Manual for setting up targeted advertising on Linkedin

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    First, you need to be a registered user in this network. The rate doesn’t matter. Any level of LinkedIn profile can set up ads. A distinctive feature is that it is not necessary to be the administrator of the commercial page (company page).

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    This is how the user page in Linkedin looks like.

    To set up targeted advertising, you need to go to the “work” panel and select the “advertising placement” tab.

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    Then the business page will appear. Perhaps it will be in English, even if the interface language is Russian. In each case, you should click the “create ad” window.

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    Then you need to add an account.

    Create an account

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    Next, you need to specify the name of the company that you want to promote or the url of the page.

    The account name is a name that only you can see, so it’s best to include key ad parameters so that you can easily find it among others in the future.

    Currency – This is the currency in which the advertising fee will be charged. Usually choose the US dollar.

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    I entered the name of the page being promoted and will continue to show everything using a single example.

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    Creating an advertisement

    First you need to decide what needs to be promoted and in what format. If it is a link to a website, then it is better to choose text ads that will be visible on all LinkedIn pages.

    To promote the page, it is best to choose sponsored content (post boosts).

    I want to promote a link to the site, so I choose the second ad format – text ads.

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    Now you need to name your campaign and choose the language your target audience speaks.

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    Then everything is simple. You need to specify a link to the site, add an image and a catchy title.

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    On the right, there is always a window where they clearly show how the message will look on the network.

    Once you’ve created an ad, Linkedin recommends creating multiple ads to pick out the best one. As a rule, create 3 ads.

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    Setting the target audience

    At this stage, you should specify the parameters of your target audience. Let’s take Ukrainian marketers as an example.
    It is possible to specify the audience manually or use the saved one, if any.

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    Next, indicate the country, age, gender, positions and other parameters.

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    The screenshot below shows all the options that can be specified. The red squares are the ones I used for my audience.

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    After you have specified all the parameters, the estimated coverage of the target audience is automatically formed. At the same time, Linkrdin warns if the audience is too small or large.

    My reach is 180,000 members. IMPORTANT! This does not mean that all 180 thousand will see your ad, because everything depends on the specified budget.

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    Now we need to set the budget. The recommended minimum daily budget is $10, the rate is $2. Linkedin warns that it shows ads as an auction. Those. whoever has the highest bid, that ad is shown the maximum number of times.

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    Rate type

    You can set the cost per view or per click. It’s up to you to decide. It all depends on what goals you set.

    I chose cost per click because my goal is to get a lead.

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    The daily budget is the maximum budget per day. In theory, you should not withdraw more, but Linkedin warns that withdrawals of 20% more are possible.

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    The bid is the amount per 1000 impressions or 1 click.

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    I raised my bid to $3 per click and set my daily budget to $30. You also need to set an overall weekly budget. It was $240 for me. If the daily budget can change, then it never goes beyond the general one.

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    Next, set the start and end dates for the campaign. But if the campaign does not bring results, then it can always be turned off manually.

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    Map binding

    To start a campaign, you need to link a bank card. The dollar is the best. You need to bind the card at the very end, after setting all the parameters. After that, the order is checked and the ads start working.

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    I want to draw your attention to the fact that the moderation of ads can take from 3 to 24 hours. After that, your ads start showing on the network. You can track their performance in your account settings.

    Author: Anna Kravtsova

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