testing, we did not see a correlation between the design of publications and the number of views.

  • Calls to subscribe and like at the end of the article work.
  • Add the phrase “I will talk about this below / later / in the next article”, etc. – makes you read the text, come back, subscribe, so as not to miss it.
  • Native advertising through agencies. Self-imposition – if a stable audience (by barter, for example).
  • Reply to all comments.
  • Crowd marketing. You can leave high-quality comments under the articles of our expertise, as well as leave comments on your own posts from other accounts.
  • Posting in groups in social networks by interests.
  • Mutual likes, comments, mutual PR.
  • A promise to give a bonus at the end of the article: “Full reading of the article will bring the maximum result / benefit” or “You will be able / know, etc.” – increases the number of readings.
  • Ask provocative, problematic questions so that people answer them in the comments. As a result, offer help, guidance, problem solving.
  • Alternate throughout the article 100% new, high-quality, catchy content, and not lower the level of “interesting” towards the end of the article. Better: maintain the quality of interest in the article in every word.
  • Do not get carried away with longreads – they have bad statistics. It is better to create a series of articles and encourage them to stay with us, to “drag” the reader. Optimal volume: 3000-3500 characters.
  • Under a high-quality heading, a picture should hide no less high-quality text.
  • Include catchy quotes from the article in the preview so that it is finally clear whether the person needs this content, and people are not disappointed after a couple of paragraphs they read.
  • Write about new products, motivate readers (a good example is the article “21 reasons why you should become an expert!”, This also includes collections of books, courses, films in the blog specialty).
  • You can make a mailing among the Russian-speaking base with the news that we are in Zen and a call to subscribe. Add a button to go to Zen in the standard template of any mailing list.

яндекс дзен как инструмент продвижения

  • Content diversity: add narratives (unfortunately not available for publication anymore), short dynamic video content (for example, infographics).
  • Be sure to check karma weekly.
  • Promotion through targeted advertising of Facebook posts with articles from Zen.
  • Advertising on other social networks.

In general, the number of subscribers does not affect the number of views in any way – this is the profile of the target audience that we need to know.

Content plan for Yandex.Zen MAVR for a month

  • How to survive a business in a festive downtime?
  • Gonzo copywriting – what is it?
  • Comparison of popular mail services for Email campaigns.
  • Series “Professions in Instagram”. Who is a motion designer? Why is everyone looking for him and no one finds him?
  • New Google Ads extension lead form and other PPC specialist tools you can’t live without in 2020
  • TEST: What Internet Marketing Services Your Business Needs.
  • It is not necessary to read only professional literature in order to become successful in your business.
  • Stupid questions for an SEO specialist.
  • Must Have Google Chrome Extensions for Marketers.
  • “PPC is expensive. We won’t pull it” – this and 10 other major misconceptions about contextual advertising.
  • You can become a specialist in any industry in two months. True or myth?
  • The main concerns and objections of clients when hiring outsourcing marketers.